penang, malaysia

A priceless scenic ocean view, a fantastic glimpse of Penang Bridge by the window and the warmest greetings on the nicest card welcomed my family and I last Saturday, 23rd March 2013, when we were invited to spend a usual weekend turned extraordinary one in Eastin Hotel Penang.

One of the sweetest greeting cards I’ve ever received.

Accessibility is one of the best selling points of Eastin Hotel Penang. Whether you are coming from Penang International Airport, Penang Mainland or Seberang Prai via the iconic Penang Bridge, or one of Malaysia’s World Heritage Sites, George Town, Eastin Hotel Penang is just located a few minutes away either by public and tourist buses, private cars or ferry. Best, the hotel’s a stone throw away from hawker food stalls where the foodie in you can sample cheap and authentic local dishes from Malay, Indian and Chinese cuisines (although you can also savor them from the hotel’s F&B outlets’ menu), and adjacently located with one of the island’s most visited and largest malls, Queensbay Mall!

With almost 3 years of working and living in Penang, it was only last weekend that we set foot in Eastin Hotel; I thought it was never too late to discover another gem in this side of Malaysia. We appreciate the invitation given by Eastin Hotel Penang for us to experience what makes them different and special from the rest.

From the hotel lobby, we were ushered by the most accomodating & friendliest staffs at the 11th floor and while on the lift, I had to ask them if all elevator units in the hotel are dimly lit. I got a positive response making me wish for a brighter lifts. Othe than that, excitement heightened.

It was a love at first sight! 

We loved EASTIN DELUXE SUITE!!! Our 8-year-old-son, Gabby’s the happiest! 🙂

Jump for joy upon the sight of Eastin Deluxe Suite!

Now that blissful expression was taken before he opened the gifts from Eastin Hotel Penang. This defined how thoughtful and sweet the people behind this hotel are! Thank you very much! 🙂


First adjective that popped out upon the sight of our 56-square-meter, one bedroom suite : Minimalist.

First impression : Wow! (I wished I invented post-its! Running joke between Tina & I from the movie, Romy & Michelle High School Reunion, lol!) The room surely will appeal to businessmen and leisure travelers. But did it meet our family’s expectations? Read on.

While I do not deny the fact that seeing something whimsical or edgy is sometimes fascinating,  having only what you need in the cleanest lines and tasteful interiors (without clutter and yes, without any plastic plants and floral curtains) is always fresh and rejuvenating.


We certainly had one of our restful sleeps in Eastin Deluxe Suite’s comfortable king-size-bed. I liked the bed so much however, I wished the pillows are a bit firmer. But Tina & Gabby had no qualms about the feathery pillows; it must be me! hahaha! 🙂

With free and fast wifi access, apparently, Eastin Deluxe Suite is perfect for businessmen, honeymooners, a bunch of friends and yes, even family with kids! It certainly provides no-frill-comfort and convenience.


The very spacious suite is equipped with a luxurious living area with a sofa that’s big enough to fit the hyperextended-me, a wardrobe that keeps a flat iron & an ironing board, a safe and a shoe rack; the room also has an LCD TV with cable channels (another unit is generously installed in the bedroom), and a complimentary bar.


The room’s huge enough to offer a separate powder room where Tina reigned for two days, a full length mirror, a toilet, shower & bath that’s even the most discerning ones would give a thumbs-up.

eastin hotel penang
toilet & bath eastin hotel penang

I didn’t feel short with the bath tub. The size of the tub effortlessly accomodated the 5’7 1/2″ in me (don’t forget the half inch in height! i reckon! lol); I had slept 30 minutes in the tub, almost fully soaked in lukewarm water. It was so relaxing it nearly melted all my worries away!

Go ahead, ask our son if he enjoyed the tub! 🙂

I also liked this little business corner at the living room. If only they have installed more than two sockets and a few more gadget plugs, it could’ve been better, nonetheless, it doesn’t disappoint.


Actually, the nook became more impressive at night when Gabby lorded it like a boss!

And just so you know, this one’s candid. Tee hee! 🙂

At few minutes past 5PM, we went to the lobby to meet again the Marketing & Communications people of Eastin Hotel Penang, Selene & Joanne. They exclusively toured my family and I for few minutes to some of Eastin Hotel Penang’s rooms and facilities. I must state, we enjoyed it as it doesn’t come on a daily basis!
eastin hotel penang
Far from being boring, the hallways display vibrant visual attractions via abstract paintings that are continuously echoed in various rooms at Eastin Hotel Penang.

