I always have few things in mind when choosing a place to stay whenever my family and I engange on a trip. And on top of my list is location, next is location and third is location. 🙂


Everything seems accessible and readily available when you opt for the right site. My simple and no-brainer-rule-of-thumb includes the hotel should be near to the place and area that we’d like to visit; it’s definitely a big plus if it’s within a walking-distance-to-everything. I also prefer if it’s proximal to various establishments that offer basic necessities –it’s a personal requirement that I frequently equate to the presence of a 711 convenience store unless the hotel we’re staying provides it all.

When my family and I attended the 2012 Malaysia International Tourism Blog Awards in Kuala Lumpur last May 8, I did not have second thoughts in considering a hotel in Petaling Street or what’s considered to be the China Town in Malaysia’s capital city.

I booked Swiss Inn Kuala Lumpur, a decent-budget-hotel in China Town, a week before our trip. It’s near Pudu Sentral bus and train stations, taxi cabs and Rapid KL buses pass by frequently and it’s a ride-away from Petronas Twin Towers and the venue of the event we attended. It’s located in China Town so expectedly, food stalls and restaurants, shops and whatnot are within reach.  Who doesn’t like China Town in any city anyway?


Apparently, my choice should also be Tina and Gabby’s. I always ask their opinions and suggestions prior I use my credit card in doing online reservation. Tina’s concern will always be budget, of course while Gabby’s wants are never demanding. Like kids his age, he’s already happy if our room has cable TV showing his favorite cartoons. And to me, more than TV, I instantly give it a green light when wifi connection is fast and free.  Availability of other amenities and facilities are just secondary.


It spells convenience when one can reserve accomodation online. However, I also call the concierge sometimes to confirm some concerns.


If location matters, so does money. Cost of accomodation will always be a consideration for a family like us. There’s nothing wrong indulging in luxurious room at a steeper cost but not when one would go out and leave his room the whole day.

For this trip, we only spent a night and 2 days in Swiss Inn Kuala Lumpur but since we arrived at around 6AM and the regular check-in is at 2PM, I availed via their counter, the additional early-check-in rate of RM70 (US $ 22.40) on top of the RM160+ (US $ 50+) rate of the family room I reserved.


It provides an extra appeal and charm to foreigners if and when the hotel offers bits and pieces of culture and arts its country has. It need not be a traditional show or anything grand, but little details can make a big difference.  


is always next to godliness. Room and toilet may be simple and old but it’s unacceptable if everything’s dirty. Glad we’re not disappointed with Swiss Inn.


Another plus in hotel accomodation is the inclusion of breakfast (or other meals) in the package. Either buffet or set meal, it’s certainly hassle-free if the first meal of the day will be right there waiting.

At Swiss Inn Kuala Lumpur, we indeed enjoyed our breakfast. The spread may be less than usual but for its cost (when one’s not checked in and paying ala carte) is so affordable and more than reasonable than somewhere else. However, we noticed that for 2 consecutive days, menu looked like redundant. Good thing that we favor most of its dishes including their beverages of fruit juices, milk and free flowing coffee (but why fresh milk instead of creamer for the coffee?) and fresh tropical fruits!


Usually, I also browse and read online travel advisories and real-tourist-experiences and reviews from my trusted sites like tripadvisor, lonely planet and various travel blogs before I book any hotel online. It gives me ideas of what to expect somehow.

That being said, I think I made the right decision in choosing Swiss Inn Kuala Lumpur the last time we left Penang. Ask my son, Gabby about it; his jump shot says it all. 😛

What do you consider in hotel accomodation?



  1. Hi Ninong Doc, Thank you for blogging this budget hotel, may idea na po kame. In God’s perfect time, magkikita po tayo diyan. God BLess po, regards to Ninang Tina and Gabby. =)

  2. .. that’s a nice hotel doc. choosing accommodations (specially abroad) involves risks for your stay might either be flawless or can even be a nightmare. i’m just glad that i’ve never booked a bad (hope not!) one on any of my trips though i’ve had some bad location choices.

    .. one thing that i make sure a hotel room has is wi-fi and a window!

    1. location (accessbility to everything food stalls, transpo like trains and bus stations) and budget. I’m a noobz in travelling so I’ve had some ‘mistakes’ but I learn from them anyway 🙂

  3. An excellent posts that shows of your holiday great, the street pics, hotel room and other photos look very professiional, well written good to share , thanks.

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