Mic test. mic test. mic test. Test 1. 2. 3. Test….

I’d like to dedicate this song to my beautiful & loving wife, Tina.

And I hope she’ll like it.

Ugh hem…*clears throat*

*inhale, sing*

“Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday….

Happy Birthday to you!” 

25 November 2012. Sunday. It’s officially two days after Tina turned 36. She doesn’t look her age, does she? She’ll kill me for posting this. But heck, we don’t need to hide our age; at least we’re still young and have so many years ahead of us! And because her Natal day this year was a Friday, she wanted no fancy celebration at work nor at home. Honestly, I even volunteered to cook her pasta or buy her a cake but she chose otherwise. Yes, I had to ask her as she doesn’t like surprises. She wanted a simple family celebration the weekend after her special day.

Here we go.

Around 10AM, we walked from Jetty in Weld Quay in George Town, Penang to ChinaHouse. En route, we surprisingly saw one of the recently installed murals in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Must have photo-ops.

Taaaaadaaaah!!! 😀

10: 20AM. ChinaHouse.


If you’re following this blog, you certainly know that Gabby and I already enjoyed ChinaHouse (I even won a 100-ringgit-voucher here via their photo contest recently). However, it was Tina’s first time so we’re all quite excited for her. We didn’t have any reservation but we’re quite early, so we’re lucky to avail a table for three.

Breakfast. What’s for breakfast?


After I quickly spotted my choices (plural!) from ChinaHouse’s menu, I told the two loves of my life that I’ll take some shots first. They absolutely know the drill so they didn’t mind me. 🙂

The table beside us. Lovely.

The painting above it. Lovelier.


Then I walked few steps, I saw this grills on the door. Loveliest.


More pleasant things you don’t see on a daily basis…


For the second time, I’m telling you –if you’re following this blog, you know I’ve featured ChinaHouse a couple of times already but it has more fascinating corners to explore.


Back to my family…. Picture!!!


The table behind ours has a pretty painting too. Picture!!!


Good food, nice art works, a wine cellar, a library, a coffee shop and a restaurant, a concert bar, a great chill out place under a Heritage roof!


Meanwhile, here’s a showcase of how beautiful my family is!


Then the FOOD. Glorious first meal of the day.

Tina and I agreed to share on a 10-ringgit pot of Jasmine tea. Soothing!
The birthday girl decided for a cheese omelet plate. She and Gabby liked it. I liked it too! 🙂
From the kiddie meal menu, our 8-year-old-wonder boy opted for spaghetti with cheese beef balls. He didn’t finish it. We had it as takeaway and we wolfed it down as dinner at home. It’s not your ordinary spaghetti. The beef flavor’s too strong for our palates. Must be Malaysian; I might be wrong.

While I chose Big Breakfast, I thought it’s a misnomer. I believed it should have been named Biggest Breakfast!!!

Boy, oh boy! McDonald’s version would look like less. Just so you know, I didn’t finish it too. I saved the bread slices which were really good, as takeaway too. Because I had a humongous plate, I passed up the desserts.

While Tina and Gabby were anticipating theirs. Here’s what they had.

Gabby’s choice : Eggnog Cheesecake. Sarap!

Tina went for a slice of Marjolaine. Mas masarap!!! 


She sliced her cake into halves… et voila!

One more time, with feelings! LOL! 🙂

Packed everything for takeaway. Settled the bill and burp! 😛

Then we went up the art gallery of ChinaHouse. Picture!!!


ahhhhhhh!!!!!  😀

Around half hour past 1PM, we hopped on the bus and we trooped to Queensbay Mall. We did a little shopping for some necessities and off we went to another gastronomic feast. Well, not actually. We planned to drop by J.Co Donuts and purchase a box for takeaway. Yes, another takeaway. You know, for dinner, for breakfast and dinner again the next day. To fill in the fridge!

And so our bloodstream became hyperglycemic again with these donuts that FILIPINOS in Metro Manila are currently going crazy about (Read: They’re on queue for at least an hour for these J.Co Donuts. For real!!!)!!! It must be the donuts or my fellowmen or both. I cannot blame them; these donuts are indeed softer than Krispy Kreme, GoNuts Donuts and Dunkin Donuts; although I love ’em all! 🙂

In our more than two years here in Penang, I think it’s only second time we savored J.Co. And again, there was no long queues.

Here are those freebies that go with our drinks…


Tina loved her Cappuccino and JCoccino donut!

While I enjoyed Berry Berrymore! (sounds like Drew Barrymore!)

More pictures…

And I cannot agree more with J.Co….


I love you, Tina & Gabby! 🙂



  1. I like that nook with the blue frame mirror and books tucked beneath it! You’re finally all together at Chinahouse, nice! Your wife resembles a pretty celebrity…just can’t figure who! Happy, happy birthday to the light of your life! Age is just a number =>

    1. Wow, thank you! She’ll be delighted with your comment, hahaha! The names of local celebrity she was compared with include Angel Aquino (naks!!!), Assunta daRossi, Valerie Concepcion and a fellow blogger-friend, Attorney Ingrid of urbanmudra.wordpress.com says Tina looks like Karen Davila. Wow oh wow!!! 🙂

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