For almost 2 years of being an Overseas Filipino Worker here in Malaysia, I have been grateful to have been exposed to a gastronomic diversity available here in Penang and to a few states that we’ve been to. However, my native tongue remains to be Filipino thus apparently, it craves for Filipino dishes every  now and then. And unlike other countries where Filipino restaurants, stores and even groceries spring like mushrooms, we rarely have those here in Penang. 😦 So Tina, my mom and I always make an effort to go to the public market here (read : I do the marketing almost every weekend), prepare, cook so we could eat Filipino dishes we love right from the little kitchen of our humble abode here in Butterworth. Despite we’re thankful to have the means to do so, nothing replaces the unique feeling of dining what you love in the comforts of your own home.

And while browsing my files, I found the following photos that made my craving even worse. Can you blame me? See for yourself. 😉

Halo-Halo!!! This one’s from Mang Inasal, but I also love Razon’s version too.
Dulcinea’s Churros Con Chocolate : Not actually Filipino but one of those that surely completes an afternoon snack or merienda!
Taro Taro and Taro Ice from Quickly. With the advent of a huge variety of milk tea, Tina and I still love Quickly! Gabby likes it too of course! I’m not sure if a kiosk of Quickly exists somewhere here in Penang. Too lazy to google.
This should have been Puto’t Dinuguan but Mang Inasal’s upgraded version has it as Toasted Pandesal and Dinuguan. Sarap! Sedap! 😀
Jollibee’s Spaghetti and Palabok Fiesta! Need I say more? 😉
This was from Via Mare in Greenbelt Mall, Makati; but any ordinary suman and mangga is always a winner tandem for me!
Junkies, yeah! 😛
Starbucks Coffee branches are available in most states of Malaysia including Penang. But call me biased, Caramel Macchiato and Banoffee Pie taste more delicious in Pinas. #homesicknesskicksin! 😀
One of foodcourt favorite combo back home : World Chicken! My default choice is usually a plate of Pasta in Pesto sauce, Potato Salad and of course, Grilled Chicken Fillet with Ranch sauce! Sarap! Sedap! 🙂
Bibingka with lotsa butter, sugar & coconut shavings! Whether bibingka-tinda-sa-kanto- or that-little-high-end-Via Mare, a bibingka is always a bibingka! hahaha! #lostforsuperlatives!

And a lot more to mention! 😀  Do we have the same cravings?



    1. oh yeah! and you get to enjoy halo-halo every 3 months on your days off! #sarapngbuhay!

      …until chowking improves their rocky-pebble-like ice into finely shaven ones, i would think twice before getting in queue at their counter.

  1. dulcinea’s churros is heaven and the world chicken asian pasta is the best for me…syempre like ko din chicken nila with mornay sauce. 🙂

    1. ang sarap i-dunk ng churros sa chocolate! hehehe! kaka-miss!
      …so you like asian pasta at world chicken?! …di ko pa natikman yung mornay sauce nila. lagi kasi akong ranch.

  2. kakalaway naman. tama ka yung panlasang pinoy natin di nawawala, lalo pa kamong tumitindi kapag napalayo ka sa atin.

    may chowking dito (at jollibee, red ribbon, max) kaya kahit paano nakaka halo halo ako at tapsilog.

    *** nakalusot din ako, di nag freeze ang screen!!!!***

    1. thanks for being patient in leaving a comment here! ewan ko ba bakit may glitch. wordpress ka din naman, di ba? 🙂

      sarap ng buhay sa US pagdating dyan sa pagkain department! daming pinoy fast foods lalo na dyan sa inyo sa california! 😀

  3. waaaa lalo ko din namiss ang mga pinoy food!pinaka namimiss ko na yung puto bumbong! At saka manggang hilaw with alamang…haist ala nun dito sa qatar 😦

    1. hi eunice! glad to have a commenter from malaysia here! thanks for the visit.
      oh yeah, you have to try filipino dishes some time. our foods are so delicious, it can bring out the glutton in you! *kidding* 😛

  4. We are lucky that we do have a lot of Pinoy restaurants, stores and groceries here in Orange County, there are even more so in LA Co. All within walking and/or easy driving distance. I do not know if you are aware that outside of the strip in Vegas there are many good Pinoy restaurants there as well.

  5. Echoing Bert, I feel the same thing in the New York-New Jersey area. When Jollibee opened its first East Coast branch in Queens, thousands of Pinoys from the tri-state area (even as far away as Philadelphia and Massachusetts) drove and persevered in a very long queue just to get their hands on Chicken Joy and spaghetti. I’m happy it’s still there, along with the other Pinoy restaurants just nearby.
    Perhaps pag dumami na ang mga Pinoy dyan, it might be feasible for you to open up your own restaurant!

  6. Buti n lng d2 sa ipoh, meron pinoy restaurant.. Saka sa pancake house meron tapsilog, bangsilog, at halo-halo

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