lotus flowers, wat pho reclicing buddha bangkok

From Grand Palace Tina, Gabby and I walked across the street for some refreshments and late light lunch at Au Bon Pain. After which, we found our way to Wat Pho or Wat Phra Chetuphon or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha by heading left from the exit gate of Grand Palace. About 20 minutes more, a few sight seeing in the streets and two more left turns, we found ourselves inside the Wat Pho grounds paying 100 baht baht admission rate per pax.

Here are the fascinating things we saw en route to Wat Pho…
tuk tuk traffic
tourists, bangkok thailand
street scene
Something’s telling me these beautiful hats aren’t Thai. Can someone confirm? Nevertheless, seeing and appreciating those uniquely cultural products in the sidestreets have always been a part of traveling.
reason for traveling
It was definitely not a tiring walk as our eyes feasted on a variety of must-see, must-taste and must-experience.
Something to profess the faith or to welcome guests?
flowers, sampaguita, jasmine
Something to satisfy the gastronomic craving…
Something refreshing to combat the risk of dehydration under the scorching sun…
soda bottles
Then finally, Wat Pho….
gabby at the entrace
We liked the practice in Wat Pho that each visitors are given a reusable bag for free, to keep their shoes and carry it while on socks or barefooted inside the shrine. It was  absolutely different in the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Grand Palace and else where.
buddha's face in wat pho
reclining buddha

My family and I certainly saw a few images of Buddha in various positions, particularly depicting his passing to the state of Nirvana as reclining or about to sleep. We saw them in places like Burma Road in Penang, Kota Bahru in Kelantan and Hat Yai in Southern Thailand but admittedly, this one in Bangkok’s the most impressive. With its 15 meter-height and 46 meter-length, gold plated with Mother of Pearl details in its feet and eyes, it remained to be the biggest reclining Buddha image in Thailand Bangkok.
another feet shot, reclining buddha, bangkokmother of pearl
reclining buddha
the feet of reclining buddha
buddha wat pho thailand
wat pho
wat pho, bangkok
buddha, wat pho
fambam in wat pho
As I was busy snapping my camera, Gabby got a small bowl with coins and began transferring coins to every brass bowl located adjacent to one of the walls of the temple. Tina became busy too capturing the moment on video via her ipod touch. I wish I knew what and how to explain to our son the essence of such act. It appears to me as symbolism of generosity, humility and charity, doesn’t it?
coins in a bowl, wat pho
gabby, wat pho
wat pho bangkok
bowls and coins
roses, bangkok thailand
free water, wat pho
Thanks to Wat Pho’s sponsors, each tourist was provided FREE bottle of cold distilled water each before the exit.

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  1. a must see when going to bangkok, you can check this off your list.

    everytime i see a photo of the reclining buddha i am amazed and impressed. i can only imagine the magnitude of it in person.

  2. .. nung andyan ako kay daming tao at walang libreng tubig! 😀

    .. nagtaas na sila ng admission fee, it was only 50 baht when i visited late last year.

    1. baka may pista ang relihiyon nila noong nagpunta ka, o di kaya ay dagsa talaga ang turista.

      halos lahat naman ata ng presyo nagtataas. pero mura pa din sa 10 baht kumpara sa grand palace na 40 baht. ayos lang, sulit sa experience!

      1. my mistake, rob. 50 baht nga ata. at 400 baht per pax sa grand palace. one reader commented below that it’s 50 baht nga. i should have photographed the stubs for me to be reminded. hahaha! tama, 50 baht dito, 400 baht sa grand palace.

  3. The colorfull heads look like South America, right? But they’re actually Thai. Some hilltribe people in Northern Thailand wear these. Great post! But I’m surprised you paid 100 Baht admission fee? Last time I went it was 50, and that wasn’t that long ago. Are you sure 100 baht?

    1. It must have been my mistake; memory lapse, sorry. Hahaha. It must be 50 baht/pax, I think. If that’s the case, I only shelled out 150 baht for the 3 of us. Thanks! I already edited my post. I should have photographed the stubs as my reminder. 🙂

      1. Actually you were right! I went last week and they recently doubled the prices, it’s 100 Baht now! Haha, So now you gotta unedit your edit! Sorry for that 🙂
        Chiang Mai is a great place to visit, you can send me an email before you go there for some tipps 🙂

  4. It is a good policy to be provided with a plastic bag to carry your shoes with you. Sa ibang lugar mahirap mag-iwan ng sapatos sa entrance…baka lumakad mag-isa LOL.

  5. After visiting 2 reclining buddhas in Hatyai (Wat Hat Yai Nai) and Ko Yo, Songkhla (Wat Phranon Laem Pho) mukhang ito ang susunod (na adik sa buddha). Naaliw ako sa paa may toe print talaga.

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