Where is this galaxy?” -asked by one of my distant relatives whose humor never fails immediately after I posted this photo on facebook as one of my teasers for my blog series on Singapore, that includes the majestic, Marina Bay Sands. Its laser lights and fireworks show was watched in awe and candidly captured from the 63rd floor of the newest bar in Singapore called, 1-Altitude. I must say, the efforts were worth it!!! More photos on succeeding blog posts! 🙂

No, I have not experienced yet the luxurious accomodation at Marina Bay Sands nonetheless, I had an incredibly awesome time at its foot and on its crown. 🙂

When I learned that I was one of those International bloggers from Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines who was fortunately invited to attend the Singapore Blog Awards on a sponsored 3D2N accomodation on the 3rd week of July, 2012, I told myself I had to maximize my second visit to the Lion City.  I did some planning, conversed online with few of my Singapore-based friends and decided to see Harry Potter : The Exhibition at ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands.

I purchased my ticket online and opted to collect it via the counter an hour prior to schedule. Since I’m going to Marina Bay Sands, I thought of going up the Sands Skypark Public Observation Deck on the 57th storey as well. I emailed MBS if I could bring my camera to the HP Exhibit and to the Skypark but I had to observe the strict rules of the ArtScience Museum where HP Exhibit is ongoing. Thankfully, luck was on my side when Ms. Philicia, the Social Media Officer of MBS replied to me in a blink via email and offered an escorted tour to the Skypark Public Observation Deck for FREE and to provide me of official photos of Harry Potter the Exhibition from Warner Brothers given to media when it was launched sometime in May. They granted me Property License too to take photos at the Sands Skypark thus, I cannot be grateful enough. Excitement heightened as day went by. 😀

As I became so thrilled like a kid and feared being late, I left my hotel at 7AM on that Friday morning, 20 July 2012 and reached Marina Bay Sands less than an hour later via the ever reliable, fast and efficient Singapore MRT. Marina Bay Sands is practically accessible by hopping off Bayfront MRT Station. 😉 With only limited budget at hand, I chose to eat my first meal of the day at Rasapura Masters at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, one of the excellent food finds at the food court in Marina Bay Sands. I had the most beautiful and tasteful dim sums for breakfast! Yum!!! 😀

Since I arrived early at MBS and my schedule for Harry Potter : The Exhibition was 11AM-11:59AM, and the time set for me to go up at MBS Skypark Public Observation Deck was 12:15PM-1PM, I killed time productively by cam-whoring  in and out of Marina Bay Sands. I had so much FUN!!! 😛

Singapore Skyline taken from the ground near ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands

Apparently on my smile, I am a huge fan myself of the Harry Potter movie series. I watched all films with Tina and Gabby.

For a complete experience, I also pre-purchased an audio guide online making my Harry Potter : The Exhibition ticket amounting to Sg$30 nett. The non-tech-savvy in me was expecting a headset or at least a pair of earphones but to my amazement, I was only provided by something that looks like a TV-remote control. I was instructed to look at the number that appears per exhibit display, then to press the audio set and put it on my ear; it’s so cool for it to have strings attached to my neck; very handy whenever I want to listen to the details and trivia regarding the costumes, artifacts and props used in the Harry Potter movie series.

Because photography and video recording are not allowed inside the museum, I’m still thankful Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Museum via Ms. Philicia Tan, provided me some pieces of official photos of the exhibit from Warner Brothers. If you really dig Harry Potter movies and/or novels, seeing their costumes and props used in the movies is indeed terribly wonderful! It felt like stepping into the exact scenes and being with the characters and absorbing the story. Every detail of the clothes they wore and all the artifacts tell a story, a symbolism that’s fascinating.

