Here are some of Gabby’s treasures…
lego 3
He got most of them as gifts. Those Lego Star Wars came from his maternal grandfather and that Buzz Light Year Lego watch was given by a generous travel buddy in Hong Kong, February of this year while some pieces were bought by his loving parents. 🙂
lego 4

Lego reminds me of childhood; I grew up with those colored bricks. And now that my son’s also into it, the fascination continues!

lego 2

Apparently, Lego toys nowadays are more fancy and edgy. They don’t come inexpensive too. From only simple building bricks of my wonder years, Lego has creatively evolved into various themed pieces, mostly from movies and TV series. Talking of which, Gabby’s into Ninjago Lego, Master of Spinjitsu. Have you heard of it? He watches the series chronologically per season both online and on cable TV every Friday night! He began collecting toys from Lego Ninjago; the toys that he has now are the villains from that computer game and animated series; he still has to look  for and collect those good Ninja-go.
lego 1
lego 6
lego 5
Imagine my excitement when I received this from Legoland Malaysia via facebook and yahoo mail.
legoland sept 1

Gabby, Tina and I became extremely thrilled when they graciously included my name in the list of media and bloggers to be invited to attend the Legoland Malaysia Media and Family day last September 1st, 2012. We’re all psyched up to troop to Johor Bahru to experience Legoland Malaysia weeks prior to its official public opening.
legoland invitation

But our attendance to the said event never happened due to unforseen and unfortunate circumstances. Nonetheless, Legoland Malaysia’s PR managers have been continuously emailing me of updates about the opening. They even invited me again for the exclusive Media event on Sept 14, Friday and to witness the public opening the following day. However, due to work commitments, I had to deny my attendance again.

Tina and I saw some maturity in our soon-to-be-8-year old son. Gabby didn’t show tantrums nor obvious upset when we had to cancel our trip to Legoland in Johor Bahru. Despite everything, he remained hopeful. He constantly says his wish outloud in  his prayers nightly, for our visit to this newest kiddie paradise-theme park that’s a first in Asia to push through.

Will Gabby’s wish be granted?


14 thoughts on “LEGO LOVE

  1. oh idk that lego has produced characters too. just showing my ignorance.

    anyway, kahit naudlot kayo sa legoland malaysia, baka sa legoland california matuloy kayo.

    1. hello maria! yes, lego has so many characters already! whenever gabby goes to the toy store to check out lego, my eyes are always on the pirates of the carribean themed lego! 😀

  2. Miss you doc!! Hanep ibang- iba na talaga ang sikat….can’t be reached ka na hehehe……sayang naman at di kayo natuloy sa legoland….but hopefully matuloy some other time….yun anak ko nagsawa na sa lego siguro weather-weather lang talaga yan hehehe……pero at least si Gabby matyaga sa lego yun anak ko wala e, binabato pag hindi mabuo hehehe…by the way galing mo na sa photography di na rin kita maabot hehehe, ganda ng close-up pics…kipitap doc!

    1. hi sardssssss!!! (pasigaw!) kamusta na po? last time i read in your blog was about your training in belgium; im sure you’re back in washington with so many kwento. papunta kami mamayang gabi sa legoland malaysia! 😉

  3. i don’t recall playing lego or even just mega blocks during my childhood but i do get to appreciate it when my niece was growing up 🙂

    happy weekend docgelo and family!

    1. understandably because you’re a girl, ms. elna. you must have devoted your playing time to dolls and whatnot.

      it’ll be a fun weekend for us in singapore and legoland malaysia! yahhhhooooo!

  4. My kids had Lego pieces in our home too. Good for those who can afford LEgo puzzles, I haven’t had the chance to play them when I was a child but I am glad that yours did, and that he is interested with these building and constructing skills. I guess he will not be a doctor, I’m guessing he wants to be an engineer! Heheheh…

  5. I believe Gabby knows you still would find time to visit Legoland eventually just as his dream of Disneyland came true! Every child (just as we did in our time) always dreams of visiting theme parks where they can see and experience favorite characters come to life.

    I enjoyed playing Lego myself back in the old days!

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