Apparently, food taste, ambiance and service must be impeccable to complete either a casual or a fine dining experience. But have you ever considered the importance, or at least the impact of a decent menu to a restaurant or even to a modest eatery?

I wonder if people appreciate menu in any restaurant before savoring their orders.

Whether the menu is on a thick, laminated or fancy paper, written in chalk on a board, simple or stylish, a volume of ordinary diners are usually more concerned on what’s listed on the menu, rather than how it looks. Well, guess what? I was thinking the same way too! 😛 This was before my family and I dined at Chicago Ribs in Plaza Gurney Mall, Penang last month.

Just before heading to Hard Rock Hotel Penang to grace their invitation for a 3D2N accomodation & to sample & review their food & beverage, Tina, Gabby and I had to fill up our tummies for late lunch.  It was almost 2PM and our stomachs were all growling. Borborygmi (stomach sounds) became audible even without stethoscopes, hahaha! Tina and I wanted to grab quick bites but not from any fastfood because we had enough for that week. I suggested for us to try for the very first time, Chicago Ribs and the two loves of my life agreed.

After the wait staff handed us their menu, a very long moment of silence lorded on our table.

chicago ribs menu

Looking like a serious family of foodies here.
seriously, the menu's amazing!
menu # 1, chicago ribs
beautiful menu, chicago ribs
menu # 2 chicago ribs
me & the menu
menu # 3 chicago ribs, penang, malaysia

We liked their menu!  We also appreciate food places that offer separate menu for kids! 🙂
kids' menu, chicago ribs

With Chicago Ribs’ broadsheet-themed-menu in full and vibrant colors and written in readable fonts, it dawned on me that a restaurant menu is as essential as its contents. It seems like the most integral ingredient to any dish that any restaurant could offer. Menus are reflective of the cuisine, ambiance and overall style of the food place, thus it should be enticing enough and compelling for diners to order and order more! 😀

Enough with the cheap thoughts; let’s get down to business. Here’s another shameless display of what we wolfed down in Chicago Ribs.

beverages at chicago ribs restaurant, penang
four cheese pizza
pizza monster!
gabby loves pizza
heaven on a plate!
bacon  and burger from chicago ribs
bacon and burger platter
gabby & tina, chicago ribs, gurney drive, penang, malaysia

Tina had a gorgeous plate of seasoned salmon and coleslaw while I sampled bacon and cheese burger and onion rings; both platters were served with generous amount of french fries. Our little prince enjoyed his four-cheese-pizza; Gabby’s a purist when it comes to one of his favorite junk foods, he doesn’t want any toppings on his pizza. Over all, we’re satiated and satisfied with our orders. But where’s the ribs? The name of this American restaurant and its fantastic menu boast of Chicago Pork Ribs! We should have tried either their ribs or steaks. Perhaps, next time! 😉


  1. Yummy.

    Very creative presentation of menu. This made me remember the heavy leathered menu (sort of wedding album) I encountered in Calapan Mindoro a decade ago. An extra mile service (in this case, menu presentation) is always unforgettable.

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