April 15, 2013 Monday 740pm
April 15, 2013, Monday, 7:40PM.

April 18 2013 7.50pm Thursday
April 18, 2013, Thursday, 7:50PM.

April 19 2013 friday 7 40 pm
April 19, 2013, Friday, 7:40PM.

april 22 2013 monday 7 30pm
April 22, 2013, Monday, 7:30PM.

April 25, 2013, Thursday, 7:42PM.

APRIL 26 2013 7 40PM
April 26, 2013, Friday, 7:40PM.

april 26, 2013 friday 7 53pm
April 26, 2013, Friday, 7:53PM.

april 28 2013 sunday 742pm
April 28, 2013, Sunday, 7:42PM.

may 3 2013 741pm friday
May 3, 2013, Friday, 7:41PM.

may 4 2013 saturday 709pm
May 4, 2013, Saturday, 7:09PM.

may 7 2013 733pm tuesday
May 7, 2013, Tuesday, 7:33PM.

may 9 2013 743pm thursday
May 9, 2013, Thursday, 7:43PM.

may 10 2013 friday 748PM
May 10, 2013, Friday, 7:48PM.

may 13 2013 735pm monday
May 13, 2013, Monday, 7:35PM.

may 14 2013 730pm tuesday
May 14, 2013, Tuesday, 7:30PM.

*Viewed from our apartment’s balcony and living room. They also reflect my  current state of mind.


    1. hi maria, yes! we go home from work (or gabby from school, well, he’s earlier home at around 4PM) to this view from our apartment’s little balcony which can also be seen from our living room. priceless, isn’t it?

    1. thank you! and if i may add, i did no editing here. no photoshop or anything as i don’t know that and i always keep my amateur photos in their raw form. 🙂

      1. I KNOW ..Your talent is evident and the reason I do not post altered photos though I own 20 apps 🙂 I have fun with them!

  1. Love all the shots!! “Makalaglag panga” hehehe stunning! And lucky you, nice view from your apartment. I love sunsets but I haven’t taken nice photos of sunsets yet hehehe

    1. hi gracious, we may have been blessed to have been living in an apartment with a gorgeous view of malacca strait, even lovelier before dusk falls but i agree with you in thinking that manila bay has the most glorious sunsets still. 🙂

  2. Great photos, Doc Gelo! 🙂 I learned about your blog after a good friend, born and raised in Penang, told me about it. He just messaged me about your blog saying that he’s glad you’ve been painting a beautiful photo of Penang through your blog.

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

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