If you’ve been following this blog, you’ve definitely seen these photos taken from years of Gabby’s trick or treating in his school and malls in Manila and a mall here in Penang.

Several weeks back, Tina and I asked our 8-year-old kiddo if he still digs being in costume to celebrate Halloween. Gabby replied positively but he professed he doesn’t want to join any contest in the mall like what he did before. He only wanted to have fun and enjoy the occasion. OK. Fine. 🙂

Luckily, few malls here in Penang partake in this Western tradition of celebrating Halloween; we had choices where to go to. Last year, we had it at Queensbay Mall while this year, we spent half of our Sunday at 1st Avenue Mall.

And because Gabby’s a bit older already, his choices in all things also mature gradually. This Halloween, he opted to dress as a zombie, perhaps so inspired by one of our favorite TV series, The Walking Dead. After having an idea of what to wear, Tina began to be more imaginative this time on how to zombie-fied our cute little Gabby.

She started with what we have in the kitchen. Egg white, artificial food coloring and tissue paper worked well with my wife’s creativity.
halloween 2012

She used these to make fake blood; the egg white served as binder or glue the tissue paper on Gabby’s school-boy-complexion making him look more like someone from the grave. Clever eh? I say pure talent! LOL! 🙂

At home, they had rehearsal. The two were in character!!!

halloween 1
zombie : halloween 2012
Call it weird but at least it’s clean FUN and most importantly, we’re HAPPY! 😉
halloween 2

28 OCTOBER 2012. Sunday. 1st Avenue Mall. We found a seat inside Starbucks Coffee after engaging on a hearty brunch meal at Dome. Of course, I needed to take the “BEFORE” photo of the two.
halloween 24

Beautiful, aren’t they? 😀
Then my wife brought out all her stuffs -food colors, hypoallergenic face makeup, sheets of tissue paper, and yes, an egg that she had to crack on the table of Starbucks to get its white.
halloween 23
Gabby wanted it, so he was so submissive. Take note, there’s no coercion nor force here! 😀
halloween 22
halloween 21
halloween 20
Just so you know, my wife is a professional Operating Room Nurse and a former Clinical Instructor and she has no formal schooling on makeup more so on prosthetics but isn’t her work amazing? And apparently, Gabby’s the cutest “Walking Dead” ever!!!
halloween 18
Must be in character!
halloween 19
Despite there were no candies, no loot bags that’s so unlikely the Philippines (we certainly miss going to Greenbelt, Landmark, TriNoma, and Gateway!), we all had fun taking photos of those Malaysians who were in costumes too!
halloween 17
halloween 15
halloween 16
halloween 12
halloween 11
halloween 14
halloween 5
halloween 7
halloween 10
halloween 6
halloween 3
halloween 9
halloween 8




  1. ang galing ng make up ni gabby. kudos ma’am tina. doc that’s when knowledge of chemistry pays off well.

    btw, i really look forward to gabby’s costume every year.

  2. galing naman ni Tina at si Gabby sanay na sanay na talaga magpa facepaint hehehe….bakit si Daddy walang costume? ganda rin ng kuha ni Tina yun naka zombie make up sya kakatuwa

    1. “bakit si Daddy walang costume?” …natural na daw kasing nakakatakot, hahaha!

      hi sards! thanks for visiting here i again! i miss hopping to your site; will do soon!

  3. You are so blessed to have such a multi-talented wife as Tina. She can work as a make-up artist for a big film studio if she wants to change career one day!

    1. multi-talented? wow! hahaha, thanks!

      seriously, gusto na nga namin ng changes of everything but we rely on God’s will, of course so for the meantime, we need to be happy with where we are and what we have.

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