I have mentioned it before and I would state it again, that for almost two years of living and working in Penang, I have been fortunate to experience diversities in race, tradition, religion and so much more this cultural melting pot in Southeast Asia has to offer. What I admire the most from the people of Penang, which must be true throughout Malaysia is their devotion to their faith. They may have been varied in being Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, Christian, and predominantly Muslim but everyone’s expression of religion is beyond inspiring! Despite differences in religious beliefs which are almost always tantamount to their ethnicities, respect and harmony reign supreme which  unfortunately, remain a luxury to other parts of the world, including to where I came from (read : Certain conflicts between Chistrians and Muslims still exist in isolated areas in the Philippines.  It’s otherwise in Penang or at least I have not heard of.  Thus, I have developed a deeper respect to Islamic faith). Being witnesses to an eclectic practices of Malaysian faithfuls is a beautiful opportunity for me and my family. I have considered the exposure of my 7-year-old son to these diversities at his early age a priceless blessing that I know, he’ll gradually take in and appreciate too, in the near future.

*Photos were taken randomly from the oldest mosque and probably the most visited by tourists in George Town, Penang.  A stone’s throw away from Masjid Kapitan Keling is a myriad of shrines of worship, a tangible proof that there’s indeed harmony in the blend of various religions in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.



  1. honestly, i have never been to a mosque. i tried when i was in Davao but it was a Friday and my friend said women are not allowed inside the mosque on a Friday. Malaysia is progressive, probably one of the reasons why people of different religions live side by side without conflict. we should embrace our diversity, celebrate our differences.

    i love the last photo…it gives me a sense of calm.

    1. i chanced upon this visit where prayer time is done. there’s so much tranquility in the atmosphere inside that mosque, luna. such a perfect place to meditate and commune with God. that’s common in all place of worship, i guess. but what’s unique with kapitan keling mosque is the fact that despite it’s one of the favorite tourist spots in penang, it remains to serve its function.

      thanks for appreciating the last photo. 🙂

  2. Islam – praying with their hearts 5x a day. In UAE every 500 meters away may mosque, inside malls, bus station, buildings, offices may prayer rooms bukod ang male and female this religion is amazing. But for me may kasabihan nga “Nasa Dios ang awa nasa tao ang gawa”

  3. So true – people in Malaysia live in harmony. Haven’t seen or heard news about religious conflicts in Malaysia. I wish that will happen too someday in our country.

    I love the framing on your 7th photo. My fave is your 9th – Ideal (for me) kind of set-up when praying or reading the bible.

    1. solemnity at its finest.

      during my visit, one could even hear a pin drop inside the masjid (mosque). the atmosphere was indeed peaceful.

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