To some extent, I do like Taiwanese foods! I remember during my Med school days, I and my closest friends would go to this ordinary Taiwanese restaurant in front of our school that’s manned by a husband-and-wife-tandem who are both chinky eyed. Must be Taiwanese. I didn’t really care, what mattered most then were the delicious dishes they personally prepare once you order. That restaurant must have been one of our favorites during those days. I used to order a plateful of Shrimp Fried Rice and can finish it to its last bits.

Did the title of this post make you think I brought my feet and my family to a holiday in Taiwan? I wish. Hahaha! 😛 I just wanted to post how my taste buds reunited with a remarkable Taiwanese meal last month. I had to go to the island to run an errand for Tina and because I was caught up near dinner time, I decided to eat before heading home. I didn’t rush and had the luxury of choosing a decent dish that fitted my budget and satisfied my cravings.

At the ground floor of one of the premiere malls in the province  state of Penang, I was lured by this hole-in-the-wall-Taiwanese restaurant called, 600cc in Gurney Mall. I could have opted for a big bowl of Taiwanese beef noodle but ended up happily with this combo-meal…

Prosperity Deep Fried Platter Rice + Soup & Red Milk Tea =RM18.90 (USD =5.97 or PhP 264).

After I downed the platter, I remember I’m still in Penang and have not gone to Taiwan.  And you?


6 thoughts on “TO TAIWAN AND BACK

  1. Buti hindi po nagtampo si Ms. Tina nu’ng nalamang kumain na po kayo sa labas (baka may iniluto na siyang kare-kare), lalo hindi pa sila kasama ni Gab. But you did take some bits of Taiwan for them, right?

    (Cravings! Last night I went to two different restaurants ‘coz I was craving for terriyaki chicken; I find it so relaxing kapag ma-satisfy ang food cravings ko.)

    1. hey, doc rj! welcome back here! thanks. 🙂

      …your comment reminded me that it’s been a while since we last had kare-kare at home. ma-suggest nga kay tina ulit. 🙂

  2. hahaha! na fake mo ako sa title 🙂

    I cannot remember if I had pure Taiwanese dish before. The Chinese restaurants I go to usually have a Schezuan menu and Taiwanese menu and other Chinese delicacies. I wouldn’t be able to differentiate one from another.

    Musta na doc. I take it you dined alone? I used to be able to do that back in college days. Ngayon I have never tried dining alone in a restaurant.

    1. tina and gabby were at home when i ate in this hole-in-the-wall taiwanese restaurant. she asked me to remit money to philippines which i didn’t do online to cut a little cost. i had to go alone because it’s already late in the afternoon, and my family wanted to stay at home for the fear of rough waves while on the ferry en route to penang island and back to mainland. nonetheless, the first bite of those fried seafood goodness was for them 😀

      for us with families, it’s a bit weird eating out alone unless we don’t have a choice like whenever at work or on a trip.

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