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22 December 2012. Saturday. Masjid Putra or Putrajaya Mosque, Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur. After checking in at Hotel 1915 Kuala Lumpur, we simply dropped our bags and luggage, hit the shower and off we went to Masjid Jamek LRT station which is located a few steps from our budget-boutique hotel. We didn’t have a game plan but to do tourist-things in Putrajaya, Malaysia’s federal administrative center.

putrajaya 12.22.12

Like the LRT & MRT in Manila, Yamanote Line in Tokyo, MTR in Hong Kong, BTS in Bangkok and MRT in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur’s LRT lines spell efficiency and commuter-friendliness. A city is always easy to explore when there’s dependable transport system. And for this year’s Christmas holiday of my family in Malaysia’s capital, we chose to use more of the trains and less of taxi cabs not only to save on the pocket but for speed, comfort and convenience.

Upon reaching the Masjid Jamek LRT station on foot, we asked the counter to break our bills into smaller notes and coins, then purchased tokens from touch-screen dispensing machines. Adventure begins here! 🙂
putrajaya 12/22/12

From Masjid Jamek, we arrived in KL Sentral terminal at around 5PM. Despite we’ve been to KL Sentral quite a number of times already, we still needed to ask for directions. We transferred train line to KLIA Transit to get our feet to Putrajaya Sentral. It’s our first time to ride KLIA Transit and the experience was amazing! Better than riding a bus, or the old KTM train in KL and yes, better than driving your own car on those traffic jammed highways! The trip from KL Sentral to Putrajaya Sentral via KLIA Transit train only took around 25 minutes.
putrajaya 12/22/12

We hopped off the KLIA Transit train (that takes its passengers to Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the other terminal besides Low Cost Carrier Terminal), stepped out to Putrajaya Sentral station and inquired again. While my family sat on one of the benches, I asked the counter what bus number should we take to get us to the Putrajaya Mosque, or more famously known as the Pink mosque. The friendly staff instantly wrote down the bus numbers on a small piece of paper but we decided to take the cab instead for the reason we wanted to be there quickly.

Because it’s almost evening (or it was already evening as “evening” for Malaysians begins after 2PM!), I got nothing in mind but to take my family to Putrajaya and experience another piece of must-visit-places in Malaysia. After all, our stay in this part of Asia is only until God-know-when! 😉 We never wasted time and took photos near the magnificently built, Pink Mosque.


“The Putra Mosque, or Masjid Putra in Malay language, is the principal mosque of Putrajaya, Malaysia. Construction of the mosque began in 1997 and was completed two years later. It is located next to Perdana Putra which houses the Malaysian Prime Minister’s office and man-made Putrajaya Lake. In front of the mosque is a large square with flagpoles flying Malaysian states’ flags.”  (via Wiki)

11putrajaya 12/22/12putrajaya 12.22.1213

I’ve seen the Pink Mosque during our few trips to Immigration office in Putrajaya back in 2010 but we were shuttled by our company’s bus then. I was too lazy to google how to commute going here but luckily and thankfully, we never got lost and found our way easily. We thought of going inside the mosque to appreciate it more however, we were told at the Informasi that non-Malaysian (non-Muslim) visitors are only allowed within the Mosque until 6PM so we simply roamed around and killed the time.

It was comforting and was so pleasant to see restaurants such as Nando’s and Secret Recipe along side with other local food kiosks inside an airconditioned food place within the vicinity of the mosque; plus even more surprising is a sight of a kiddie-play place!


Kodakan begins with a little bit of yamutan and more of kulitan

Flying or diving? 😛  This photo is one of my favorites! Ang kulit!


A stone’s throw away from the Putrajaya Mosque is that emerald green domed, Prime Minister’s Office.

Picture! 😀

Love and kulitan in Putrajaya…
Gabby voluntarily played as the Thinker…
and spontaneously jumped on high air…

He also tried to play as giant…
Tina took this photo and commented to me, “your teeth look like dentures!” lol 😀
More kulitan moments…
putrajaya 426putrajaya5
Nakakapagod! (Tiring!) But fun! We walked our way approximately 100-meters from the Prime Minister’s Office to the bus stop. En route, picture-taking again! 😀


After 10 minutes, the bus arrived. With only 50 cents (PhP 7 or USD 0.16) per passenger and Gabby’s free, we took the Nadi Putra Bus on our way back to Putrajaya Sentral bus station; the ride took around 10-15 minutes. Of course, picture! This family’s happiness involves photos and more photos! 🙂


Back in the KLIA Transit train on way to KL Sentral…

Alighting from KLIA Transit train at around 8:45PM in KL Sentral, we transferred to LRT train to go back to Leboh Ampang. As we walked our way to the platform, we saw kiddie murals which we probably overlooked earlier because we’re on a rush. The Samsung-sponsored cartoonish paintings on the walls and stairs have environment-awareness theme, just wonderful. So, another photo-op was done. Picture! 🙂


It’s almost 9PM, must have dinner! At a local coffee shop near our hotel, we chowed down “lightly”.


Best meals and moments are yet to come as Yuletide 2012 in KL continues!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone!


19 thoughts on “PUTRAJAYA

  1. .. also visited putrajaya when i visited malaysia years ago (was not able to blog about it, lost my pics!), and i love that pink mosque!

    1. merry christmas, bert!

      we were told visiting hours for non-muslims are only until 6pm; perhaps, they have prayers after such time -my guess. we didn’t ask.

    1. Thanks, Maria! Merry Christmas too and a more blissful & blessed 2013 to all of us! I’ll swing into your blog in a few days, as I get back from Chiang Mai.

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