platinum mall bangkok

God knows I hate Math. Sorry but to each his own, yah know! LOL! I palpitate and become tachycardic (having increased heart rate) whenever I see numbers and yes, even shapes and anything that has to do with Math. This week’s theme is indeed a challenge! But here we go. *insert deep breathing here* Can you see those parallel lines? I know Euclid will agree that parallelism is part of Geometry! What about those triangles that make up a square? Can you name the type of angles formed by those white and yellow diagonal lines? Help! I’m having a panic attack -Geometry is actually Math, is it not? LOL! 😛

This photo was taken last August 2012 in Bangkok and this is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge : Geometry


    1. No, my family and I are from the Philippines but are based in Penang, Malaysia for more than 2 years now. We visited Thailand 3x already and this photo was taken on our last trip to BKK after we crossed borders of Malaysia-Thailand on foot.

      Thanks for dropping by!

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