Poolside, Heritage Wing, Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang, Malaysia

It was one of the very first places in George Town, Penang that I saw, together with my colleagues a few days after we’re brought to Malaysia from the Philippines to work as a Medical Lecturers some time in 2010. I found Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang’s Heritage Wing with Old-World-charm, utterly regal and remarkably elegant. Seeing its majestic and historic structures was already a huge treat for me back then. I never thought that I’ll have a chance to walk inside its beautiful suites with my family, more so, experience and appreciate its unparalleled service and world-class amenities when we stayed in one of its Corner Suites at its Victory Annexe Wing.

The very elageant lobby of E&O, Penang -Heritage Wing

“The Heritage Wing is the historical heart of the Eastern & Oriental Hotel. Built in 1885, its Moorish minarets and soaring echo-dome lobby provide the backdrop for khaki-clad doormen and pith-helmeted bellhops to welcome guests to its 100 elegant suites.

Indeed, over its century-and-a-quarter history, the E&O’s Heritage Wing has played host to some of the world’s most celebrated artists, writers and heads of state.

Attended to by the E&O’s legendary butler service, each suite offers the perfect invitation to step back into the refined elegance and colonial grandeur of a golden age.” ~via www.eohotels.com

My family, Tina & Gabby at the lobby, E&O Hotel Penang, Heritage Wing

My family and I were very pleased to be ushered inside a few suites at the E&O Heritage Wing and Victory Annexe Wing. We truly enjoyed every minute of the hotel tour as it doesn’t happen ordinarily to everyone, so we really felt privileged and grateful.

Imagine our excitement upon riding the century-old lift. With all its fixtures and buttons to press that are astronomically far from being modern, it seemed we stepped back in time and traveled through history in a blink. The feeling was similar to being on the set of one of the Harrie-Potter-movies; more than magical it was surreal!
We felt younger than Gabby’s during that few second-ride on the lift

The first we visited was the Heritage Wing’s Deluxe Suite. This 58-square-meter-sea view suite has separate living area, bedroom and luxurious bathroom.


I found it perfect for businessmen or professionals who travel either with a small family or solo, who prefer something classical and historic.

For someone who’s looking for a sophisticated and relaxing stay in a more spacious room at the Heritage Wing, the Writers’ Suites, definitely are an excellent choice! Spanning an area that’s not usual for a hotel room, this oversized 135-square-meter-sea-view suite has a living area, dining lounge with a bar and a guest restroom. We’re able to see one of the Writers’ Suites that was named after Rudyard Kipling. Its bathroom includes a claw and ball long bath tub with separate shower stall equipped with “His” and “Her” hand basins.

The bed looks certainly delicious!
This suite’s balcony gives you a sweeping view of the Malacca Strait and a feel of Europe when you’re in Asia.

En route back to Victory Annexe, we were generously asked if we would like to take the stairs rather than the more modern lift to go down. The kind staff opened one door that gave us the chance to see this lovely chandelier that hangs over the ceiling all the way down to the ground floor and can be best appreciated when descending from the stairs. Obviously, my family and I decided to take the lift going down but we didn’t lose the chance of photographing that gorgeous chandelier amidst the wooden winding stairs.
Tucked in one of the corners of E&O’s Heritage Wing is its library. The library houses a couple of flat-screen computer units with free and fast wifi access. What gives the room its E&O appeal is the use of  very handsome leather seats and wooden furnitures. We liked it a lot actually. It’s a fusion of something old and something new.

Past & Present Fusion : Computers and century-old-stylish-furniture. Lovely pair, isn’t it?

The Library, Heritage Wing, E&O

A necessary gym with sauna is also installed in the Heritage Wing, strategically located near the swimming pool to encourage guests to keep fit and healthy. Another fitness room was built at the Victory Annexe Wing for its guests’ convenience.

Fitness Room, Heritage Wing, E&O.

The doors at the gym and from the lobby generously open to the courtyard and swimming pool with a gorgeous view of the Malacca Strait and a well manicured garden. This area of Heritage Wing is very relaxing and soothing.


After a few minute-stroll at the courtyard of the Heritage Wing, we were led back to the Victory Annexe Wing.

The Lobby, Victory Annexe Wing, Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang. Modern yet with a hint of grandeur during the colonial British era.

Our eyes were soon mesmerized by the classy interiors and outstanding amenities of Superior Suite at the Victory Annexe Wing. Each of the 55-square-meter Superior Suite has a balcony that either offers a city view or a more preferred sea view, luxurious marble bathroom with twin vanity counters.


With E&O Hotel Penang, either in Heritage Wing or the newly restored Victory Annexe Wing, all guests are absolutely pampered with high-quality-amenities, warm and friendly service; provided with full access to enjoy a fabulous holiday or  savor a special occasion while delighting in a very impressive and a pleasurable stay.

Eastern & Oriental Hotel | 10 Lebuh Farquhar, 102oo Penang, Malaysia | www.e-o-hotel.com

This E&O Blog Series includes :

Special thanks to E&O Hotel Penang, to Ms. Eileen Chong and Mr. Criz Lai.

PS : If you must know, E&O provides a guide map of the Heritage Trail of one of UNESCO’S World Heritage Sites, George Town, and it’s conveniently located at the reading nook at the suite, but you can also read my blog post, My Mini Guide to George Town Penang. Thanks!

*While this is a sponsored blog post, the words are all mine unless quoted, and were never influenced by anyone.


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