the baboon house, melaka

Stepping inside this incredibly quaint cafe cum art gallery after walking several meters along those narrow and congested streets, under the scorching heat of Malaysian sun, from attending an Easter Sunday Mass at Christ Church Melaka, was truly a welcome respite. Its cool, soothing and relaxing ambiance was more than enough to attract the anxiously hungry tourists in us.

I first learned about The Baboon House after Filipino travel blogger, Riz of posted a photo of a mouthwatering beef burger in her instagram & facebook; I left a comment under the photo that I’ll try to find it when we get a chance to visit Malacca. My family and I discovered not only a deliciously prepared plate of  uncommercialized beef burger with home made patties but a lovely chill out place with lush tropical greens and fascinating art works amidst a formerly abandoned traditional shop house that was creatively restored to the beauty that it is now.

Art and nature appreciation flowed spontaneously. I was silently jumping for joy when Tina and Gabby loved the place too. Who would not fall in love with this gem at the heart of one of Malaysia’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites?
the baboon house, melaka
the baboon house, melaka
the baboon house, melaka
the baboon house, melaka
the baboon house, melaka
the baboon house, melaka
the baboon house, melakaUntitled
the baboon house, melaka
the baboon house, melaka
the baboon house, melaka
the baboon house, melaka
Untitledthe baboon house, melakathe baboon house, melaka
the baboon house, melaka
That ray of light in the middle of greenery made the moment even more inviting!

Obviously, The Baboon House Malacca is among those originally-themed eateries and coffee shops that exist as a breather from the very common and what we considered our default-option-fast food dining (Malaysia, in general has a volume of charming cafes from George Town, Penang to Melaka and else where; check out some blog links about our other dining experiences below). We don’t enjoy airy courtyards with such visual feast in ordinary spaces, much more on a daily basis.

I liked the fact that the owners chose not to fully renovate the place as everything looked art to me from its dilapidated walls to every creeping leaves and interesting corners. There are so much to appreciate in this unique Melakan place.

the baboon house, melaka

It has few serene and tranquil nooks where one can savor luxurious quiet moments via reading a book or browsing magazines and be unmindful of the volume of diners that come and go.  With fast and free wifi access, quick and friendly service, affordable and wide variety on the menu, I think we can spend an entire lazy day inside The Baboon House Malacca.

the baboon house, melaka
Happy we were here!

On the gastronomic department, we were not disappointed too. Surprisingly, I enjoyed one of the most refreshing Mango Smoothie I’ve ever tasted; it was so good I simply had to order an extra glass! It looked gorgeously stunning too!
the baboon house, melaka

While Gabby ordered the usual Iced Lemon Tea, I paired that Mango Smoothie with Baboon House Beef Burger which was served huge chunks of potato wedges and coleslaw. Generous and tasteful serving.

the baboon house, melaka
So delish!

Gabby favored Baboon House’s Honey Mustard Chicken Burger. The boy’s delighted, he finished the entire plate.
the baboon house, melaka
Gabby was satisfied! That mattered the most!

While my lovely wife, Tina sampled a plateful Bacon Sandwich that she paired with a cup of cappuccino, approrpiately served with a butter cookie. She was happy too, she had it on instagram (follow her @teenasantos on Ig) ! 🙂
the baboon house, melaka
the baboon house, malacca

Our dining experience at The Baboon House was so beautiful; I wish we could own like one someday.

Melaka! Malacca!  We love you to bits and we hope to be back!

*This is NOT a sponsored post. Thank you very much for everything, The Baboon House!  🙂

The Baboon House | 89 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock (Herreen Street), Malacca, Malaysia.

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  1. I fell in love not just with baboon’s burger but with the whole interior design. Simply Amazing! I’ll definitely visit this place again the next time I’ll visit Melaka. I agree Doc sobrang gleng ng mga art designs. Sarap mag chill sa Baboon and Thanks for the tagged. 🙂

    1. hi riz, if it weren’t for your drool-worthy photo of that burger from this wonderful place, i wouldn’t know anything about baboon house, so thank you!

      napaka-relaxed ng atmosphere doon, kakaiba sa napakainit na kalye! hehe! 😀

  2. i haven’t had a good burger, a real burger in a while. i’m thinking next time we go to a pub or brewery i’d order one.

    oh i love this cafe/gallery. do you know who’s works are in the building? was it the owner? what kind of menu do they have? american/continental?

    1. hi maria, i read from other sites, although i didn’t include in this post that the 30-year-old malaysian chinese owner was hands on in the restoration of this formerly abandoned shop house in hereen street. it took him 4 months according to what i read to complete the look that he wanted for the restaurant. they mostly serve western food but with wide array of choices from the menu.

  3. Hmmm…can’t decide whether it’s food that will get rid of my hunger pangs or the amount of creative juices hanging all over the place.

  4. The place is timeless and I want to own one too by the time I’m already a retiree, but with SSS very little retirement fund I doubt if I can run a place like this. Hehehe… I especially love the vintage electric fan here. 🙂

      1. This looks like a very exotic place from the decor to the colors to the food- !!! My travel list keeps growing!

    1. hi marisol, thanks for those good words; i’ll take it as a compliment. 🙂
      yes, the food’s a must-try too! when in melaka, EAT, EAT, EAT! (stay tuned to a few more post after this). the baboon house malacca is as fascinating as its town. so rich with details for the senses to fancy.
      have you paid malacca a visit?

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