No, I am not diabetic yet, neither I have pancreatic insufficiency. Don’t fret; continue reading! 🙂 Either you’ll learn a bit from the next few phrases or you’ll find this post visually gastromically stimulating. To simply put, hyperglycemia is descibed as elevated sugar level that occurs whenever we have excess carbohydrate intake, or when the hormone, insulin secreted by the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans of the endocrine pancreas becomes inadequate to catabolize carbohydrates into glucose for it to be deposited in the cells of the liver and muscles as glycogen that may be transformed into glucose again in times of stress and as the need arises. Persistence of uncontrolled hyperglycemia leads to diabetes. Enough of the rambling, you might be having epistaxis (nosebleeding); kidding! 😀 This post is all about the CHOCOLATE BUFFET at Soy Restaurant in G Hotel, the most stylish luxurious hotel in Gurney Drive, Penang, Malaysia.

Let’s begin this sinful but delicious blog entry with Baskin Robbins’ Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream…

One of the strongest reasons why anyone interested from Penang should troop to this chocolate buffet is the bottomless scoops of luscious Baskin Robbins Ice Cream. That alone made this sweet dining experience heavenly; its cost so sulit (value for money). I consider it a steal and extraordinary for we don’t have Baskin Robbins experience on a daily basis.

The chocolate buffet isn’t complete without a fondue. And having both white and dark chocolate fountains provides sufficient logic when one isn’t enough…

Of course, I tried dipping some mallows and tropical fruits from the spread onto these chocolatey goodness but in between indulgence, I had savored these fibrous fruits in their purest forms; they aid well in digestion.

At one point, this Soy’s Chocolate Buffet is deliciously challenging. Resistance to be overwhelmed is a must.

Another commendable thing is their provision of free-flowing tea in different variants (I opted for Jasmine Green Tea) to make every intake nice and easy. Thank God for Lipton!

One soothing sip and you’re on your toes again towards the spread.

Yes, it’s Chocolate Buffet so everything in there are chocolates, chocolates and more chocolates!

When I was asked to fill out the comment card by the wait staff, I cannot agree but to tick “excellent” in service, ambience, cleanliness, etc. However, those glorious cakes could have been presented better on top of handsome cake stands. Other than that, Soy’s Chocolate Buffet earns my two-thumbs-up! 😀

Soy’s Chocolate Buffet is such a reason to head to this G Hotel. As they claim to have the most stylish adress in Penang; I cannot agree more.

Meanwhile, here’s a proof that my family and I are such a chocoholics. Tina and Gabby whipped up another no-bake-chocolate cake at home.

Tina’s not only a lovely wife and a caring mom, she also has this love affair with her gadget that she wanted to document some of Gabby’s wonderful antics. If I am into blogging, Tina enjoys capturing special fun moments on video.  WATCH THIS chipmunkie-ala-charlie-chaplin-short-film on how the Chef Gabby made that moist cake… ENJOY! Let me know what you think. 🙂

Do you think our son has future in becoming a chef, a hotelier and a restaurateur? Only time will tell. 🙂


Enjoy Penang’s only all you can eat chocolate buffet of various delectable offerings of scrumptious chocolate desserts. Available every Saturday,8pm-12am, priced at RM45++ per person (USD 14++ or PhP 612++) at Soy Restaurant, G Hotel, Gurney Drive, Penang, Malaysia.

*Although the blogger and his blog are open for advertisements, sponsorships, invitations and blog reviews, this isn’t a sponsored post. 🙂



  1. I was one of the first few to visit the place and I still have some chocolate stuck here~ LOL~ It was a nice experience there for those who loves to indulge in such heavenly treats~ 🙂

    1. you bet, crizlai.
      it’s one unforgettable dining experiences particularly if you’re into chocolates and toothsome desserts.
      forget about the calories, hahaha!
      a stroll for few hours might help get rid of the intake. 🙂

      thanks for the visit here, crizlai. 🙂

  2. with all that chocolate, you should have had water or bitter gourd tea:) looks yummy but a bit more than a few hours stroll to kill the kilojoules. many thanks again for the great blog – you are making me yearn for a Penang holiday

    1. hello yvette! thanks for the revisiting this site again; really appreciate it. 🙂
      cold water, fruits and hot tea in between heaping scoops of baskin robbins and those chocolate goodness really help to wash it all down. it was really a sublime!

      go back your bags head back to penang whenever possible! 😉

  3. drooling on the choco buffet post!!!!!!i think Gabby’s going to have a big future in whatever field he’ll get into..he’s got very supportive parents ba naman in you, Doc Gelo and Ms. Tina:)!!! btw that choco cake really looks yummy and moist!!!pwede magpadeliver–lol!!!

    1. maraming salamat, carmen! words like those are flattering. we only do and hope for the best for gabby, of course.

      but without being impartial, gabby’s cake indeed tasted delicious!

  4. I tried BR in Australia and in Qatar…it was so so good. I wish we have it here in Pinas.

    This entry of your made me crave Doc. G…ayan, hehehe

    1. wala ba sa pinas na baskin robbins? may haagen dazs at ben and jerry’s so there mus be baskin too somewhere. baka sa south. let’s ask dyanie na nasa seoul sa mga oras na ito. 🙂

  5. I haven’t been doing the chocolate workshops of late. (The weather here in the bluidy PH was too hot to do proper truffle demos.) Nevertheless, Soy did a fantastic job of doing the chocolate buffet; it’s rather tempting. Oh, and if you have it there in Malaysia, try Baskin-Robbins’ New York Cheesecake ice cream.

    1. hi midge! thanks for the suggestion. i’ll try to bring tina and gabby to baskin robbins or grab a tub of that new yourk cheesecake ice cream from the grocery soon (fyi, they love cheesecake! tapos made into ice cream? im sure that’s divine!)

      and not to forget, i have to state YOU are an authority when it comes to chocolates! cheers to that! 😀

  6. .. sugar overload! there is baskin robbins here in ksa, pralines ‘n cream is one of my fave flavors, its a classic!

    .. nice pics doc, and loved this entry na parang product presentation! haha! di pa sponsored yan ha. 🙂

    1. quality of posts should never be compromised either in sponsored entry or otherwise. 😛

      biro lang, baka sabihin nila ang angas ko, e hindi naman po, patawa lang. hehehe! thanks for your sincerest comments. kaibigan nga kita! hehehehe!

  7. I like dark chocolates 🙂 Pero ingat na due to family hx ng DM and CAD. nice pics. thank you for the comments, doc. About the domain, meron ba customer support kasi I am HTML-challenged.

    1. i like dark chocolates better than other variants too, doc Z.

      and to echo you more, i am also HTML-challenged; to make it worse, i’m far from being tech-savvy.

  8. Wow! That’s my kind of a buffet! 😀 I super love chocolates, and although it’d be weird to have an all-desserts meal, I bet it was so indulgent! ^^ And double wow at Gabby! He’ll go a long way. Chef/restaurateur/hotelier in the making.. 🙂

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