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24 December 2012. Monday. JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur. With reservation done directly via their website a couple of months back, we checked in around 2PM which was a little earlier than the regular check in time at 3PM with no extra charge; thank you! While our luggage and bags were being taken cared of one of the bellboys, the lady-concierge officer who attended to me was so pleasant, friendly and quick, I think they both deserve a salary raise for efficiency. Everything was absolutely hassle-free!


Perfectly located along Jalan Bukit Bintang, the major shopping road in Kuala Lumpur, JW Marriot Hotel is adjacent to Starhill Gallery, right across Pavilion Mall, few steps away from Lot 10 and Fareinheit Malls, Uniqlo, H&M, Zara flagship stores and a wide choices of food shops.

Other than location, security and cost, having wifi connection and its speed is also on top of my priorities. Despite fancy greetings upon plugged-in, READ this entire post to know the only thing WE DID NOT LIKE about JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur.


The family opted to stay here to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day itself with Shook! Masquerade Lunch! The experience was glorious (blog post HERE!)!


Tina and Gabby also agreed on the fact that the king size bed on this deluxe room was ultimately delicious.


One of our most restful sleeps ever.


Believe his smile, he liked the bed so much! We all did!


Boobtube had Gabby’s favorites.


Working station where I plugged my laptop and went online wasn’t bad too.


The view from our window was inviting but we didn’t take a dip.


Mini bar and coffee and tea making facility…


We liked the huge wardrobe fully equipped with those necessary things.


The toilet, tub and shower (not in photo). Spotless. They granted my request of extra towels, thank you!


Toiletries were from Crabtree and Evelyn.


Details of the little things…


Tina and Gabby tried this; I didn’t. They were happier after the soak. Must be soothing.


Slept and woke up with nothing to do but indulge in Shook! Breakfast Buffet included in the promo-package we availed.


We feasted like kings…


The spread wasn’t ordinary.


Coffee, tea, fruit juices were free-flowing…


Choosing what to sample became a happy-problem.


Local rice and bean cakes…


Malaysia’s staple food. Nasi Lemak (Nasi-rice; lemak-fat) composed of rice boiled in coconut milk, chicken in sambal spicy sauce garnished with boiled egg, anchovies, cucumber slices and roasted peanuts. They say Nasi Lemak is enough to empower you throughout the day.


Can you guess who had what?

plates at shook

Everything Halal. Beef bacon (still biased to my favorites- you know!), Chicken sausage, Chinese fried rice, hash browns, biscuits and crackers paired with feta, cheddar and cream cheese, mushroom and onions and a dimsum.

Round 2 : Tina had croissant, smoked salmon and everything else you see on the photo…


While I was a happy diner with Malaysian favorites – roti canai dipped in dahl.


Essential fibers. Papaya slices, pineapples and yellow watermelon.


Those smiles are my early morning sunshine!


Everything’s beautiful and satisfying with JW Marriott and would consider to go back but the WIFI WASN’T FREE! We didn’t avail as we want it to be provided at no extra cost.  I only got to go online with their Ethernet-plug-into-your-laptop-kind-of-thing. What if I didn’t bring my own computer? We failed to connect online using our mobiles and Tina’s ipod.  There was wifi at the hotel lobby but it certainly spells convenience if the rooms were provided with FREE WIFI service too.  On this day and age, free wifi is no longer a luxury but a necessity.


JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur | 183 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur 55100 Malaysia |

*This is NOT a sponsored post.


  1. Hello Doc Gelo,

    I thought it’s only Sofitel that asked you to pay P999 for the internet (LAN) when you’re in your room… pati pla dyan di free…

    Thanks for that info…

    And I’ll take note of the Crabtree and Evelyn toiletries… 🙂


    1. hi shelley, happy 2013!

      for us, free wifi is a must.
      glad we believe the same thing too.

      so sofitel is back to business. good to know. we enjoyed buffet at spiral before.

      1. Hello Doc Gelo,

        Hope you could recommend a nice hotel in Penang… sna yng may free WIFI connection sa room… 🙂

        We are planning to visit Penang this year… our Head-office is in Georgetown….


  2. Free wifi is an important consideration when planning a trip or vacation. It costs an arm and a leg on a cruise ship but free on riverboats and in hotels almost anywhere.

  3. it really is frustrating to find luxury hotels charging for Wifi when some other no-star hotels offer it for free. I have a silver elite membership with Marriott rewards and that’s the only way I got to hook myself online for free when I stayed at Marriott Manila last year.

    1. i remember that marriott stay of yours; it’s difficult to forget that enormous bed you had.

      i also have mariott rewards card, but it’s only blue and ain’t no silver elite, lol. lucky you, dennis! 😀

      seriously, i totally agree with you! prior to our overnight at marriott, we stayed in a nice and clean budget hotel in kuala lumpur called hotel 1915 and man, their wifi’s free and fast! so convenient!

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