There are moments in our lives that can be described as




In my 35 years of existence and in my five years of blogging,

this once-in-a-lifetime-event is one of those special moments.

I am very blessed to have experienced it with MY FAMILY. 😀

It’s my honor, joy and pleasure to receive the 2012 Malaysia Tourism International Bloggers Awards -Best Expat Malaysia My Second Home  Blog from the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia in the Gala Awards Night held at Saloma Theater in Kuala Lumpur, 8th May 2012.

I share this blissful moment with the people I live for –MY FAMILY,

with this blog’s readers and followers,

with my great friends

and all of my students in the Philippines and in Malaysia,

with the generous and selfless people who took time and efforts to vote for this humble site,

with my fellow Filipino bloggers who mostly remain an inspiration.

I am grateful to the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia for including an Expat blog category in this international event. I am also thankful to the esteemed panel of judges and to the honorable Minister of Tourism Malaysia herself, Dato’ Sri Dr. Ng Yen Yen (the beautiful Malaysian lady in light blue gown in the photos), for empowering social media particularly, blogs and bloggers with such event and recognition. My greetings and congratulations go out to the other 15 blogger-winners of this prestigious event. This achievement will serve as a motivation for me to continue what I have considered a passion and a part of my lifestyle.

To God be the glory!




  1. PS, Your blog has been so helpful for us when visiting our favourite holiday destination. Our photos do not compare to yours, but give us a chance to reminisce and also give us ideas for our next visit. Thankyou again

    1. hi ms. yvette! wow,so flattered to know i have a reader from australia! thank you so much!
      i didn’t know you drop by malaysia nonetheless, it’s great to know you enjoyed your trip here.
      did you go to george town, penang?
      would you care to go back on july 7 for the george town festival? it’s a general invite for every tourists for that huge holiday here.
      it’ll be definitely a day (actually, a month-long celebration) of fun, colors, and food!

    1. ms. maria, thank you so much!
      i really appreciate your follow and so glad everytime you drop comments in my posts.
      your photos and blogs have been so inspiring!

      and yes, my mom, my wife and our kid were the happiest for my win!
      gabby even mentioned last night, “daddy, i had a great time!”

  2. My congratulations to you Doc Gelo and your well deserved win.You continue to bring pride to this country by bagging that award.Cheers to more years of fun and quality blogging!!!

    PS; Tindi ng Malaysia ha,they even came up with this kind of award,at supported talaga ng Malaysia tourism board.Sila na talaga! 🙂

    1. anton, maraming salamat! i know you reposted my campaign on fb and voted for my blog; i cannot be grateful enough.

      i sincerely hope our own country, The Philippines, would give such support, recognition and importance to all movers in the social media particularly the bloggers and our blogs. let our government learn something innovative with its neighboring countries like Malaysia. 🙂

    1. thank you po!
      have you arrived in penang?
      good luck on the work and hope you enjoy being a filipino expat in this part of malaysia! 😀

  3. congrats Elo… very well deserved! Jr said you should also enter your pictures on contest because they are all so picture perfect and I couldnt agree more…

  4. hey doc! congrats! i truly, truly believe you deserve it! =)

    P.S. yung binata mo, may katabi ng chikas! hehe

  5. I know you’ll make it! Congrats Doc Gelo! You really deserve it.
    You and your family all look great that evening – talagang pang-red carpet!

  6. Congratulations po and you really deserve it!! wow! honestly I missed my friendster blogs when I am readng your blogs..though I have saved most of it in word format..

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