Memories of not so distant past. Singapore Food Trail, Singapore Flyer.

En route to board Singapore Flyer.  Photo taken by my lovely wife, Tina.

Years before 2010, I never expected to experience Singapore, neither I thought I’d set foot on one of the most expensive cities until chance made it possible to go in and out of the Lion City a few times over with Tina and Gabby  for holidays, because of its proximity (if that’s the proper term for 1 hour ride via plane or 9 hours via bus on a night trip) and accessibility to our current home (and work) base in Penang. We’re grateful for everything and appreciate all the lessons and memories we’ve collected, all the flavors we’ve tasted, even more thankful for the people we met within the past trips.

The Helix Bridge, patterned after DNA, viewed on board Singapore Flyer. May 24, 2013, Friday.

Singapore has been so inspiring! 🙂

Who would’ve thought that a small fishing village would become what it is today?

To see her from the top at 360 degrees for the second time was nothing short of wonderful!

It was drizzling when we boarded Singapore Flyer last 05/24/2013.

Isn’t that baby too cute to pass as Gabby’s little brother? hehehe!

We reached Singapore Flyer via taxi cab from Orchard Road where we met our good friend, Gina who’s based in Singapore for 3 years now. She generously waited for us at Jollibee Lucky Plaza from 10AM to 12 noon because we arrived at ibis Hotel on Bencoolen a bit later than expected from our 9-hour-bus-ride from Penang. After we feasted at Gina’s Jollibee lunch treat, she even accompanied us to Singapore Flyer that made our kamustahan even longer. We bid goodbyes and promised us she’ll find time to visit us in Malaysia soon. We like her so much because despite her accomplishments on being an IT-expert in Singapore, MBA-certified from ADMU, US-Registered Nurse and all, she remains humble in every sense of the word and so fun to talk to. More like the Lion City, Gina’s inspiring! 🙂


Before Gina left that Friday-Holiday (Wesak Day) afternoon, I went my way to the counter at Singapore Flyer to collect our iVenture Cards. We were fortunately invited by iVenture Card Singapore and were provided 2-day-See-Singapore Unlimited Attraction Pass package to sample in all the theme parks included on their list. Details of iVenture Card, its packages and inclusives on my blog post HERE!
By availing iVenture Card See Singapore package, you’ll enjoy savings because it’s truly value for money, and will delight in the volume of choices and absolute convenience.

Gabby posing as unofficial endorser of iVenture Card. Pwede? 🙂

Just before boarding the capsule, inside Singapore Flyer, the kid found a paradise.

Thank you, iVenture Card Singapore!

After our 30-minute-Singapore Flyer-flight, we trooped to the ground level and I led Tina & Gabby to Singapore Food Trail. I liked it the first time I saw it last year when I was invited to attend Singapore Blog Awards. The food court was impressively patterned after famous streets in the city with replicas of hawker stalls selling local must-eat. It was still early to have dinner so we opted to have something to beat the bipolar Singaporean weather. I thought Tina & Gabby would like the Ice Kachang and Ice Ball and they did but not the Bird’s Nest Drink I bought for them. At least we try to sample something local whenever we go somewhere. It’s best to travel using all of your senses. 🙂


After the almost obligatory bladder break just before we head to the next tourist spot included in the iVenture Card See-Singapore package, I randomly spotted a very fascinating and charming corner inside Singapore Food Trail. It was a small but quaint area where all the memorabilia and treasures of the recent past were beautifully installed. No fees needed, it’s a free visual treat! We were happy like kids who first saw playgrounds and playmates! 🙂

Vintage bottled beverages.

Old school cam. Just gorgeous.

AM-FM Radio.

Caption not needed.

Soda/Softdrinks wooden cases.

Turn table, baby!

Cash register, the coolest we saw!

No typographical error, please! hehe! Thanks to evolution, blogging was born!

