For the second year in a row,

it is my honor that this blog is nominated

in the 2013 Ministry of Tourism Malaysia’s MITBCA Best Expat Blog Award category.

mitbca 2013

“Since the debut of the Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers Conference & Awards in 2012 which rewarded some of the world’s most accomplished Travel-Social Media Bloggers, MITBCA 2013 is set to spin this year’s event with a more exciting approach, leaving others to admire and emulate upon. Malaysia has set its pace to be on the forefront of reach into social media. Undeniably, there is a definitive difference between monitoring our brand in social media and using traditional methodologies in reaching out to build on tourism numbers. Travel is certainly a very hot topic across all social media channels and is one of the Top Three online topics of discussion and engagement. It surely encourages new network build up, new clientele bases and new innovative ideas being put across.” ~Sourced from

Last year’s moments were surreal (blog post HERE!), and to be honest about it, I do not mind experiencing it again! 😀 But that’s impossible to happen without your generous support.

May 2012 BlogAwards

And why does this humble site deserve YOUR VOTE?

Let these photos that were previously featured in last year’s blog posts

remind you how my family and I create our own adventure here in Malaysia. 🙂


So if you believe this blog is worthy of your generosity,

Here’s how to VOTE

Go to this link :

then click the log in fb button,
once logged in to fb,
click the list of category and choose EXPAT,
then hit the VOTE button for

Maraming salamat po!

Terima Kasih!

Thank you very much!




20 thoughts on “VOTE FOR DOCGELO.COM

  1. I tried to vote but need to either log in using facebook or register. The facebook bit didnt work and I’m not sure of the other. You seriously deserve to win again, reading your blog has to be one of my favourite ‘me time’ pastimes.

    Kind regards to you and your family

    1. Wow, thank you! I am extra-flattered if the compliments come from a fellow blogger!
      But it’s too early to tell; voting runs until 3rd week of Feb.
      Thanks again, Sumi! Really appreciate it! 😀

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