weekly photo challenge : merge

This is my very first entry in the Weekly Photo Challenge. I finally thought of joining the league! 🙂 With this week’s theme, Merge, I am posting the photo of one of the corners of the boutique hotel room where we’re spending one of our nights here in Bangkok. The room is called Trash Chic and it merges a lot of concepts! Recycling and functionality. Innovation and creativity. Art and tourism. One of Thai artists who was commissioned to do this room among the 36 rooms in this beautiful and fascinating boutique hotel used various colored sacks of rice for the walls and upholstery for the furnitures without compromising function.

What do you think of my entry?

This is one of the 3 rooms we’re sampling in our 4D3N accomodation here in Bangkok! 😉


  1. 3 different rooms in 4 days? wow, trust docgelo to take it to the next level hehe.

    just joined this week’s photo challenge on wordpress! pero masyadong literal ang interpretation ko hahaha.

  2. Excellent entry, especially for your first challenge! It looks like you’ve been doing these for years!! I love the colors and textures and the “merging” of all the elements you mention!

  3. wo doc, bangkok naman ngayon ha! addict sa travel!

    love thai food! yung pad thai try moyung sa kalsada lang nabibili. better than those in restaurants!

    1. hi grace! naku super budget ito at holiday lang kasi sa amin. nag bus lang kaya kami from penang-hat yai-bangkok. abangan ang blog series of course!

      nag pad thai na ako, 3x na ata, sa chatuchak yung una; nasa fb ang photos.
      and you know more to come on the following posts! 🙂

  4. Beautiful photo of a really interesting subject. All hotel rooms should be Trash Chic if it would look like that!

    Welcome to the photo challenge club! This was my first ever photo challenge too.

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