The initial weekend plan was for my wife, Tina to relax and stay at home while our son, Gabby, my mom and I head to the island to run some errands. Then, they all decided to just enjoy the Saturday without leaving home so it ended that I went alone for a half day of buying some things we need for the coming week. There’s nothing to complain because it gave me the chance to go back to that unassuming but uniquely appealing street in George Town, Pulau Pinang en route to destination.

I already lost count on how many times I’ve walked through Armenian Street. It’s one of those frequently visited laterals of George Town, particularly by tourists who exactly know what to experience in a place inscribed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The most memorable ones were when I took a stroll with my camera during George Town Day, celebrated every July 7th, for the past 2 consecutive years and I think the latest was when Gabby and I sampled the quaint little hole-in-a-wall-restaurant, AMELIE CAFE December of 2011. Then there were those random visits last year on way to other places in the island.

The chance presented itself for me to personally devote several minutes of my lazy weekend to admire and capture the most recent mural cum street art installation fantastically done by the artist, Ernest Zacharevic (visit his website here –>  I even waited for some tourists and passers by to complete their photo-ops before I savored mine.  It’s such a joy to see this pleasant work of art!

Must have that detail shot 😉

Doesn’t it look so alive yet whimsical? 😛

Moving on… Armenian Street also houses one of the kongsis or clanhouses of migrant Chinese families who lived an opulent and illustrious era in this side of Malaysia.  Just beside Amelie Cafe is Cheah Kongsi that I also got to visit last year. Will try to do a separate post about Cheah Kongsi soon.

Immediately after Cheah Kongsi is a garage-looking-area-turned into a very extraordinary souvenir bazaar called  14 LIVING STORY (their facebook account here –>  I have dropped by their shop several times already and in every visit, I always hold on to my pocket and try my best to resist buying their beautiful paintings. The problem lies on the limited budget against a big temptation. I don’t think I’d be happy with just one frame, that’s why. 🙂

More murals along Armenian Street. These older ones were made of wrought iron creatively depicting Penangite tradition via caricatures and cartoons. The style and technique are so effective that even the young generations, such as, ehem, I am,  could relate and be fascinated too. 😀

At the junction where Armenian Street meets Kapitan Keling Street, there’s this yellow painted building with mural too.

I told you, tourists usually flock here for the same reasons I have.


Still on the same building, another wrought iron caricature that’s not only entertaining but informative too.

The stretch of Armenian street is still long but I had to walk through Kapitan Keling Street to wait for the bus to Komtar to go to Prangin and First Avenue Malls.

The walk from jetty in Weld Quay to half of Armenian Street wasn’t that tiring because of countless reasons to indulge your sense of vision into. 🙂



  1. .. you are so right about your description of zacharevic’s work – it’s fantastically done!

    .. imagine, just passing by in a street in penang you end up in a place full of wonderful art. 😀

  2. i like that place. and ang ganda yung sa bicycle realistic ang dating. walang place ata dyan na hindi maganda. every place or streets has it’s story to tell. talagang pupuntahan.

    1. ang bilis ng comment! hahaha! amazing! thanks, marian! 🙂

      there are many beautiful places in penang when you know how to appreciate art, history, culture, heritage and diversities. these are the things tourists look for in this malaysian state. penang would not be listed as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites for nothing. kudos to the conservation of this quaint island!

      bisita kayo dito, libre ko….. tour guiding! hehehe 🙂

  3. super like the street arts! galing doc a. was looking for such street arts here in malate but couldnt find one. maybe i wasnt searching enough? or maybe in other places here in manila. i only found some stencil street arts and vandalisms haha. but i think there ought to be better ones. should i start one doc? LOL

  4. You’re really a ‘photoholic’ Doc, even when doing errands you still found time to bring your Nikon D7000 out for a work-out! While I may not be timid about carrying a 20 lb backpack on a hike, I’m lazy when it comes to carrying bags of groceries in the city.

    1. sayang kasi ang pagkakataon, so dumaan na ako sa armenian street, on the way naman papunta sa destination ko. di naman gaano marami at mabigat ang pinamili, nautusan lang bumili ng kailangang gamit sa susunod na linggo. mabigat nga magdala ng camera, pero will power lang siguro, gaya mo nga, sa tuktok pa ng bundok, kahit rapelling, dala alang-alang sa pagkuha ng larawan, hahaha! 🙂

      thanks for dropping by, dennis! 🙂

  5. I like how you write your blog posts, they are at face value. Those oriental style of art mural reminds me of my elementary days when we were taught “EXB” pencil drawing, water color and oil painting in HS (BTW, I studied English in the a.m. and Chinese in the p.m.). The restaurant owners and gift shops should be delighted for your free ad and promotion of their business.

    Continue with your adventures and more power to blogging!

    1. wow, this one’s a revelation, ms. ebie.
      so it’s now apparent to me that you’re not only best at photography and blogging but with innate love for the arts too! …mahusay po na na-exposed at na-cultivate ng maaga ang appreciate for the arts for not everyone is blessed with such talent!

      thank you for your kind words, ms. ebie. i really appreciate it! 😀

  6. The first time I visited there and earthquake hittin town month ago, LOL!! After seeing those photos I def will go back for another visit though, by walking this time 🙂 Nice work…

    1. i bet you had a very memorable first-time-visit to armenian street, bryan (i had a post on what we did during that quake). anyway, it would be better if you find a chance to revisit george town. there’s so much more to this UNESCO’s world heritage site to explore & to appreciate!

      thanks for dropping by here; really appreciate it! 🙂

      1. Hah, I’m local (kindof, I worked here but lives in mainland…) I’ve been driving around to find some interesting places (mostly a hidden laneway cafes, LOL) lately that constantly reminded me of Melbourne laneways cafes and some vintage boutiques!! And yes, I seen heaps places ya been too… Would give the Penang Hill a go next time (shhhhh, don’t tell anyone I never been to Penang Hill before 😛 ) Keep up ya good work mate 🙂

        1. i knew it! your surname sounds like you’re one of the owners of heritage kongsi /clanhouses in george town, haha! we also live in mainland, butterworth to be exact. and it took me 2 years of being an expat to go to penang hill. hahaha! enjoy it there soon! my unsolicited advice is you go up first trip in the morning, it’ll be more fun when climate is colder and the place has less people. thanks, man!

          we’ll live for KL tonight to attend the malaysia international tourism bloggers awards.
          this humble site will receive a once in a lifetime recognition tomorrow night yeeeehhaaa! 😀

          1. Congrats mate… LOL, I wish I was the owner but I never been Khoo Kongsi too (I know, I’m a bad bad Penangite)!! Yea, guess I’ll go up in the morning, the darkness scared me 🙂 It’s nice talking to you, promise to give us more interesting places~~

  7. I almost bought a blank canvass din last Sunday, I wanted to present the kids with a canvass and see how they could make use of their creativity on that piece of cloth.

  8. Greetings! Do you happen to know the name of the instrument the man was playing at 14 Living Story? I have seen it a few times online before (usually same man playing in Penang) but I have never found the name. Thanks!

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