Sometime last month, I received an email from Bianca of Lagu Singapore; she introduced me to their product, Lagu – the first ever beach-friendly beach blanket that’s proudly made in the Philippines.  A few days back, I received the sample she sent for me to review.

lagu 4

Her email stated, “Every year, sands are slowly diminishing due to global climate change and rapid development along the beaches. But little did we know that we, as tourists, play a big of a role to this problem. A study in University of the Philippines said that every tourist takes away approx 3 handfuls of sand unintentionally with him!”  

lagu 1

I agree with the fact that tourists and beach goers are partly to blame with the reduction of sand volume in resorts and shorelines. It’s inevitable to leave the beach with no sand particle clinging to one’s swimsuit, footwear and towel. I am glad that something like Lagu beach blanket is now available, it’s very ideal for people who frequent the sea, worship the sun and love the life on the beach. With its special blend of fiber, it’s sand repellant, allergen free and quick-drying beach blanket.

lagu 8

And I am just proud to know it’s made in the Philippines! 😀

lagu 7

They have an office in Singapore that takes care of shipping of orders of Lagu in Malaysia. Each Lagu costs SGD29.90 and the shipping fee from Singapore to Malaysia is only SGD5.  Lagu beach-friendly beach towel is available in various colors : Verde, Naranja, Celeste, Rosa and Aquamarino.

lagu 2

8th September 2012, Saturday. Tina, Gabby and I left our place in Butterworth, Penang at 6:30AM to go to the public beach in Tajung Bungah, in the island of Penang. Our game plan :  to simply have breakfast by the sea, forget all worries, enjoy the weekend and test Lagu’s sand repelling properties. After 2 bus rides and a ferry trip, we reached Tajung Bungah’s public beach at around 8AM. Remember that the sun rises a bit late in Malaysia and apparently sets later too. We arrived so timely to delight in the sea breeze, the sand and the fresh atmosphere while the sun wasn’t shining its brightest yet. Tina and I chose a spot to lay down our Lagu beach blanket and began our Saturday beach bumming. 🙂

lagu 10
lagu 11
lagu 6

Tina prepared and cooked at home 2 Filipino favorites for us to eat by the sea – bico (glutinous rice cake) and maja blanca con mais (coconut pudding). Unusual breakfast, I know but it worked for us! 😀

lagu 9

Smiling like happy campers! 😉

gabby & tina sept 8 2012
lagu 5
tajung bungah public beach
penang beach

I nearly doze off on Lagu! When I opened my eyes, I saw and captured this…


Yes, it’s skyline meets shoreline in Penang!

What a beautiful day it was! We spent an hour on the beach and decided to leave when the sun’s already hot. We hopped on the bus from Tajung Bungah and crossed the bay again from Weld Quay in GeorgeTown and rode another bus to Butterworth from Penang Sentral. We arrived home few minutes before the strong wind and intermittent downpour at around 11AM. Weather’s too erratic! But what’s certain is the fact that we didn’t bring home a single sand particle using Lagu on the beach! 😀

lagu 3

*For more information about this Filipino product, Lagu, visit their website at  and Lagu’s facebook account via Don’t forget to tell Lagu that you read about their amazing product from Beyond Toxicity @ 😉



  1. Never thought beach-goers have that much sand as per U.P’s research although from my own experience, I always fling & swing towels and mats in a bid to get rid of sand. I’m also never comfortable going home in my sandals/slippers with sand still on them and they too get the swinging treatment.
    The product is interesting and makes me happy to see it Philippine-made!

    1. I never imagined it too, Dennis that sand is diminished by that remarkable volume whenever particles cling to beach goers’ towels, sandals and all. With Lagu, I think a small effort would do so much in preserving our shorelines. And yes, we’re all proud it’s a Filipino product! Ang husay ano?! 🙂

  2. .. interesting environment friendly product, i’ll check their website. 3 handfuls of sand? parang andai naman. 🙂

    .. i miss bico! i also eat that for breakfast when i’m home.

    1. get yourself one, rob! available sa pinas daw iyang lagu or try to email them and make an appointment when you drop by singapore soon; just my suggestion. sulit, kasi great quality talaga! i won’t endorse it if we don’t believe in it; naks! tested na namin! thumbs up, kuya! 🙂

      you want bico? i won’t promise but let’s see if tina can whip up some when you & lg visit us next year *crossing fingers & toes na matuloy*

  3. ok ang breakfast ha! gusto ko ng maja blanca! ang tagal ko na di nakakakain nyan. 🙂

    how can the towel repel sand? tunay na tunay? haha!

  4. Most beach users try to shake off the clinging sands before they leave the beach area but there are still some sands that are carried away unintentionally. I did not realize it could be as much as three handfuls per individual!
    That must be the high end of the UP study estimate or is it?

    1. i was also surprised to know the volume of sand that’s diminished per beach goer. that’s pretty remarkable, isn’t it?
      then i thought, they won’t publish the study if the facts aren’t true, right? 🙂

    1. You’re welcome, Lagu and thank you again for sending us a sample! We really appreciate it!
      And FYI, I’ve already liked Lagu’s page on fb long before I’ve done this post.
      More power to Lagu! 🙂

    1. i highly recommend lagu to those who frequent the beach, ms. elna!
      and about its weight? far better than bringing a mat or an ordinary blanket to the beach; it’s almost weightless to me!

  5. dapat me beach component na pag bumalik ako sa Penang.hehehe.Akala ko Phuket pero penang pala,and medyo okay naman pala yung sand Doc,akala ko ko borak.nyahahaha

    I want “Lagu – the first ever beach-friendly beach blanket that’s proudly made in the Philippines.” too!hahaha

    1. may burak area sa stretch ng batu ferringhi at tajung bungah. this one’s the most clean looking we spotted along the public beach in tajung bungah in the island.
      balik kayo sa penang to explore more heritage sites and tourist spots! kaya lang if you’re pinoy and of course we have high standards with beach resorts as we come from a paradise in S.E.A., you may find penang beaches mediocre. i’m not sure yet with lankawi, terranganu and the ones in sabah.

    1. lagu’s perfect beach buddy, right carla?
      even if i’m itching to throw a blog contest giveaway, i cannot!
      fyi, we’ve got no salary yet for last month’s work. but that’s another topic.
      meanwhile, let’s see if lagu can read this and sponsor something! hahaha! 🙂

  6. oo nga pala doc (i’m typing this the second time, nagkaron kasi ng error) I hope Lagu will sponsor the giveaway. Gamit na gamit namin yan dito sa Dubai dahil kabi-kabila ang beach.

    1. it is a very good find! one of the best products made in the philippines!
      i don’t usually recommend unless i’ve tried and tested it and believed in it but lagu is indeed a must-have for beach lovers!

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