I had the soda, he enjoyed his Milo Ais until the last sip. Solb! 😛

I know. When in Malaysia, you gotta eat Malaysian dishes and my palates’ craving for char koay teow, chicken satay with peanut sauce and nasi lemak as I post this. However, the matter becomes totally different when you’re dealing with an expat-kid’s cravings.

To some people it may be just plain, common and cheap Italian fast food, but to my 7-year-old son, Pizza Hut is pure happiness! It’s one of Gabby’s favorites. You know how the (expat) young ones are; they usually stick to their kiddie-tastes. Thank God a few branches exist here in Penang.

While Tina was attending to a rare weekend call of duty, Gabby and I explored Pulau Pinang and visited PENANG BUTTERFLY FARM after lunch, and headed back to Prangin Mall in George Town to give way to his long-time-request -to eat his favorite all-cheese-pizza (I had to make special request to prepare a zero-topping-pizza because my big boy is a purist when it comes to this Italian staple).

Just like being in other countries where usual fast food joints offer a twist in their menu, some of the dishes here are already varied and fares up to the Malaysian flavors (read: HOT, HOT, HOT!) Case in point –the PRAWN AGLIO OLIO that I orderd; a spaghetti pasta tossed in rich olive oil, minced garlic and special herbs and added spices, topped with sautéed savoury prawns.  Spicy defined at its truest sense; or perhaps, only by my gustatory receptors. I liked it, actually, as it’s tasteful, but I don’t think I’ll have it on a daily basis. Now, it’s another story if something has mozzarella. 😉


4 thoughts on “ONE OF HIS FAVORITES

    1. i would eat anything with prawn but too much spiciness. ayos lang itong PH’s prawn aglio olio, but i’m not sure if i can’t eat it daily, hehe!

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