And many more eye candies…

We found happy moments between Sinagpore’s past, present and future on board the capsule of Singapore Flyer and inside Singapore Food Trail.

Everything was made cost-effective and easy with iVenture Card See Singapore Package; thank you very much!

Happy times in Singapore.  May 24-26, 2013.

*While this is a sponsored blog post, the words are all mine unless quoted, and were never influenced by anyone.

*This family staycation in Singapore is made possible by :

iVenture Card Singapore | website :

and ibis Hotel Singapore on Bencoolen | website :

This post is a part of Singapore Blog Series : May 2013.


20 thoughts on “INSPIRING SINGAPORE 05/24/2013

  1. love the first shot doc! and the singapore flyer! didn’t have time to ride that. sayang. haha.

    kakabalik pa ng blogging pero adjusting stage pa ako. pasensya, di ako nakakadaan ng madalas. hehe

  2. It looks like iVenture card is similar to city passes for sale in New York. Considering the many attractions, it surely is value for money. Haven’t been on the Singapore Flyer myself, buti ka pa naka-dalawang beses na 🙂

    1. i agree, dennis! it’s really value for money! kulang sa oras at araw nga lang but it was because we had other schedules to attend to. but tourists can avail 1 day, 2 day up to 5 day pass, i think with iventure card.

      thanks! 🙂

    1. thanks, aleah! come to penang during george town festival (last days this year will be the merriest – july 5, 6, 7) and let’s meet up! a bunch of filipino bloggers are coming in to GT for it! 🙂

  3. i think there is a similar card here in san fran that gives one discounted rates to many different attractions in the city.

    yes, singapore is an amazing city. you can never get hungry there. just bring tums in case one overeats, as is most likely in a city that delivers great food in variety.

    1. hi maria! it’s good that value cards for theme parks exist in most cities. it gives tourists options and savings! 🙂

      oh yes, singapore, like penang is a gastronomic paradise. food everywhere! the difference lies on the cost; food, and most things if not all are cheaper in malaysia.

  4. Glad to read you enjoyed your short visit to SG, Doc Gelo on fam. On your next visit, can reco some eating places worth checking out. =)

    On a side note, I’m curious to try the bus ride to Penang. But I think I’ll take the bus from KL. I was told it could be quite scenic. =)

    1. hi there! i’ve featured some dining places in sinagpore on my previous posts, you may hit the search bar on the upper right corner of this blog for them. we’ve tried makansutra, maxwell hawkers before at chinatown, dining at quicny hotel and oasia to name a few. on my next post, i’ll feature a japanese & french dining places we recently enjoyed with friends based in sinagpore. so stay tuned 🙂

      where are you based, if i may ask? are your from penang? all the trips we took from penang to sinagpore via bus were over night trips so we slept all the way and didn’t see scenic spots you mentioned, hehehe. we prefer night trips for long routes.

  5. Nice photos Docgelo! How much is the ride? I’ve been to Singapore but we never tried the Singapore Flyer, di kami dinala ng Kuya ko dun ah, daya hehehe, dinala kami ng Kuya ko sa mga libreng sites hehehe, pero ok lang.

    Beautiful family, I like Tina’s outfit and of course you and Gabby hayyy kelan kaya magkaka girl? lol
    I hope they have some paid blog post din dito sa US, kakainggit ka kasi Doc e, inggit na happy for you ha 😉

    1. Thanks, Alice! (hey, glad i’m no longer calling you Sards or Missy, hehehe)
      Singapore Flyer current usual price: Adult SGD 33, Child SGD 21 but again, as mentioned in the post, iVenture card provides unlimited access to a volume of theme parks in Singapore (and other destinations) so it’s really cost-saving when you buy iVenture card 1-day, or 2-day, 3-day, 4-day, or 5-day pass. it’s really value for money! they provided us 2-day pass for free, to sample whatever attractions in sg included in their list and we did enjoy! stay tuned for a few more posts about this trip 🙂

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