Beyond Toxicity  X  Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers Conference & Awards 2012

Here we go!  This personal blog that gives reverence to life’s simple pleasures – family, food and fun,  is one of the official entries to 2012 Malaysia International Tourism Bloggers Awards 2012 under the Expat Malaysia My Second Home Category. You know how I love my country, the Philippines but living and working in Penang for almost 2 years has made Malaysia my second home now. 

There will be a 2-day conference set on May 8th and May 9th, 2012 at Seri Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur that will highlight and feature talks, workshops and panel discussions on tourism and social media to be conducted by a list of esteemed speakers. Registration is FREE! To know more of the details and schedules of the event, visit MITBCA website at http://mitbca.com/conference.php

I’d like to thank MITBCA 2012 and Malaysia Ministry of Tourism for having this event to honor the people behind social media and their humble contributions to the tourism industry in Malaysia. I take pride in being one of the MITBCA 2012 nominees under EXPAT Malaysia My Second Home Category!

“Judging criteria is based on 80% public voting and 20% on judges’ decision (10% site or blog content, 5% design and layout, 5% on ethics and effectiveness)” sourced via MITBCA 2012

The awards shall be given on 8th May 2012 in Saloma, Kuala Lumpur (the date incidentally coincides with this site’s 5th birthday! Yes, Beyond Toxicity will be celebrating its 5th anniversary soon!). As mentioned, voting accounts for 80%  so if you think this blog deserves to win, show some love, support and care -tons of them by CLICKING THE VOTE BUTTON on this LINK :

VOTE FOR BEYOND TOXICITY https://docgelo.wordpress.com!

Maraming Salamat po!  Terima Kasih!  Thank you so much!

*to browse or review my blog posts about our Malaysian adventures, click the links on my sidebar under Another Day In Malaysia category. 🙂

*EDITED : Voting ended before midnight of May 1, 2012. Thank you so much to those generous people who expressed support! 🙂


43 thoughts on “LET’S DO THIS!

  1. that song is quite catchy…i actually wonder what our tourism ads are in other countries because the Malaysia, truly Asia campaign is just perfect. dapat mas maganda ang tourism ad ng Pinas! LOL

    your blog has all the flavors—good read, beautiful photos, you put your heart into every experience. of course, i’ll vote for Beyond Toxicity.:p

    1. that malaysia tourism promo-song has been one of gabby’s favorites that he hums randomly… minsan pag nasa TV commercial dito, sinasabayan pa nya; the song’s really catchy and will make you feel like go to malaysia in a blink!
      sana nga ganyan din ang promo sa pilipinas. whatever happened to “its’ more fun in the philippines?” anyway, i hope tourism also booms greatly in pinas like here in malaysia. in penang alone, rarely you see george town with no tourist at all, foreigners, mostly caucassians are everywhere enjoying everything under the malaysian sun! 🙂

  2. This blog deserves a recognition! Not only for the contents but for the time spent in putting the photos and documentaries. Well done!

    1. here’s the direct link to vote, ms. ebie :
      once you’re in the link, click LOG IN to log in into your facebook account (i wish you have one), then go back to the site of MITBCA and click EXPAT MM2H category on its sidebar then press VOTE BUTTON for docgelo.wordpress.com thanks! 🙂

  3. congratulations!!!!!

    takaw pansin tlaga tong blog mo doc. the photos are truly eye-catching and your documetaries of your new ex-pat life is easily relatable.

    will try to cast my vote.

    1. thanks, maria! our “playing field” offers so much possibiities we enjoy!
      i like your term, “takaw-pansin” i hope you’re right, haha!
      salamat sa suporta!

    1. thanks for voting! i’ll appreciate more if you can spread about this; wish it becomes viral, haha!
      have fun in your backpacking here in malaysia! what states will you explore? ang tagal ng 22-27!!! enjoy!

      1. will definitely go to Kelantan and Kedah. if all goes well, may try Penang and then Singapore. hehe! okay po, though, i checked the votes, you are in the lead so far.

        yep, will definitely enjoy the trip! 😀

        1. we’ve been to kota bharu in kelantan last year. my series of blog posts links are in my sidebar if you wish to peek. good luck, danbacana (or shall i just call you dan?) enjoy your trip soon!

  4. You have what it takes to win big in this competition Doc Gelo – through your blog, we’ve come to know more about life as an expat in Malaysia. Even the current votes show it (you’re leading!). I’m sure the judges will be agreeing with the rest of your readers!

  5. abay’ kay husay moh….ipinagbubunyi kita Doc. 🙂

    Tagalog para maiba lang hahaha…

    Pero totoo congrats and I am so proud of you. 🙂

  6. good luck Doc! hoping that you’ll bring home the bacon. the shot of the Petronas is really nice. first time to see at that perspective.

    1. thanks, dom!

      i’m just waiting for the official notice from the MITCBA (ministry of tourism) and we’re so ready to attend the award night, hehehe! I’m so thankful for the support from those generous people who voted. maraming salamat sa inyo! sa inyo galing ang award! 🙂

      i’ll let you all know.

      hey, congratulations to on your stint with PhL360 ang husay! 🙂

    1. thank you so much, ms. elna!

      i will publish a gratitude post about this humble feat next week, perhaps after the awards night on may 8.

      there will be no recognition as big as this to a small-time blogger like me from malaysia’s ministry of tourism if not for YOUR VOTES. that made this award sweeter! 🙂

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