For five years of this blog’s existence, few loyal readers have witnessed how the love for food binds my family and I together. Tina, Gabby and I certainly love to eat! And our tastebuds have the same preferences either dining out or just eating within the comforts of our home.  Although I know how to perk up some tasteful dishes too, the credit goes to my loving wife who devotes so much of her TIME and EFFORTS not only at work but at the kitchen department to fill up our tummies with not just mediocre cooking but feasts that we usually crave for!

Here are some of her masterpieces, at least for Gabby and me!

This dish has shrimps, green bell pepper in light and sweet soy sauce, if not oyster sauce. It’s too delicious, I forgot to ask her what it’s called! 😀

shrimps in oyster sauce

Vanhouten, sometimes Cadbury Chocolate Chamorado at Tuyo is one of our comfort foods! Even Gabby became biased with Champorado at Tuyo!  Yes, our 8-year-old kiddo loves tuyo, he eats it also sans champorado but with rice and dips its shredded bits on vinegar!  Regardless of the weather -rainy days or even when the sun is out; for breakfast or as late afternoon snack, this combo remains a personal favorite!

champorado at tuyo

Ebi Tempura and Chicken Cordon Bleu. All.From.Scratch!

prawn tempura and chicken cordon bleu
ebi tempura
prawn tempura

This one needs no introduction. Pass the vinegar, please! And let’s eat with bare hands, c’mmon! 😉


Bistek Tagalog with Blanched Veggies. I’m salivating now.

beef steak and blanched veggies

Some photographed pasta dishes the past months include this Crispy Noodle…

crispy noodles

and the classic Creamy Carbonara with homemade Garlic Bread that she made for our birthdays (Gabby’s last October, and mine’s September). While Gabby dislikes bacon and only wants the pasta and the creamy cheesy buttery sauce, I love it up to its last bacon bits. LOL! 😛

creamy carbonara with home made garlic bread

For dessert, Maja Blanca con Maiz

maja blanca maiz

For someone like Tina who doesn’t have formal background in culinary arts, and for Gabby and me, those dishes are already superb despite its few imperfections. As mentioned, hours are usually spent in preparing them. Time and efforts for the family are always priceless!

With those few compiled food photos, one of my suntok-sa-buwan-wishes of putting up our very own food place someday lives on. Let’s see if it will materialize someday. Who knows what destiny brings? I am only sure of the fact that we love food and we like to eat – a lot!!!


Part 1 of this blog’s series here : My Wife’s Culinary Prowess




  1. As they say – the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I’m sure it’s not just you that fell in love with Tina’s cooking (and of course Tina herself) but Gabby as well.
    Happy eating Doc!

  2. Bad idea to open your blog at this time. >_<

    I got hungry with all the photos especially the Ebi Tempura and Cordon Bleu! Both are my favorites. Good thing my mom cooks well, too. 😀 Maybe, I'ill ask her to cook it tomorrow hahaha

  3. oh you are lucky to have a capable set of hands in the kitchen. i wonder if ms tina could give me the bistek tagalog recipe. i’m a big sucker for bistek.

    1. thanks! i like it when you used the active “well nourished” in your comment; so pleasantly put! hahaha! admit it, we’re beyond ideal weights, hahaha! 😀

  4. Champorado at Tuyo – such a comfort food. Went to eat-all-you-can days ago, ito talaga ang pinuntirya ko.

    Ang sarap naman ng mga lutong bahay nyo, Doc…Winner din ang food presentation. Parang nasa resto. 🙂

    1. champrado+tuyo is always love! would you also prefer it with milk like we do? thanks for the kind words, ms. elna. i’ll relay it to tina (she rarely reads my blog!)

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