Our first stop : The Deluxe Rooms with Hillview (and the other Deluxe Room with Seaview). These well appointed rooms apparently were designed to provide both function and ease to either businessmen, leisure travelers or families. With such contemporary style and amenities, one’s definite of a comfortable and delightful stay.

eastin hotel penang

Eastin Hotel Penang also has Friendly Suite Room, called as such because it’s built to cater to the needs of elderly and physically-challenged guests. Another room that’s remarkable with Eastin’s their Family Suite Room which at the time of our visit was occupied. Good to know, I told our hosts. Then there’s that Soho Duplex Room that has few similarities to Family Suite Room. Probably it’s unique in most, if not all premier hotels here in Penang. Let the succeeding photos defined how Soho Duplex Room looks like.

soho duplex room easting hotel penang
eastin hotel penang
Beautiful, isn’t it? (My family and the Soho Duplex Room!)

Expectedly, Eastin Hotel Penang also has a fitness center, a spa (not in photo) and a swimming pool.

eastin hotel penang

Located at the third level of the hotel, the swimming pool gives everyone a sweeping view of the skyline, roads leading to Penang International Airport and yes, Queensbay Mall! Did we take a dip? Negative. Not because we didn’t feel like it but Gabby preferred to savor our suite the next morning after the buffet breakfast; told you it was that relaxing! But the swimming pool looks really inviting!


Passing through hallways of Eastin Hotel Penang, we saw some guests interviewing applicants for jobs, proving that Eastin caters to businessmen and the like. We also peeked at its function rooms and ballrooms where special events and momentous occasions are usually  celebrated.

After that brief hotel tour, we trooped to the Executive Lounge which is only accessible by hotel guests who upgrade their packages. With more soothing ambiance, wonderful view of the ocean, contemporary and minimalist interiors, and a shelf with reading materials from travel & fashion magazines to broadsheets can be savored over a free flowing cups of coffee or tea, sodas or wine and some cheese, English scones, sushi, bite-size pizza, cold cuts and more! Here’s a peek at our late afternoon tea time!

executive lounge, eastin hotel penang
hi tea eastin hotel penang
japanese food, eastin hotel penang
Yum, yum, yum!

executive lounge, eastin hotel penang
The High Tea at the Executive Lounge is a great prelude to the delicious dinner buffet we had! Did I already mention that this spot also serves breakfast? Courteous & efficient staff, quick and attentive service. Delicious bites. Awesome, isn’t it?

eastin hotel penang
eastin hotel penang
doc gelo gabby & tina at the executive lounge, eastin hotel penang
No captions needed; the smiles said it all!

Japanese Buffet, Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang


One of the highlights of our staycation at Eastin Hotel Penang was the Japanese Dinner Buffet hosted by none other than, Swez Brasserie’s Senior Sous Chef, Daniel Tan. Chef Daniel heads the Swez Brasserie where he and his team offer a wide variety of international and local favorites. It was a pleasure meeting him as Gabby desires to become a chef someday. Talking to the main man responsible for the sumptuous spread was such a nice opportunity. While Tina and Gabby were busy filling their dinner plates, Chef Daniel casually informed me that everything in the buffet is Halal making me more impressed as I somehow knew how challenging Japanese cuisine to be done with no pork or its derivatives (Read : No Pork Tonkatsu!). I told Chef Daniel that despite I’m far from being a food critic and a no authority in Japanese cuisine, my palates have tasted authentic Japanese dishes during my 14-day-trip in Tokyo back in 2005. The dinner buffet, to simply put it, was satisfyingly good! My family and I were pleased with what he and his team prepared. Bravo, Chef Daniel!

Freshest sashimi! Yummy!!!

Sharkfin’s soup, sushi, sashimi and more!

Japanese Buffet, Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang
Japanese Buffet, Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang
Japanese Buffet, Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang
Japanese Buffet, Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang

How could you not be impressed with this Japanese themed eat-all-you-want dinner being offered every Saturdays in Swez Brasserie at Eastin Hotel Penang with OKONOMIYAKI (the so-called Japanese pizza), SOFT SHELLED CRABS that aren’t usual in other hotel buffets and so much more? Other than a variety of sushi and sashimi, they also have one of my ulitmate favorites, that sweet and salty beefy (they have chicken too) SUKIYAKI!!! 🙂 Not to forget, Chef Daniel offered to do a platter of kani, ebi and veggie tempura for all of us after learning Gabby likes it!

