9th June 2012, Saturday. If  you must know, Gabby already joined an educational trip back home when he’s still in his pre-school years, so this one’s his second but his very first in Penang. Despite the fact that I have already been to the itineraries before, Tina and I made sure that we attend to our son’s because it’s one way of spending quality time with him. It wasn’t only Gabby and his schoolmates, a few parents and teachers who enjoyed their field trip; Tina, my mom and I also had fun! Oh, yes, the entire family was there! It was an absolute breather from our routinary work-home-work-home-life during weekdays and there’s no brighter day than seeing our child happy. Moments like this are non-negotiable.

Everyday, there’s a ton of things to be grateful for. The weather’s fine and we received little acts of generosity from people who have a ready hand even without asking. We didn’t need to call a cab to transport us from our place to Gabby’s school as both his school’s Principal and his service van driver offered to pick us up. The day was too perfect to start by breakfast in one of our favorite food places, Old Town. After filling in our tummies, we took few steps towards Gabby’s school and hopped on the tourist bus.

There were two itineraries for this field trip : The Penang State Museum and Fort Cornwallis. I have been to these places before but not with Tina and Gabby. Going back to places rich in heritage, history and cultures with family and schoolmates is definitely a learning experience. And as for Gabby and the other kids, they were given a task to complete before lunch; answers to the questions on the “quiz” provided can be all found inside the museum. Hats off to Principal Jasmine for doing such! 😀 Going through the display in the museum became twice the fun!


A lot of things in this two-level museum can easily fascinate anyone. Although it’s filled with things that Malays, Chinese and Indians of Malaysia’s history used in ages, present generation including our kids can relate to them. Case in point, those luggages and trishaws for traveling, and children realized without saying that their tablets, smart phones and other gadgets would have not been brought to market if these things of the past had not been used.

TYPE ko ito, what about you?

It also houses a modest but beautiful collection of art pieces…

In the Peranakan or Straits Chinese chamber, one of the highlights is an intricately designed Wedding Bed…

And an authentic photo of a Peranakan couple taken on the day they tied the knot…

The Penang State Museum also has interactive sections that Gabby and Tina tried…While watching them play congkak or what we call back home as sungka, it made me wonder how many children nowadays still know how to play or at least, care to learn these games amidst online games and applications available now?

Photo-ops is a must in a field trip…

The group proceeded to Fort Cornwallis, in Esplanade, Penang; it’s the largest standing fort in the entire Malaysia.

If you’re Filipino or someone who has gone to Manila, this would make you feel like it’s Fort Santiago, although I would proudly state that the forts in the Philippines are far better built and preserved.

History and Wikipedia stated that Sir Francis Light initially took possession of Penang Island from Kedah and built the original fort. At present, his monument stands proud near the gates of Fort Cornwallis. The fort is one of the favorite tourist spots in George Town, it’s also used as a venue for cultural shows, and a park where most prenuptial photos here have been taken…

On a much lighter note, Fort Cornwallis became my family’s venue for kulitan (*insert english translation here*…google it if you please)…

When the clock turned into lunch time, we all had to go back to the tourist bus and head back to the mainland to wolf down one of those kiddies’ favorites, McDonald’s…

Because of work (for Tina and me) and school (for Gabby) during weekdays, we only get to spend more quality hours together as a family every weekends, so activities like this that promote family bonding, learning and fun are always welcome! It’s always a priceless treat! 😀

How was your weekend, everyone?


6 thoughts on “A DAY AT THE MUSEUM

    1. tumpak! parang fort santiago ang fort cornwallis pero mas maganda dyan sa atin (just being honest)

      i also like going to museum, heritage mansions and parks specially if admission rates are minimal or best, if it’s free, hehehe! 😀

  1. I remember always looking forward to field trips when I was in elementary & high school – the curious minds of younger ones are always searching for new things to learn outside the classrooms. It’s even better in your case, you incorporate family time with Gabby’s school field trip. That’s priceless!

    1. perhaps, your interest and passion in traveling and exlporing places, cultures and people rooted from your fascination to educational field trips during your years, am i correct?

      if so, you really had great exposures that time that you decided to traveled the world now. 🙂

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