20 July 2012. Friday. Singapore | Bloggers from Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines were invited to join the bloggers in Singapore to grace one of Asia’s biggest and most prestigious blogging events –The 2012 Singapore Blog Awards! I am thankful that I’m one of those fortunate bloggers who had the chance to spend the weekend in the Lion City and meet International bloggers from neighboring countries. It only felt a little weird to me as a Filipino, since my current address is Penang, thus my name was listed under Malaysia. Nonetheless, I know it’s a pleasure and honor to somehow, represent two countries in this one happy bloggers’ meet. The bloggers’ generous sponsors were The 2012 Singapore Blog Awards, OMY.Sg, Far East Hospitality Hotels and Singapore Food Trail at The Singapore Flyer.

I immensely enjoyed my 3D2N stay in one of the Club Rooms of OASIA Hotel Singapore, the breakfast meals, lunch at Zaffron & all the perks in Oasia’s The Living Room. Everything seemed perfect except my family, Tina and Gabby were left in Penang. 😦 Oh well, that’s another reason to head back to this beautiful city and stay again at one of Far East Hospitality hotels, like what we did on our very first trip to Singapore back in 2011 at QUINCY HOTEL.


After a hassle-free check in at OASIA HOTEL SINGAPORE, I hopped on the shuttle service they provided and we picked up other bloggers from the other hotels manned by Far East Hospitality. The group of International bloggers were clustered into 2; I belonged to the Orchard Parade cluster. We were brought to the Landmark Village Hotel for the Welcome Dinner they prepared.

Short but sweet messages were uttered by representatives of OMY.SG/Singapore Blog Awards and Far East Hospitality Hotels. After which, the simple but engaging party for all the bloggers kicked off. There were tasteful dishes on the buffet spread, free-flowing cocktails, even durian and coconuts were offered. Ladies and those few interested guys had their skin inked with henna for FREE and I myself with the others had fun posing for about 15 minutes as Idris, the great artist from Maya Gallery Singapore did portrait sketches for FREE; it also came with a Sg$ 5 discount voucher to less from the actual price of Sg$30/sketch.  I was lucky to have it at no cost. It was truly a lovely evening!

FAR EAST HOSPITALITY HOTELS TOUR for the Bloggers 20-21, July 2012

One of the highlights of this Singapore Blog Awards weekend was the hotel tour provided to us by Far East Hospitality Hotels & Residences. I enjoyed it a lot for I know not everyone is given a chance to peek at hotel rooms and amenities unless you’re a student taking the college course, Hotel & Restaurant Management, is it not? And so, I lived that moment and felt like one. 😀


“Situated right in the heart of the town, the 393-room Landmark Village Hotel offers convenience and easy accessibility to business hubs such as the prominent Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre and Central Business District. With the addition of the new Premier Rooms from July 2012, guests can expect refreshing contemporary design, modern furnishings, a recliner armchair, open-concept wardrobe and an indulgent rain-shower experience in a stylish bathroom.  Landmark Village Hotel is only a 5-minute walk to Bugis MRT Station,  5-minute walk to Arab Street, Kampong Glam and Bugis Village. It offers wireless broadband internet access and  cable TV.”


“Right at the doorway of the famed lifestyle haven of Orchard Road is Orchard Parade Hotel, where a myriad of retail options promises a dream shopping spree. Find that much needed rest in our warmly-lit guestrooms, all 388 of them, complete with discreet hospitality. The ample culinary choices, from Italian to modern Asian, American and Japanese cuisines will make even the most discerning diner smile. Alternatively, you can choose to unwind in the tranquility of the Lobby Bar at the end of a hectic day. Orchard Parade Hotel offers Wireless Broadband Internet access and Cable TV.”

QUINCY HOTEL  (In as much as I like OASIA and savored my stay there, Quincy’s my first love. Indeed, first love never dies! LOL!) I love Quincy. My family loves Quincy. End of story. 🙂

“Located in the charming enclave of the prime Orchard district, the 108-room Quincy Hotel provides urbane business and leisure travellers the utmost privacy and exclusivity. Departing from the norm with its distinctive façade, the hotel’s bold colour palette of anodized steel and shimmering modular windows sets it apart from its neighbours and impresses you from the moment you arrive. It’s 5-minute walk to Orchard Road • 7-minute walk to Orchard MRT • 10-minute cab ride to Central Business District • Offers Wireless Broadband Internet access • Shuttle service to Paragon and Orchard MRT • Cable TV.”


“Enter a world of modern chandeliers, black marble counters accentuated by warm-back lights and inviting smiles. Throughout its interiors, fittings and service, The Elizabeth Hotel exudes an understated beauty that can be best described as timeless elegance. Situated in the private and exclusive enclave on Mount Elizabeth, the 256-room hotel is within easy access to one of the world’s most famous streets – Orchard Road. It is truly a preferred choice for both business and leisure travellers alike. It’s a 5-minute walk to Orchard Road • 7-minute walk to Orchard MRT • 10-minute drive to Central Business District • Offers Wireless Broadband Internet access • Shuttle service to Paragon and Orchard MRT • Cable TV.”