Japanese Buffet, Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang
Japanese Buffet, Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang
Japanese Buffet, Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang
Japanese Buffet, Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang
Oishii!!! 😀

Japanese Buffet, Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang
Shameless display of one of my plates! Sukiyaki, Okonomiyaki, Unagi, Baked Oysters,  Salmon, and those Skewered Grilled Beef – so tasteful and very tender!

Desserts were Japanese themed too! There were mochi and some jelly balls of some sorts! Interestingly good!

Japanese Buffet, Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang
Japanese Buffet, Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Penang

We didn’t miss the opportunity to have a photo-op with Chef Daniel, a couple of friendly staffs of Swez Brasserie and the ladies behind the MarCom of Eastin Hotel Penang, Selene and Joanne. Thank you so much!

Senior Sous Chef Daniel Tan & Gabby


Just when we thought the day was over, Selene and Joanne led us to the opposite end of the lobby where The Lobby Lounge is located. We met the manager of the bar, had some drinks from their menu (Mojito, Singapore Sling, Strawberry Ice Cream Blend and Kiwi mixed Shake), watched and met the Filipina singer after their set and absorbed all in and capped the night!

the lounge at eastin hotel penang
the lounge at eastin hotel penang
the lounge at eastin hotel penang
the lounge at eastin hotel penang
the lounge eastin hotel penang


We woke up with excitement to sample the breakfast offering! Good Sunday morning, Eastin!

breakfast buffet eastin hotel penang 2

I was silently jumping for joy seeing two choices of congee (plain & seafood congee filled with shrimps and scallops) with several choices of toppings. Too perfect to warm my tummy!

breakfast buffet, eastin hotel penang

Char siew pao, prawn dumplings, and other dim sums, beef bacon strips, (and another favorite of Tina and me; drum roll please) smoked salmon, assorted fresh fruit slices, strawberry and mixed berries yoghurt, DIY-salad were some of the offerings on the spread we enjoyed. Gabby had fresh juices while the coffee addicts in Tina and I were truly satisfied.

breakfast buffet, eastin hotel penang
One of the best tasting Congee!

breakfast buffet eastin hotel penang 1
breakfast buffet eastin hotel penang 3
breakfast buffet, eastin hotel penang
So many food, so little time! 😀

breakfast buffet, eastin hotel penang


Our overnight staycation at Eastin Hotel Penang was nothing but pleasant accomodation and nearly non-stop gastronomic feasts! What a blessing! Few hours after a very heavy breakfast came lunch time! The 3 of us avoided rice intentionally to sample a little bit of almost everything from the High Tea spread.

High Tea, Sunday Eastin Hotel Penang
High Tea, Sunday Eastin Hotel Penang
High Tea, Sunday Eastin Hotel Penang
There were many local dishes featured in Swez Brasserie’s Sunday High Tea – Rendang, Curry, Nasi Lemak, Sotong & Udang Dishes, but my eyes were attracted to this Mixed Veggies while my palates loved their version of Chicken Satay that blended so well with its Peanut Sauce (some satay I’ve previously tasted had overpowering gingery taste; this one’s from Eastin tasted just fine). The Roasted Duck & Chicken were also must-sample! However, the Chicken Shawarma was a let down according to Tina.

High Tea, Sunday Eastin Hotel Penang
High Tea, Sunday Eastin Hotel Penang
High Tea, Sunday Eastin Hotel Penang

Plates for the three of us-self-proclaimed foodies!
High Tea, Sunday Eastin Hotel Penang

The Children’s Corner at Swez Brasserie’s High Tea | Lunch Buffet last Sunday was something commendable! Our kiddo’s happy with the “treasures” he found on that spread!

High Tea, Sunday Eastin Hotel Penang
High Tea, Sunday Eastin Hotel Penang
High Tea, Sunday Eastin Hotel Penang
High Tea, Sunday Eastin Hotel Penang
Bubur Gandum (Wheat Sweet Porridge)-Malaysian equivalent to Philippine’s Guinataang Mais. LIKE!!!

I’m already so full but I wanted to sample their version of another popular Malaysian dessert – Ais Kacang (reminds me so much of the Filipino, Halo-halo). When I went to its station, the Assistant Sous Chef suggested to his junior to make a colorful Ais Kacang, something that will look extra pleasing to the cam. As per his instruction, my bowl of Ais Kacang was made of all the sweet ingredients on the table, and instead of having them under the dome of shaved ice, mine had everything as toppings! Beautiful!

