ninetology malaysia
ninetology malaysia
ninetology malaysia
*Photos taken in our apartment in Butterworth, Penang.

Two Malaysian delivery men came to my desk at the Faculty Room to hand in the parcel containing the smartphone that I won unexpectedly, after blogging our experience when we joined local bloggers here in visiting 3 orphanages in Pulau Pinang (Penang Island) last February.

I volunteered to be a part of the activity via facebook and was happier after they gave their nods for Gabby to tag along. Except the fact that lunch was provided by sponsors, Subway sandwiches and Chatime Malaysia, I had no idea that the other sponsor, Ninetology Malaysia would give out 3 tablets (one was given away to a lucky blogger-participant inside our shuttle bus just before we parted ways after the activity) and 6 smartphone units after blogging the 3 orphanages we visited for people particularly from Penang to be aware of them, and at least reach out to those who could render help.

As I mentioned already on my facebook post, I didn’t expect anything in return when Gabby and I decided to spend an entire Sunday to visit the 3 orphanages in Penang and participate in the feeding program but GOD IS GOOD!!! The experience taught and defined to Gabby what charity and generosity are all about plus, we got to win a smartphone! Yeehaa!  It might not be an iPhone but the memories that came with it were absolutely priceless! 😀

If you’ve missed those blog posts, here are the links with details about the orphanages :

Special thanks to Ninetology Malaysia and to the organizers of this worthwhile activity, Responsible Blogging 2013.



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