In case you’re wondering why Gabby and I are continuously gaining weight, the following photos are a few proofs of Tina’s home cooked meals that we share here in Penang; this set of pictures simply justifies everything. Happy eating! 😉

*The yang chow fried rice and everything in this post were made from scratch by Tina except those siomai toppings; although she also prepares, steams and fries dim sums once in a while.


  1. I wish my husband could write about my cooking too, however, I am not really expecting him to do it, let alone take pictures of what I have prepared. His gustatory satisfaction is not on the way my food was prepared but how it ends up in his tummy. LOL

    You must be so proud of Tina.

  2. ay grabe!!! ang dami naman niya alam lutuin! (ako hotdog lang hehe). isa lang masasabi ko sa inyo ni gaby: SWERTE!!

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