After conducting three lecture classes at 2 hour each,  I finally got a chance to sit in front of my desk at the office and finally exhaled.

Then the phone rang.

The office’s receptionist : “Hello, may I speak with Dr. Angelo?”
Me : “Speaking. May I know who’s on the line, please?”
The office’s receptionist : “(After mentioning her name)…I received a parcel for you. You may collect it from here in Block C. Thank you!”

I knew it’s from Legoland Malaysia as they mentioned it on their email a few weeks back that they’d send a media pack to me & for my family. I claimed the package, gave it to Tina and waited for us to arrive home before opening it.

Upon arriving home…
legoland malaysia package
legoland malaysia package 2
The package contained 3 T-shirts for Tina, Gabby & me, a larnyard, a USB-flash drive disguised as a baller band and some stickers all put inside a Legoland Malaysia media pack bag. Thank you so much, LEGOLAND MALAYSIA!  😀

legoland malaysia package 1

After dinner, Gabby’s wish to rise our tiny Christmas tree came true.
christmas decors 2012
gabby october 1, 2012
christmas tree 2012

We welcome all blessings, big and small to our home! 🙂

*PS : My blog post about our LEGOLAND MALAYSIA experience –> HERE!



  1. you have your christmas tree up already? my halloween/fall decors are still in the box. too hot to do any kind of labor lately. but i certainly have to start decorating for the holidays.

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