Can I just shout out that this email made me so thrilled to look forward to the next issue of Lonely Planet ASIA magazine July/August issue? (click screen capture to enlarge)

I am one of the avid readers of Lonely Planet Asia magazine; in fact, I was just reading their May/June issue that features London, NYC and other best spots in the globe yesterday when I received this email and it certainly put an ear-to-ear smile on my face!  And to have one of my non-professional photos to be published soon and to be invited to contribute something to this esteemed travel magazine is such overwhelming!

*My photo that I called, The Floating Duo taken from Hat Yai, Southern Thailand was first posted in this blog entry : http://docgelo.com/2011/08/04/discovering-hat-yai-thailand-crossing-borders-floating-market-more/

16 thoughts on “KAPANAPANABIK!

  1. panalo talaga si doc gelo.who would have thought that a brilliant doctor would be one of the who’s who of travel and publishing! 🙂 congrats, doc!

    1. thank you, paul!
      brilliant is such a big word. and i am only a reader-contributor to lonely planet asia magazine next month; but it’s a big thing for me, really 😀

    1. astig ba, luna? hehehe! bakit halos po karamihan ang comment ay “di na ma-reach” lalo na sa fb? as mentioned, may signal at load naman po ako, so reachable pa din, feet on the ground. just thrilled to share the simple joys! 😀

      Thank you. Have a great weekend!

    1. maraming salamat, maria! 🙂
      perhaps, it’ll be out on their online site too, otherwise, i was told they’ll include one of my photos in their july/august issue. big deal sa akin kahit maliit na bagay lang as a reader-contributor kasi LP Asia ito hehehe! could not be grateful enough. 🙂

  2. Na-congratulate na kita sa fb pero gusto ko i-congratulate pa rin kita dito sa blog mo hahaha! *shakes doc gelo’s hand* Congrats! 🙂

    O ha, sabi mo may blowout ka dito sa blog pag lumabas ang issue. Tinatandaan ko ‘yan hehehe

    1. thank you, ms. N! i thought it’s such small deal for others but me. at least may tao pala like you who appreciates little something like this. abangan nating lahat ang magazine sa july! 😀

    1. thanks, dennis! i’m hoping everything will push through! though it’s a petty thing for some, it’s a big deal for me. fyi, i just emailed them their request; my mini-guide about penang-contribution which i also wish for them to publish. i make sure i have a copy of LP-Asia every 2 months, more so next month if they could publish my photo & my mini-guide! saya! 😀

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