My most favorite section of the exhibit is the room where Quidditch uniforms are featured. It took me several minutes staring at the costumes as I was imagining Gabby and I wearing those knee and elbow pads and those ultra cool gears! Incredibly awesome!!! 😀

Costumes worn during a Quidditch™ match
Buckbeak™ the Hippogriff as seen in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban™
The school uniform worn by Harry Potter as seen in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix™.
Recreation of Hagrid’s hut
Harry Potter’s eyeglasses, Hogwarts™ acceptance letter, the Marauder’s Map and his wand.
Pull your own Mandrake in the Herbology vignette
Harry Potter™ and Ron Weasley™ costumes and artifacts that appeared throughout the Harry Potter films
Tri-Wizard Cup as seen in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire™

I felt I must not leave the Harry Potter Exhibition without a single souvenir other than my photos just to remember that remarkable experience. And because I cannot afford the wands that cost Sg$ 75 and up, I happily settled with this movie poster taken from Prisoner of Azkaban that says, Undesirable # 1. Symbolic to me; like Harry Potter became what the poster described him to be, I believe we do not exist to please anybody. So it doesn’t matter to me whether people like me or not. It’s their problem, not mine. Oops, I digress. *wink*

Harry Potter: The Exhibition at the ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore runs from June 2, 2012 to September 30, 2012. Visit Marina Bay Sands website for details and ticket purchases @

Blessings and opportunities were pouring in that moment as Ms. Philicia invited me to experience the other exhibit at ArtScience Museum, MBS; Andy Warhol : 15 Minutes Eternal… Who am I to say no when a media pass was generously given? Thank you so much!!! I enjoyed it too! 😀

Andy Warhol : 15 Minutes Eternal, Exhibition Entrance
Early years, Folding Screen
The Factory Years, Campbell Soup Series
Exposures, Sunset and Flowers
Early Years, Gold Leaf Shoe
The Factory Years, Death and Disaster series with Jackie Kennedy
The Factory Years, Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe
The Factory Years, Silver Clouds

Andy Warhol:  15 Minutes Eternal at ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore runs from March 17, 2012 to October 21, 2012 (Extended). Visit Marina Bay Sands website for details and ticket purchases @

For the list of Andy Warhol programs/workshops visit

Right after I saw Harry Potter the Exhibition and before I was immersed in the creativity of Andy Warhol, I met Ms. Philicia at Tower 3 of MBS Hotel and she escorted me to the SkyPark Public Observation Deck for FREE! Words are not enough to thank Marina Bay Sands, ArtScience Museum and Ms. Philicia Tan for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! 😀

Some interesting and fascinating facts about Marina Bay Sands and The Sands SkyPark :

  • “The hotel has sloping towers and straight legs connected at Level 23 to form a single building. In hotel Tower 1, the slope is as steep as 26 degrees, making it one of the most complex hotels ever built.
  • During its construction phase, Marina Bay Sands built one new hotel floor every four days, the fastest pace ever for a development of this scale in Singapore.
  • The Sands SkyPark  :
  • It’s an architectural masterpiece sitting on top of the three hotel towers at Marina Bay Sands. This 1.2 hectare tropical oasis is longer than Eiffel Tower is tall and large enough to park four-and-a-half-A380 jumbo jets.
  • It’s built at the height of 200 meters.
  • Its lush landscaped gardens are home to 250 trees and 650 plants.
  • It offers  a total of 12,400 square meters of space – big enough to fit three football fields.
  • It houses MBS’ acclaimed restaurants that include Sky on 57, KU DE TA, The Club at Marina Bay Sands that offers and indulgen Chocolate Bar concept that is opened to the public.
  • Hotel guests have the exclusive use of a 150-meter infinity swimming pool, the world’s largest outdoor pool at that height.” -Sourced from MBS Fact Sheet provided to media.

