Strawberry Milk Shake and Ms. L Coffee. Yeah, that’s coffee!

Big deal! 🙂 Tina, Gabby and I finally sampled Calanthe Art Cafe in Malacca! I’ve been wanting to bring my family there during our first visit last Easter Sunday but because we’re satiated from other Malaccan eateries already, we surrendered to the fact that there were no enough spaces left in our gastric pits to accomodate another feast. Not long after, chance led us to revisit Melaka,  et voila! We made sure we get to taste a few delights from Calanthe’s menu.

Small menu with overwhelming choices.

Of all the the dining places we’ve been to, here in Malaysia and else where, the menu of Calanthe tops as the most remarkable, being the smallest in size, yet with most volume of choices. Their coffee menu alone from 13 Malaysian states, plus their art coffee and other blends are enough to make you anxious of what to order.  If the beverages could make diners think a thousand times before deciding on what to have, Tina and I were quite sure with the entrees. We shared two of Malaysian favorites : Laksa and Chicken Satay!

My bowl of Calanthe Laksa! Sedap! Sarap! Delicious!

Laksa : a must-eat when you visit Malaysia and Singapore too. If you know your palates very well, you could easily sense the various flavors of laksa from different Malaysian states as compared to that of Singapore. Case in point : Penang Assam Laksa has tamarind, chillies, fish broth, fish flakes and mint leaves, while Malaccan and Singaporean Laksa are rich in coconut milk and chillies. It’s a tug of war of flavors that burst in the mouth! Yummy! 😀

Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce served with Cucumber, Onions and Dried Squid Shoestrings!

Calanthe’s Chicken Satay is served uniquely too. Rather than having the usual kropek ikan or fish crackers, their version I think, is way better with dried squid shoestrings! Tastes good, looks more fascinating too!

Fried Chicken Fillet for Gabby.

Another big plus for Calanthe Art Cafe’s menu is the fact that they have dishes for kids too. Diners with children will never worry of the cravings of their little kiddos.

Sweet, Sweet Sago served with a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.

Gula Melaka or Palm Sugar is the killer! I love how most desserts, if not all in Malacca are sweetened by Gula Melaka. We tasted the famous Penang Road Cendol already (blog post HERE!)  and we had Melaka’s Nyonya Cendol last time (blog post HERE!), so for this visit, we tried Sweet, Sweet Sago from this quaint coffee shop. By mere looking at its photo on the menu, I initially thought of it as sticky rice which is another personal favorite but no, it’s another dessert made of tiny tapioca, Gula Melaka, coconut milk and paired with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream. Sweet and divine!

Calanthe Art Cafe lives up to its name. Photos below need no captions 🙂


That tall glass of so called Ms. L coffee is suggested on their menu to be sipped from top most layer to the bottom. If you follow the menu’s instruction, this colorful multilayered chilled coffee would stimulate your taste buds from the bitter to sweet! It’s an extraordinary caffeine experience!

Have you been to Calanthe Art Cafe in Malacca? What did you sample from their menu?

*This is NOT a sponsored post.

Calanthe Art Cafe | No. 11 Jalan Hang Kasturi Melaka 75250 | website :

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  1. very interesting interior, and Ms. L coffee! 🙂

    tried laksa from a resto before and i didn’t find it satisfying the palate but the pic you have here perked up my interest.

    1. i was skeptical to taste laksa before but i surprisingly i liked it!
      i also like penang assam laksa with tamarind, mint and fish broth, fish flakes! 🙂

  2. Laksa – especially Singaporean curry laksa – is one of those dishes that brings back memories of my childhood; it’s one of my comfort foods. That said, the Malaccan laksa you ate makes me more than a little wistful – and hungry! The layered coffee, on the other hand, reminds me of the French parfait l’amour cocktail which goes through varying layers of bitter, sour, and sweet.

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