Flashback to January of 2004, Tina and I flew to Bangkok and spent honeymoon in Amari Watergate Hotel. Nine months and few days after, Gabby was born.
Fast forward to August of 2012, we went back to Amari Watergate Bangkok with Gabby. 🙂
tina & gabby at amari watergate lobby
gelo & gabby at amari watergate bangkok august 2012
amari watergate bangkok august 2012

Weeks before we left Penang for Bangkok for a few day break, I emailed Amari Watergate to inquire about the rates of their buffet in one of their restaurants where Tina and I spent our first meals together as married couple, the Promenade. Unfortunately, the Filipino hotel staff who promptly replied to my query informed me that Promenade is closed on the dates I specified. He recommeded another restaurant in Amari Watergate that serves eat-all-you-want-lunch, the Heichinrou.

heichinrou bangkok

Located at 5th level of Amari Watergate Hotel, the Cantonese restaurant, Heichinrou that actually originated from Yokohama has been keeping its branches in Japan, Hong Kong and this one in Thailand. I was told they’re offering a Dimsum Buffet and ya ol know that eat-all-you-can dining is such a kryptonite to me and my family and dimsums are one of our favorites. So I asked Tina if she wants to try Heichinrou in Amari and with its reasonable price, we both gave it a nod!
chinese rickshaw
heichinrou bangkok, amari watergate
entrance to heichinrou
heichinrou menu
Despite the fact we failed to eat again in Promenade for the reason that they’re preparing for a reserved function that day, it was a nice coincidence that we were led to sit in Heichinrou in a table with a view overlooking Promenande, exactly the place where Tina and I had breakfast buffet 8 years ago.
overlooking promenade
We seldom engage in ala-carte-buffet where you can order all you want and everything from the menu is unlimited to your stomach’s content. 🙂 We liked it actually. We didn’t have to check the spread and queue. Time was spent in pure indulgence!

Soon after the senior staff of the restaurant handed us the menu, everything was served to our table less the dessert. I didn’t remember asking him to do it but no regrets, no complaints. We certainly loved it! 🙂
dimsum love
It wasn’t overwheling; it was lovely!
dimsum galore
We started with Sweet Corn Soup with Crabmeat. It was impressive! Thick and tasteful just like what I want in my Chinese soup. There’s generous servings of real crabmeat too! When the staff asked me if I want another serving of the soup, my knees became too weak to say no! 😀 Then we tried Steamed Barbecued Pork Bun. Delicious! We call it Asado Siopao in the Philippines!

If you must know, whenever we have buffet-dining, we rarely order drinks and frequently go for just a glass of cold water to wash everything down. We usually make sure to have less intake of sugar-rich beverages from a glass of iced tea or soda but this Heichinrou Dimsum Buffet was an exception. Gabby and I ordered Fanta Orange and thought it went well with those yummies. 😉

Steamed Spare Ribs
Fried Noodles with Shredded Chicken
unusual noodle dish
Steamed Cream Buns…
Deep Fried Spring Rolls
fried rolls
Steamed Fresh Shrimp Dumplings, Steamed Pork Crab Egg Dumplings, Steamed Bean Curd Skin Flakes with Oyster Sauce
dimsum dimsum!
The only dish that I didn’t like (Tina agreed) was the Deep Fried Taro Dumpling; it wasn’t greasy and it looked fine but it’s just me – I am biased to savoring taro as an iced pudding 🙂
taro puff

The dessert from this buffet menu set was heavenly. Deviating from the common mango and tapioca; Heichinrou Dimsum Lunch Buffet offered Chilled Sago and Cantaloupe Melon topped with Coconut Cream. I had two servings. Need I say more? 🙂
melon sago

One may find it so peculiar to enjoy dimsum in the land of Pad Thai but it’s a great breather from all street-food-and-spicy-eats. All in all, we’re delighted with Heichinrou Dimsum Buffet and it felt really wonderful going back to a place that etched a memory in us. 😉
daddy's boy heichinrou bangkok
characters! chinese characters!
gabby and tina heichinrou bangkok

*This is NOT a sponsored post. 😉 For details and contact information about Amari Watergate Hotel in Bangkok and Heichinrou, visit there website by clicking THIS!

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22 thoughts on “BANGKOK 2012 SERIES : HEICHINROU

  1. Yeah the dimsum in Thailand is something to look for, their very affordable and heavenly tasty, at dahil sa Thailand trip namin last weekend I gain 3 lbs. Looking forward to visit Bangkok Via Butterworth and Hatyai 🙂

    1. Thanks, boundfortwo! 🙂 And congratulations for gaining 3 pounds after your break in Hat Yai. It means you enjoyed a lot! 😀
      Go ahead, take the Butterworth-Hat Yai-Bangkok route! We’re definitely coming back!… gusto ko nga other parts naman ng Thailand.
      Northern perhaps, next time!

    1. Hello, Grace! Matanong ko lang po, are you sarcastic with your comment? Iyong totoo? hahaha! 😀
      ang tataba kaya naming tatlo! …para at least di halatang kulang sa budget. 😉

  2. Tina and you (with Gabby, of course) went back to Amari Watergate Hotel. Could we expect something after nine months again? Biro lang. Even with the worldwide concern for the rapid population growth, it is in my opinion, better for a family to have at least two kids.

    1. No made in Bangkok this time. Let’s see bert, if there will be Made in Penang soon. Hahaha! 🙂

      Seriously, I cannot agree more with your statement. With life’s challenges particularly in raising children, it’s wise to keep a family small and manageable. More time, more attention, more love to share. More than two children might be happier for others but admittedly, it definitely will trigger chaos particularly in rearing them, in one way or another.

  3. Doc Gelo! Thank you so much for this wonderful blog. And glad to hear you enjoyed the buffet in Heichinrou! This is Miguel Herbosa po from Amari Watergate Bangkok! And i will be posting a link to our Facebook fanpage po. Maraming Salamat ulit!

    1. hello miguel! thanks for taking the effort to comment on my blog. maraming salamat sa assistance at pagreply sa emails ko (di ko na nilagay name mo sa blog post; baka ayaw mo eh, hehehe). maraming salamat muli! 🙂

  4. hooong sarap po lahat doc!

    u already had me at ur description of the sweet corn + crabmeat soup… yum yum… 🙂

    tenks tenks po for sharing!

    and nice to reminisce where u had ur honeymoon, 🙂

    1. Amari Watergate is right across Platinum Mall and several steps away from Central World Mall in Bangkok, Rob. Ang sarap bumalik! 🙂 …Food trip tayo early next year pagbisita nyo dito. 🙂

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