15th July 2012, Sunday. My one and only mom, Mamy Tessie, officially turned sixty. And I can almost hear her voice reverberating on my ears why do I need to broadcast to the entire universe that she had already stepped into the world of senior citizenship!  The answer is plain and simple.

I’m proud of her years.

I may not be that expressive and showy but I know she knows and she feels how I love her so. Despite our love-hate-kill-me-relationship, we remain mother-and-son and nothing and no one could ever change that. No matter what situation we’re in now, my family and I greatly owe our beings to our mom and her unparalleled efforts (read: mala-Maalaala Mo Kaya episodes) in what she (and my dad have) has been through in raising us all.

To celebrate her memorable years and to usher her into another life beyond her present age, we had random talks on how she should observe her natal day at 60.  We’ve thought of going to a nearby island resort within Penang Island, spending weekend in Cameron Highlands, a whole day in a spa, and even a swift visit to Melaka but everything was put aside when she chose to spend the day with Gabby in a happy kiddie place within a beach front premiere hotel here in Penang. She opted to celebrate her 60 years in Golden Sands Resort by Shangri La which was one of my recommendations, to sample the buffet spread in Garden Cafe of the same hotel resort because what comes with a Sunday brunch is a FREE admission to Adventure Zone, the hotel’s kiddie paradise. She was thinking of Gabby instead of herself. Too bad that Tina failed to join us for some reason.

Although this is not a sponsored post and considering the fact that I only did the usual reservation to the Sunday brunch online and never did an actual arrangement whatsoever, the staff of Golden Sands Resort’s Garden Cafe were so generous in providing Mamy Tessie a surprise birthday cake! Thank you, Garden Cafe! While the cake was expectedly delicious, that gesture was the sweetest! 😀 Special thanks goes to Mr. Mohamad Subri Bin Hashim, the Service Manager of Garden Cafe, his staff and to Ms. Norashidah Hussain, the Restaurant Marketing Manager who noted my reservation. Hats off to your good service!

We love the lunch spread because we got to savor some Western dishes, some local Malay cuisines and yes, desserts! The price was reasonable too and their biggest plus  was the FREE admission to Adventure Zone much to Gabby’s (and my) excitement!

A short walk from the Garden Cafe at the lobby of the hotel to its poolside led us to an air-conditioned-kiddie-fun-place, Adventure Zone…

Kids rule in Adventure Zone!

Meet Gabby’s cute playmates : Jerry and Jack, the twins from Hong Kong and the children from Sydney -George, Spencer, Jessica and Alex…

George and Jessica playing Wii…

Then George and Jessica were kind enough to let Gabby played Wii after them…

Jerry and Spencer…

Spencer solo…

These kids were simply adorable!

Adventure Zone isn’t only a kiddie colorful playplace but serves as a venue for functions too. Imagine your kids’ celebrating birthday parties, baptism or dedication, or even a simple and intimate get-together with your love ones inside one of these rooms; I bet that’ll be nothing but fun!

I like the Pirate Room the best…

I love its whimsical atmosphere particularly this corner…

Can’t help but to have pictures taken for posterity, hahaha!


We also spent few minutes inside the small room called, Circus where the birthday girl assumed the role of the carnival queen for my cam. 🙂

However, I’m still biased with the Pirate Room.  And you?

We went down for Gabby to try the giant colorful slide…

But wait, the birthday girl also wanted to enjoy the slide! 😛 Seriously, Before I get to say anything, I saw my mom and Gabby already on their way up to the slide. Mamy took the risk of sliding down those rainbow-colored fun just to be with her grandson and perhaps to make her day more memorable?! 😀 On the more serious note, Gabby accidentally pulled the sack and hit his right ear with the edge of the slide. He was teary eyed and in pain upon reaching the ground. Thank God he had no serious injury. The crew of Adventure Zone went to us hurriedly to check on Gabby but I told her everything’s OK.

Outside Adventure Zone is another area for a different high. It’s called the Segway. However, we didn’t try it since Gabby’s right ear was still aching. It seems a another must-experience in Golden Sands Resort…

Few steps away from the Adventure Zone is already the public beach…

I had my mom posed with the best background…Mother Nature that is! What were you thinking? 😉

Despite we had a very relaxing beach atmosphere at Golden Sands Resort in Batu Ferringhi, I must state the Philippines still have the most pristine shores. Well, we haven’t brought our feet to Maldives yet.

I tell you, Filipinos have high standards when it comes to resorts and beaches; we can easily spot what’s best from mediocre and something in between. You cannot blame us, we have 7,107 islands back home. Tee-hee! 🙂

While Gabby was busy making his Mr.Crab-inspired sand creations,

I was snapping few photos of a snake charmer doing good business, este throwing a show-stopping-performance with his rattle snake & cobra with a Caucassian family who soaked under the sun near where we sat. My attention was called by the snake charmer for I was capturing his acts for free. I understand him fully because nobody works these days for free except for charity, of course! Nonetheless, the moment was seized in my lens, hahaha! Sorry!

There were watersports like banana boat ride, parasailing, jet skiing along Batu Ferringhi with legit operators however I find them costly. Imagine a jet ski for RM70 (US$ 22) for only 15 minutes (but then again, Batu Ferringhi is one of the most frequented tourist spots in Penang). At dusk, the sides of the road instantly transforms into a night bazaar. While it might not be the best beach in the world, to us, it’s already a great escape from our routinary lives.

At least, my mom’s happy! 😀

I asked Mamy Tessie to assume this pose of leaning her head towards the back rest before I snap my last photo of her in the resort because I simply wanted her to feel and look what she truly deserves at her age now. She has been working for all of us, her family all her life and so I wanted her to be relaxed as much as possible but it still seems to be a luxury to her. I just hope and pray that time will come soon for my mom to be worry-free and have nothing but peace of mind. So help us, God! 🙂

At around 4:30PM, we collected the cake that Garden Cafe gave Mamy and left the Golden Sands Resort by Shangri La, Penang with varied and joyful memories to cherish.

Happy 60th Birthday, Mamy! Welcome to your senior citizenship! Enjoy the benefits, hehehe!

PS : To my dad and brothers back home, maraming salamat sa padala nyo kay Mamy. To our relatives in Abu Dhabi,  thank you for the flowers; you certainly know Mamita loves those blooms and chocolates! 😀



  1. kudos for making your mom’s 60th b/day really memorable. i really love her smiles. she appears to be really happy. para silang pinagbiyak na bunga ni gabby.

    again, happy b/day po.

  2. You really know how to make your mom very happy on her birthday. She’s lovely, she doesn’t even look like her age. I salute her more for even thinking of Gabby’s interest in choosing a kid-friendly venue for her celebration.

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