After I thanked Rachel who generously invited me and bid goodbye to Georgia, the fascinating and accomodating host who dined with me in more-than-two-hour-exclusive-food-tasting-tour that they arranged, I found my way down the basement of Starhill Gallery and set foot again in Feast Village. I laid my eyes once more on the impressive interiors of Village Bar.


Who knew that while Petronas Twin Towers majestically lords the Kuala Lumpur skyline, a wonderful bar lies underneath the road of Bukit Bintang?

I was supposed to have a drink, sample their Mojito or one of their signatures and use the 100 ringgit-voucher that they gave me along with a box of delightful macarons but I thought of reserving everything to Tina and Gabby. After all, I’ll bring my family back to Kuala Lumpur in a month’s time so we’ll get to enjoy Starhill Gallery again. As I was still satiated with all the sampling of dishes from the most subtle to the most flavorful and rich plates, I became content with capturing the beauty of Village Bar with my lens.

An old woman whose wheelchair was being pushed slowly by a younger man suddenly told me,

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” 

Surprised, I looked at her and understood that she was describing Village Bar before us so I stopped clicking my cam for a while and replied to her,

“It’s lovely! I haven’t seen anything like it before.”

A myriad of colorful Oriental and Mediterranean lamps adorn the ceiling of Village Bar (read : I’m a sucker for these lamps!). Fantastic pillars that are made of stacked empty bottles. A striking variety of seats and stools around the five-bars was so remarkable; one of the them was a set of ghost chairs from Philippe Starck. It’s a gorgeous hodgepodge of everything that seems dreamy; cleverly put together to create a sophisticated look of a place so perfect to unwind and have a drink or two.

kuala lumpur

I noticed Village Bar was designed in such a way that guests would see each other’s faces to easily interact while chilling out.


I could spend an entire evening in this place! And you?


Amazing, isn’t it? I was in awe, I ran out of superlatives again!


I’ll bring Tina and Gabby here next month and enjoy their menu. Kids would also appreciate Village Bar for they offer fruit juices and sodas too.

“Right in the heart of Feast Village is the meeting point for a business or leisure outing at Starhill Gallery. The Village Bar, with its iconic pillars of stacked bottles and colourful pendant lights hanging overhead, makes a welcoming spot to enjoy a drink.
A perfect place for winding down, five counters serve different drinks at the Village Bar. The beer bar stocks up on bottles of famous international beers while the hard liquor bar serves liquor, cocktails and mocktails.

The wine bar offers exclusive wines from a collection of 400 different labels whereas the rice wine bar serves premium Chinese and Japanese rice wines, including vintage rice wines from as long as 30 years ago. Teetotalers would not feel out of place at the Village Bar as juices and soft drinks are also available from the soft drinks bar. For a place to meet up with friends, to make new friends, or simply to unwind, head over to the Village Bar.”   -Sourced via

Village Bar at Feast Village in Starhill Gallery is one of the reasons why Kuala Lumpur is always a must-visit!

*This is a sponsored post. Special thanks goes to Ms. Rachel of Starhill Gallery and Ms. Georgia (I’ll post her photos on this blog soon!).

STARHILL GALLERY |  181 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia |

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  1. great shots in lowlights. did you use a tripod? i can never figure out how to properly photograph indoor/lowlight lighting.

    ako din doc, i adore these lamps. nakabili nga kami ng isa a few years back eh. but if i had my way (and lotsa $$$) i would fill my house with them 😀

    1. thanks, maria! i haven’t acquired any skills in photography; i should give all credits to nikon itself; it works wonders!

      and yes, i also dream of having our own house with all those various lamps in the lanai. parang hogwarts ang mood! 🙂

    1. hi marian! though short and pressed for time, i really enjoyed clicking my cam in feast village at starhill gallery, particularly this village bar. glad you liked it too. thank you!

      i don’t know why it took me more than two years of working in malaysia and an invitation from starhill gallery before i get to discover the mall and the feast village to think it’s only right across pavilion mall in bukit bintang where we frequent whenever we’re in kuala lumpur. it’s indeed a visual and gastronomic feast! stay tuned for the succeeding posts; ang ganda ng interiors at sarap ng pagkain!

  2. You’re really very attractive to sponsors. I wish I were too hehe. I would have loved to go to this bar and not have to spend a cent for it. I wouldn’t do the photos justice like you do though *envious*

    1. it’s surreal, aleah! the interiors of starhill gallery feast village is beyond words! a must-visit when in kuala lumpur. if not for their invitation, i would not have discovered such a visual and gastronomic feast! i’m grateful. 🙂

      envious? i should be envious of you for traveling europe early this year! your venetian post made me crave more to bring tina, gabby, and my feet there someday.

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