It’s already past noon when we arrived in Penang Botanical Garden one Sunday this May and despite the Malaysian sun was scorching hot, I did not pass the chance to admire the Cannonball trees again. Like my first visit to this tourist spot about a year ago, I was drawn once more with curiosity and fascination to this tropical tree.

It takes no genius to figure out that its common name was derived from its huge, spherical and heavy fruits.  With its mighty height and branches and twigs that humbly touch the grounds, and with its charming pink, yellow and scarlet blooms, one could either find it so odd and bizaare or uniquely charming and special.  Inspite of the fact that Wiki describes it to possess antibiotic, antifungal, antiseptic and analgesic qualities among other medicinal value, its flowers still lack nectar. Beauty is easily seen and appreciated when we learn to embrace imperfections and flaws.


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