A couple of weeks after enjoying Dimsum Lunch Buffet in Heichinrou, Amari Watergate Hotel in Bangkok, I brought Tina and Gabby to a simple and very quaint eatery in the heart of GeorgeTown, Penang called De Tai Tong. They serve delightful dimsums there but only for breakfast and dinner. We came at around lunch time so my wife and our son failed to sample their steamed specialties; nonetheless we’re happy to dine together under those Mid Autumn lanterns. It’s another extraordinary experience!
de tai tong 1
de tai tong 14
de tai tong 11

During Mooncake or Mid Autumn Lantern Festival, families and friends of mostly Chinese-Malaysian communities here in Penang gather around and gaze at the full moon while savoring mooncakes and other sweets. Lanterns are lighted by candles; this should be done when full moon appears in (the end of) September. A grand parade of lanterns is usually held to honor the celebration.

Mostly, dragons, phoenix and other symbolic lanterns are easily sold. Now, De Tai Tong and perhaps, other stores where you  can buy these wonderfully crafted lanterns out of colored celophanes and wires, offer other modern designs. Check out these Angry Birds, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Walt Disney characters. superheroes and robot figures…

de tai tong 10
de tai tong 13
de tai tong 3
de tai tong 6

Of all the Mid Autumn lanterns on display at De Tai Tong, this sarimanok-look-a-like lantern appeared to me as the most fantastic among other choices.
de tai tong 4

Gabby of course has his own preference. With only 15 ringgit, we allowed Gabby to choose what he fancied, bought and brought it home. He chose a fish design! Nice, isn’t it?
de tai tong 2
As she handed the box of little colored candles that came with the purchase, one of the crew demonstrated to Tina how to fold the lantern and specified where to place the small candle to make it glow. The crew was very concerned that she didn’t forget to remind us not to light the candle when wind blows on the lantern; better make sure it’s immobile and completley fixed. We’re not lighting the candle anyway for safety reasons.
de tai tong 12
On food department, here’s a rundown of what we shared that lunch time…

Crispy Noodles with seafood and veggies. Yum yum yum!
de tai tong 5

Deep Fried Chicken and Onion Rings…This one’s a killer! Sarap! Sedap!

de tai tong 9

And the classic, Yang Chow Fried Rice…

de tai tong 8

Happy diners…

tina & gab

A few weeks back, I first tried De Tai Tong at 7 in the evening before I met a fellow Filipino blogger who toured Malaysia with his wife and dropped by Penang. Because I am just killing time and was set to have dinner in other place with the tourist-couple, I opted to order dimsums and egg tarts only! Delicious!

This dimsum cart is happiness! hehehe! 😛

aunty dimsum
dimsum 2
de tai tong 7

dimsum 1

Lastly, may I commend the old lady wait staffs of De Tai Tong for their warm and friendly and customer-friendly service. One of them even cared to pour my Coke to the glass with ice herself. Now, that’s service-deluxe! 😀

De Tai Tong | 45 Lebuh Cintra, GeorgeTown 10100, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia | Tel No. : 04-263 6625 | Dimsums are only available for breakfast and dinner (after 6PM). De Tai Tong serves rice, noodle, chicken, pork and seafood dishes for lunch. 🙂



  1. crispy noodles, dimsum, egg tarts, mmm mmm mmm tlga… it’s 10pm na here at bigla po akong nagutom hehe… and i want the angry bird lantern for take away, 🙂 thanks for sharing doc! your posts are always a delight, 🙂

  2. mukhang magaling ang metabolism nyo ni tina doc. sarap ng mga fud adventure nyo, di kayo natabang dalawa 🙂

    ako maamoy ko lang ang fried fud, 2 lbs agad dagdag timbang ko.

    1. hi maria! naku matataba po kaming tatlo! malulusog! hehehe! mabuti at di gaanong nagkakasakit.
      nakakadaya siguro ang mga photos kaya tingin di kami gaanong tabachingching! 🙂

      sarap po kasing kumain! stress-buster namin!

  3. I’m reminded of some of the parols in the old days in Pinas that were illuminated with lighted candles. I wonder how many of them caused Christmas not to be merry.

        1. @pusangkalye : they’re mid autumn lanterns, anton in time for this season’s mooncake festival or mid autumn lantern festival here in malaysia.

          yay! nakapag-comment ka din dito. i’m sure wala ng problema the next time you’ll drop comment on succeeding posts. thanks! 🙂

  4. DocGelo, talagang tumulo and laway ko pag nakadalo ako dito sa blog mo. Gastronomic, as you describe it.
    I have been reading your posts, and you always find good bargains on your trips. Well planned talaga. Nice to know that I could use this in the future if ever i have the opportunity to visit SE Asia, when I retire in the next few years.

    Regards sa Mommy mo. Nakastart na kaya siya ng blog?

  5. buti hindi natutunaw yung plastic sa lantern pag nilagyan na ng kandila? 🙂

    napakacolorful ng lanterns. sarap siguro nya tingnan pag naka ilaw na lahat.

    1. despite a box of small colored candles was included in the purchase and we’re advised to light it on the end of this month when there’ll be full moon, we won’t light the mid autumn lantern. nakadisplay lang sya sa living room kasama ng mga toys ni gabby. 🙂 ..nakakatakot baka magkasunog!

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