I’m sure you have already experienced a weekend made extra-special by unexpected little happy moments. My family and I spent another Saturday that’s totally different from the ones we already had here in Penang. It was a delicious, action-packed, gripping and charming weekend we all enjoyed.

28 April 2012, Saturday.  I was fully motivated to wake up early (despite the fact that I am such a morning person even on weekends!) because we planned to watch the Marvel-comic-superhero-movie that’s everyone was raving about. The Avengers!  After I’ve read countless superlatives to describe that film on facebook and twitter, and even heard 2 Filipino hilarious-radio DJs via online live streaming of their program from the Philippines, talking of wrong spoilers about it, I personally built an excitement to watch The Avengers with Tina, Gabby and my mom on a wide screen.

So we left our place again in Butterworth, traveled the road via Rapid Penang bus, crossed the bay and reached George Town via ferry (where Gabby met a bunch of my Bridging Course-Ireland-PreMed students en route to see the same movie too!) and rode another bus to Komtar. *whew!* 🙂

Why, hello there again, George Town! It’s weekend once more!

As Penang Rapid Bus commuters, my family and I have been accustomed to these road signs in Komtar Tower. The sight is an almost weekly breather from our usual daily routine.

We arrived in First Avenue Mall around eleven in the morning with almost nothing in the tummies. We only drank coffee and hot Milo for Gabby before we left home.

Then just at the entrance of First Avenue Mall, our almost growling stomachs were satisfied in a heart beat by one word –BRUNCH! 🙂

With his Lola (my mom) during our brunch before the movie.

Of course, Gabby must have a photo with my lovely wife. 😉

kulitan! (*insert english translation here*) 😛

I thought that the last time I had a bite from Subway was ages ago when I was on a date with Tina who was my, ehem, girlfriend then in Powerplant Mall cinema in Rockwell, Makati City. Or was it the only remarkable Subway experience I can recall? I digress. Anyway, important thing is, Subway opened an additional branch in Penang in this First Avenue Mall and our hunger was remedied.

My mom had her default choice for sandwiches -what else but Tuna, Gabby selected his own, while Tina and I had the same option to have 6-inch-Roast-Beef each.

We had two orders of 6-inch-Roast Beef sandwich; one for me, the other one for Tina. She had Parmesan bread while I chose Honey-something-bread. But we both agreed to have everything with Roast Beef except two things –black olives and jalapenos.

My 6-inch-Roast-Beef-sandwich came with 2 options -either potato chips or 2 cookies. Apparently, I had the cookies and loved these double chocolate and white chocolate macadamia cookies. Sarap!!! Sedap! My family ordered more for takeaway. 🙂

Mas Mura Sine Dito Sa Penang!

If you must know, movie admission rates in this Malaysian state (I don’t know with the others) are cheaper than in the Philippines. I only paid 43 ringgit (PhP 14= 1 rinngit, USD 0.32 = 1 ringgit) for the four of us; that’s RM12 per adult x 3 (Tina, Mommy and I), plus only RM7 for Gabby. You don’t pay almost half the price for a 7-year-old-movie-goer like Gabby back home but in full adult price as well. And according to Mamy who lived and worked in UAE and Qatar in the past few years, movie tickets there are more expensive compared to rates here in Penang. That’s another simple reason why we should be grateful in this side of Malaysia. 🙂

The Avengers movie was incredibly awesome! The super hero characters were expectedly intersting but gripping action scenes, sophisticated computer graphics and hilarious storylines made it more amazing! What an unforgettable movie! We wish a sequel would be filmed soon.

I liked all the characters but that of Hulk and Iron Man were hilariously funny!  Have you watched The Avengers? I’m definite you’ve enjoyed it too! If you have not, c’mmon, give yourself a fun treat! 🙂

And look who we saw at the first level of First Avenue Mall few minutes after we exited the cinema…

This little boy was too cute for words, he made me feel envious that Gabby should have worn such fantastic costume too. See his smile? I’m sure even the monstrous Loki’s army will easily melt by this boy’s charm!

Who would have thought that the characters would come alive immediately after you watched them on the big screen?  What an amazing surprise! A cool unexpected treat to me. 🙂

People of the world, here’s a proof that Malaysians know how to do it too! Here’s Thor and Loki -Malaysian versions!

The Marvel Superheroes came in full force! How fierce! In characters! hahaha!

My mom and his uber-gwapito grandson had that photo-op with Storm and Captain America. Then Gabby became a bit moody; perhaps he was shy too be photographed with the company of Marvel Superheroes. Well his father was otherwise! hehehehe (view next photo…)

I don’t know about you but to me, the chance of being in the company of Marvel Superheroes does not come on a daily basis, does it? Wait, where’s Hawkeye? Had I know that Jeremy Renner’s character can’t make it, I could have brought bow and arrows to complete the casting! hahahaha! 😀

That Captain America little boy was really charming! He’s a stand out in his group!  I’m sure Tina would agree that Gabby would look more handsome in that same blue-red-white-superhero suit!

So much fun for that unexpected mall visitors! We left First Avenue Mall and went to Prangin Mall just across the street where Tina and Gabby bought some stuffs. We ended our very special-superhero weekend by savoring one of our favorites…

One cone of Mcdonald’s CHOCOTOP is perfect enough to end a weekend!

Another weekend of in Pulau Pinang was wonderfully spent.

It’s MARVELous!

Happiness continues tomorrow. 🙂



  1. Doc, 3D na ba yung 12ringgit ang isa? Lam mo nman, ms. convert lng ako haha, if 3D nga, mura nga yan! Pero kung regular, mahal haha! *kuripot lang * hahaha

  2. i love the photos with the Superheroes! i wish my young nephews are here to see The Avengers.:p i watched The Hunger Games last week at nagulat ako na P190 na pala ang sine! akala ko P150 pa rin.:p like ko rin ang Subway, they have healthy sandwiches. but what i miss when watching a movie is something unhealthy—the porkloin sandwich at Bun-on-the Run.:p

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