Although Far East Hospitality Hotels and Residences have more properties to their name, our group only visited Landmark Village Hotel, Orchard Parade Hotel, Quincy Hotel, Elizabeth Hotel and certainly not the least, our cluster’s last stop for that exclusive 2 and a half hour hotel tour was my residence for that weekend in Singapore, OASIA HOTEL SINGAPORE. Okay, C’mmon, I love Quincy and it’s my family’s first love too, but OASIA HOTEL SINGAPORE cannot be far behind as my runner up ONLY BECAUSE WE FELL IN LOVE with QUINCY FIRST. That simple. I’m personally impressed with all Far East Hospitality Hotels we visited but I personally love both Quincy and Oasia hotels and cannot wait until my family and I revisit and relive the experiences. *crossed fingers*

“Inspired by the self-renewing elements of nature, Oasia Hotel Singapore presents a completely new experience in the charming enclave of the prime Novena district. The 428-room hotel offers a convenience and accessibility that is catered to the requirements and demands of today’s traveller. Elegant and comfortable, the rooms give a liberating sense of space, where palettes of natural colours are infused with unique Asian touches. Kick back and relax with each sensory detail carefully refined to be just right for you. •Oasia is a 5-minute walk to Novena MRT Station • 2 MRT stations away from Orchard MRT. Close proximity to Singapore’s premier Medical Hub • 5-minute walk to NovenaSquare Velocity and Square 2 • Offers Wireless Broadband Internet access • Cable TV.”

So glad to see beautiful staff. 2/3 Filipinas. 🙂

Thank you OASIA & QUINCY for all these goodies!

After that incredibly unique experience of hotel-hopping, the 2 clusters of International bloggers with our Singaporean blogger-hosts were all treated to a very tasteful lunch in ZAFFRON at the lobby area of Oasia (blog post HERE!). An hour of lunch after, we hopped into the shuttle vans and we’re brought to Singapore Food Trail at Singapore Flyer, the venue of the 2012 Singapore Blog Awards. I brought my camera with me, kept my excitement on my pockets and wore my rockstar shoes on my feet! 😀


For this year, Singapore Blog Awards opted to be more quirky and fun-loving by having a Superhero-themed event. And man, we’re all amazed by what we saw!

photo sourced from omy.sg
Best Blogger in Costume went to Noks from the Philippines. And my personal award for Best Singaporean-Blogger Host went to Mag, hands down!!! 😉 I’ll hunt for you whenever we get a chance to go back to Singapore, Mag! It’s a threat, err, a promise! 😀

Physically present in Singapore but mentally absent for I was thinking of my family in Penang –Cest La vie! Or the snobbish look is just so natural!!! #tulala,  LOL! *photo sourced from omy.sg

AWOOOOOOOOOHHHH! Ahmm, wait, I thought it’s Superhero-themed? *kidding*
In character si Ate!!! Scary! LOL! 😛
If this was Olympics, this was the delegations from the Philippines!!! hehehe! (L-R) Brenna, KC, Noks in Joker, Me & Aleah. I had fun with all of them actually!

Joker won an overnight stay in Oasia! You go, Noks! 😀

Then the blog awards went so smoothly and quick; I didn’t expected it to finish in 1PM-3PM! Wonderfully staged, never boring. (Please see list of winners HERE!!!) Special greetings of congratulations goes out to Willy Wah who’s one of those who took home a trophy! Had it not for him, I would not know of this SBA2012! Moving on, we got our FREE tickets to ride The Singapore Flyer, yeeeehaa! 😀

And up we went! More photos on succeeding posts!



Special thanks goes to Ericia Li of Far East Hospitality, Alvin and Janet of OMY.Sg, Mag who was our warmest Singaporean-blogger host, the people of Singapore Blog Awards and of course, my host hotel, OASIA HOTEL SINGAPORE | 8 Sinaran Drive, Singapore 307470 | Tel +65 6664 0333 | Fax +65 6664 0300 | Email : info@oasiahotel.com | www.oasiahotel.com

Do check out PROMOTIONS from OASIA and the other premiere hotels of Far East Hospitality Group


*Thank you OASIA Hotel Singapore, Far East Hospitality Hotels, Singapore Blog Awards 2012 and OMY.Sg for making this wonderful experience possible

Beyond Toxicity @ docgelo.com presents Singapore series 2012 :



  1. wow….awards night dito, awards night doon! ibang level ka na talaga doc gelo! haha! 🙂

    ganda ng portrait mo doc! ikaw na ikaw.! :0 inggit ako, di ako nakasakay ng singapore flyer. 🙂

    1. yabang ko, libre lang naman ang ride namin sa flyer, hahaha! ang saya kasi almost 30 min lang sya at marahan lang naman ang ikot, di mo madama. 28 pax per capsule, malaki! mukhang isang classroom, then pwede pa dinner or special event like wedding proposal or anniv (nagpromote na ako!)

  2. awesome post and thank you so much for the best singaporean host award, i would like to take this opportunity to thank Doc Gelo aka the brother, the twinnie for this lovely award. I would also like to thank my father, my mother, Dom… blah blahhhh… LOL just kiddingggg… awesome post! i am still doing the pics for mine! goodnesssss… lol omy is gona kill me.

  3. I was looking for familiar faces besides yours (of course hehe!) in your photo spread but I can’t seem to recognize any of the bloggers I read from the Philippines.
    Was this was an all-expense paid trip?

    1. hi dennis! only meals and hotel accomodation were covered.
      i had to pay for my own flight and other expenses. i gave it a go signal because i chanced upon a seat sale via air asia from pen-sg and back.
      i can highly recommend to you far east hospitality hotels the next time you visit singapore. not just because they sponsored me (and the other asian bloggers) but i really love quincy and oasia. they’ve excellent service, outstanding amenities and whatnot. 😀

    1. hello mas shaari,
      i’m glad you found my website. i’ve been so busy lately that i forgot to notify you about this blog post.
      please extend my thanks and warm regards to mr. idris who did the portrait; was indeed awesome!

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