High Tea, Sunday Eastin Hotel Penang
High Tea, Sunday Eastin Hotel Penang

Tina and I ended our unforgettable digestive feasts with a cup of coffee but I made mine more sinful. I tried to marry the coffee and ice cream stations and made an affogato instead of the usual dose of caffeine! 🙂

High Tea, Sunday Eastin Hotel Penang

The people of Eastin Hotel were super generous, they even allowed us to avail of a late-check-out at 2PM!

High Tea, Sunday Eastin Hotel Penang

Despite our very short stay at Eastin Hotel Penang, our family felt so at ease with their hospitable and courteous service, comfortable and spacious room, guest-friendly amenities and very wide variety of delicious treats! Who says Eastin Hotel Penang is only for businessmen? It’s so family-friendly too!

Thank you very much, Eastin Hotel Penang!

We’re more than grateful with the experience!

My family and I can proudly say that we highly recommend Eastin Hotel Penang! 😀

EASTIN HOTEL PENANG | 1 Solok Bayan Indah, Queensbay 11900  Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia | www.eastinhotel-penang.com


*While this is a sponsored post, all words and opinions on this blog aren’t influenced and remain 100% my own.

Special thanks goes to Criz Lai of www.crizfood.com



  1. Your post made me crave for seafood congee. the best i’ve tasted was in HK. Nainggit ako kay Gabby dun sa Children’s Corner! I want some chocolate gold coins 😀

    1. hi roselle, thanks for dropping by here!
      yes, that seafood congee hit me right in my tummy! sedap! sarap! my photo doesn’t show it but underneath that ton of toppings, a volume of shrimps and scallops! yum! comparable to HK’s! 🙂

  2. hi doc! it’s been a while since my last visit. nice to know enjoy pa rin the whole family sa malaysia. looks like s good hotel, pero nag linger ang thoughts ko sa japanese buffet. sarap!!

    1. hello atty mordsith! nice to have you back here again. 🙂
      yup, we truly enjoyed our time at eastin hotel penang! and yes, that japanese eat-all-you-want-dinner was really delish!

  3. what a wonderful staycation this is. you are blessed for having experienced this. the food is incredible. nakakabusog. i could do this all-you-can-eat sushi anytime, kahit suko agad tiyan ko.

    1. i know you mentioned on your previous comment that you’re more on sit-down | ala-carte dining rather than buffets; no worry on that. it takes a humongous talent & skills in us to do & enjoy both, *kidding!* 😀

      we certainly enjoyed this staycation at eastin hotel penang! there’s another invitation which will attend very soon outside malaysia and here’s hoping it won’t be the last, hehehe!

      thanks, maria!

  4. Gusto ko rin ng minimalist spaces.yeah,away with the unnecessary clutter na pampasikit lang, not just ng space pero ng mental state mo.hahaha.next time na magkita tayo, magpapaturo ako ng plating sayo.ako,lagay lang ng lagay pag kumakain ng buffet.hahaha

    1. hi anton! eastin hotel penang is minimialist-beautiful, isn’t it?

      i charge for table etiquette & plating tutorial; RM200 per hour. *JOKE!* hehehe.

      see you in ASEAN Blogger Festival in Indonesia? 🙂

    1. I thought it was only Tina & I who are insanely in love with Romy & Michelle HS Reunion; good to know, Mommy Gaye, you like it too! hahaha! Sobrang laugh trip every time we watch it.

      oh yes, that soho duplex room is indeed lovely! 🙂

  5. Nice hotel, how much is the deluxe suite?? I like the friendly suite, looks cute and I love the Japanese buffet, the foods are very colorful and look fresh and yummy. I envy you, lucky you have another free lodging ;-).

    1. hi sards! cost of accomodation at eastin hotel penang are listed on their website via the link i provided.

      yes, the accomodation & the japanese buffet were both fantastic! you’re an authority in japanese food since you lived in japan with your family, you can tell by mere looking at my photos although they tasted way better than they appear on my shots, hehehe.

      sarap! thanks, sards!

  6. Dear Sir, As I’m writing this I’m at work, just browsing the internet when I stumble upon your blog. And thanks to you, I’m bloody hungry. Not only ALL of your pictures of food are captured in amazing details (btw, what camera are you using?), you actually made me hungry…in this early morning! i DON’T normally eat breakfast and now, thanks to you again, I’m actually browsing where to eat for a buffet dinner in my hometown. You too have rekindled my love of food porn and also of blog writing. Thank you sir.

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