I didn’t plan to eat alone in this beautifully restored 150-year-old shophouse along the very quaint, Armenian Street in GeorgeTown, Penang but the opportunity presented itself. I’ve been passing this restaurant almost once or twice a month every weekends for two years now but never I was enticed to pay it a visit until last week.  After I did an errand for Gabby’s school project, I took a stroll on a late Sunday afternoon from Chulia Street with a sole expectation to capture some more picturesque corners. My feet led me to this non-Halal-Western restaurant, Edelweiss Cafe.

edelweiss cafe 1

The chalk on blue board menu seemed like a magnet!

edelweiss cafe 3

The moment I walked in, it felt like a step back in time.

edelweiss cafe 2

I paused. Took a 360 turn and absorbed the killer ambiance.  And just like that, the ginormous mirror and all its reflections blew me away!

edelweiss cafe 5

An absolute breather from the usual fastfood dining experience.

edelweiss cafe 14

From floor to ceiling inside Edelweiss Cafe, there’s nothing but extraordinary. How do you describe dining amidst this mighty Tower Clock?

edelweiss cafe

It’s love at first sight. 🙂  The hand movements of the Tower Clock are controlled by this mechanism…

edelweiss cafe 6


tower clock movement

I could just imagine how the bell rings.

edelweiss cafe 8

I always have conscious efforts to keep punctuality running in my veins; I know that and people who know me best are also aware of that. What I realized after my Edelweiss Cafe experience was the fact that over and beyond believing in the cliche, “Time is gold”,   I actually adore massive timepieces too. Fascination costs nothing, isn’t it? 😉

edelweiss cafe 4

Lovely corner…

edelweiss cafe 9


edelweiss 0


edelweiss cafe 7

Next time I get a chance to go back and dine here, I’ll probably choose to sit and while away time in this spot with Tina and Gabby…

edelweiss cafe 11

The view from where I sat…

edelweiss cafe 13

I’m not alcoholic but the beverage menu and the gorgeous bar are inviting too.

edelweiss cafe 12

I passed up; perhaps next time. Instead, I savored every sip of their cappuccino.

edelweiss cafe 15

Dunking my fork and cutting with steak knife this Pork Belly Baguette served with Fresh Garden Salad and French Fries on a paper cone was definitely the highlight of my Edelweiss Cafe visit. 🙂

edelweiss cafe 16

Did I already tell you that their French Fries are thin as shoestrings but crispy and a bit spicy? It’s made special by a dash of dried chili rather than the usual salt. I liked it! I left the cone empty! 😛

edelweiss cafe 17

At this point, I really missed Tina and Gabby. 😦  The experience was definitely incomplete without them.

After a hearty meal must have dessert. I asked the friendly wait staff about their bestseller. He suggested Apple pie with Vanilla ice cream. I am believer! There’s a lot of pretty thin slices of apple neatly arranged in layers on the crust; perfectly complemented by that scoop of the most classic flavor. The photo doesn’t give justice.

edelweiss cafe 18

For the moment, all my stress and fatigue and worries and problems were all melted away.

Life isn’t easy but still sweet. 🙂

edelweiss cafe 10



14 thoughts on “EDELWEISS CAFE

  1. wanted to go back in may, but they were closed, i thought they were out! glad to see they’re back up again! how’s the price anyway?

    1. hello brinjal! thank you for visiting my blog. the prices on the menu are reasonable. the service is friendly and warm. everything’s a pleasant experience. i also wish to go back soon. 🙂

  2. That was a nice “alone” time. => I think being on the lonesome in places like this makes one absorb the beauty of it so next time, when we bring along someone, we know just how to introduce the place.

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