Located at the northern coast of Penang, Malaysia, Batu Ferringhi frequently charms tourists with its long stretch of beach resorts, premier hotels, street bazaars and serves as a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of a routinary life.

Admittedly, the first time I went to a public beach in Batu Ferringhi about a couple of years ago was a total disappointment; it’s either because the Filipino in me who came from a country with the best and the most pristine beaches in the world has a strong discriminating taste or the place was just a public beach and not a commercial resort itself. Either way, I know I still have to be thankful that there’s a nearby place like this, that offers respite amidst stress and worries that goes with living and working in a land foreign to me and my family.

No, I have not soaked my feet in the sand and shores of Batu Ferringhi beaches yet; I should bring along my family with me when I get a chance to do that again.

The photos were taken while I was waiting for Rapid Penang Bus #101 across Holiday Inn Resort in Batu Ferringhi. It took about 15 minutes of waiting which I barely noticed because while doing so, I chanced upon gazing up and saw a lush collection of various textured leaves and twigs and branches of must-be-century-old trees lining the main road. It’s a simple visual treat to me. The sight was simply refreshing.


Did you spot two primates in one of the pictures? 😛


8 thoughts on “BATU FERRINGHI

    1. yup, monkeys are allowed to wander around trees in batu ferringhi; it’s a beach area and they’re not that many anyway. holiday inn hotel pa iyan ha. 🙂

      thanks, marian!

  1. ganda naman ng shots! i lvoe the first and sixth shots! 🙂

    how i wish i could take pics wherever and whenvere. kaya lang bawal camera sa office. so i can’t just take my camera in my bag all the time. hmmm….maybe it’s time to buy the latest iphone. haha! naghanap ng dahila ano! hehe!

    1. hey, grace, you’re alive again in the blogosphere! good to hear from you once more.

      kung may budget, bili na! you deserve it.
      are you still “drowned” at work, grace? let’s be thankful we have work. 😉

      si dyan na lang kulang sa commenter sa post na ito, bibingo na! hehehe! 🙂

    1. salamat, rob! sinwerte lang maganda yung spot sa waiting shed while waiting for the bus. my twitter account has the first photo at its wallpaper. 🙂

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