Here are my humble captures of the Singapore Skyline viewed from Marina Bay Sands Skypark Public Observation Deck. My photos don’t do justice to the spectacular views of the Lion City, nevertheless, enjoy!!! 😀

*Special thanks goes to Ms. Philicia Tan, Social Media Officer | Communications, Marina Bay Sands. Thank you to Marina Bay Sands, Sands SkyPark Public Observation Deck and ArtScience Museum. MBS is totally one of the reasons to visit & revisit Singapore! 😀


  1. im also huge fan of harry potter before kaso yung iba na andun d ko na matandaan hahaha…la na nakalimutan ko n yung iba dun kaya panonoorin ko uli….lucky u nung nagpunta ka sa marina at sa harry potter konti ata tao kasi kanina went there hindi ako makakuha ng picture n solo pic n ako lang puro madami kasama ko s mga pics…bought the souvenir picture ngayon pag uwi ko p lang na realize 600 + pala yung isang pic n yun …ang mahal …well nabayaran na sya…doc ang gaganda ng mga kuha mong mga pics ..galing mo kumuha ng mga magagandang angulo while me hahaha trying hard

    1. hi aileen! i had the chance to savor the facade of the exhibit because it was a friday morning when i came there. so medyo wala pang tao o kaunti pa lang kasi maaga pa, 11am. 10 ang first entry, right?
      i got excited to complete this post that features my experience in harry potter the exhibition when you “checked in” at artscience museum via facebook. i suddenly felt the urgency to finish the post as it’s long over due for MBS. hehehe.
      did you like the exhibit? i extremely did! (fanatic ako e! hehe!) …mahal noong photo, hindi ako nagpakuha. sana ok kuha sa yo para worth it yung price. anyway, to me the experience was incomparable (to others, it’s boring because they’re not a fan at all; to each his own).

      thanks for the compliment! i still admit i don’t know anything technical about photography. i want to study but time and chance (and budget) limit me for now.
      salamat for dropping by and leaving a comment! really appreciate it. 🙂

  2. U did very well w the pics! My review of my stay is not up yet, and i better finish the posts for the SBA first! LOL.
    Hahah.. realized u mentioned limited quite a lot there, Pg is such a cheap city compared to KL I tell u!

    1. thanks, becky! i’m done with the posts for singapore sponsors and am just waiting for tripadvisor to publish my review.
      so you did count the number of times i used the word, limited. hahaha! because i am so limited! there, that should be added! hahaha!

      ps : yes, we’ve been to kl a few times already and it is an expensive city compared to penang. malaysia’s capital is busier too compared to penang which has more relaxed atmosphere.

    1. oo naman, sheng! di naman kailangan visa sa singapore kasi asean tayo and the lion city’s very accessible from the philippines, so anytime, it’s good to go.

    1. thanks, marian!
      yup, singapore, particularly marina bay sands and its area are a must-visit!
      we’re luck that we need no visa to go there as part of asean. i’ll never get tired of going back to singapore. i wish i could bring tina and gabby too for them to revisit the lion city and surely, together we’ll visit marina bay sands again!

    1. it is incredibly stunning! my photos don’t give justice actually.
      you can afford to stay even for a week at marina bay sands.
      let me know if you need travel buddies in singapore. i can make our schedules free, hehehe! 😀
      i somehow know now the ins and outs of the city particularly the use of their very efficient and reliable MRT and buses.

      1. .. well i’m already thrilled just looking at the pictures of that architectural wonder. a week?! i’m planning one day! hehe. i should save some money to make that possible and maybe prioritize sg (and penang again?) to be visited next year with you and lg.

        1. drop by penang (if and when we’re still here, hahaha!) and revisit georgetown once more. tapos samahan ka namin sa sg? hahaha! you budget can stretch the vast diameter of sands skypark. c’mmon! 🙂

  3. I was thinking of staying at the Marina when I visited Singapore but it’s just way too pricey – so I also just had the tour at the Skypark. The pool truly has the most stunning location anywhere. It’s even better I suppose to take a dip there during sunrise or sunset when hopefully it’s less crowded.

    1. i can just imagine how magnificent the sunset scene from sands skypark.
      there’s always a next time. 🙂

      i also dream of dining with my family and closest friends at mario batalli and wolfgang puck’s restaurant at the shoppes at marina bay sands. *wishful thinking*

  4. It’s really an amazing experience being at Marina bay even for a night only, had it last November 17, 2011. I will never forget the accomodating staff and hotel personnel I met. Thanks, Marina bay!

  5. Doc gelo you know what your picture number 6…i have a similar shot as in but not in black and white… 🙂
    More power 🙂 and will keep visiting your blog

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