“Daddy, thank you for bringing me there at the playground!”  –I was the happiest man alive when Gabby uttered those words in verbatim. A simple one hour stroll to that nearby park cum playground became a memorable late Saturday afternoon for the two of us.

The father-and-son-date-at-the-park was originally set in the morning of Saturday, 04/14/2012 but despite Gabby woke up early on a weekend with a statement, “Daddy, I’m on time!” -referring to his punctuality to our morning call time of 7AM, it didn’t push through because he chose to play with his mom’s ipod leaving me to a cup of coffee while surfing the web and the cable TV channels.  And so I told him, “If we’re not going to Taman Riang  (Riang Park which is several blocks away from our appartment) this morning, if you want, we’ll go there late this afternoon when the sun is almost down.”  Then he replied casually, “OK!”  

After I spent hours post-lunch time on marking mini-test papers of my students which I brought home and other stuffs to while away time, I almost forgot my agreement with my son. At few minutes past 3PM, Gabby reminded by requesting me, “Daddy, punta tayo sa playground!” (“Daddy, let’s go to the playground!”). I told him, “Anak, mamaya, mainit pa!” (“Son, it’s still hot; we’ll go there later!”). 

If you must know, our present appartment here in Butterworth, Penang also has its own playground however, Gabby’s interested to explore Taman Riang for he sees and passes by it daily with his service-van-driver, Aunty (the usuall petname of Malaysian older women, as Ate or Manang to Filipinos) who picks him up to and brought him back from school every morning and afternoon.  Finally, I assured him, “Gabby, we’ll go to the playground around 5PM.”

As Tina chose to stay home to prepare and cook food and continue her devotion to watching “The Vampire Diaries,” Gabby and I geared up and got ready to go. Then the unexpected happened. It started to drizzle. And not for long, it rained hard. So I told my son that we can postpone again the stroll to that place.  But I felt he really wanted to go, hence we both waited for the rain to stop.

Apparently, what we saw, what we did and how he and I enjoyed the moment were all documented of course, on those photos.

Quality time for family however long or short is absolutely important. I am blessed that I have my family here with me. 😉

29 thoughts on “CHILD’S PLAY

    1. dyan (on a serious tone), i oftenly speak highly of you to my mom and tina telling them that most of your travels, vacation leaves and bonding time are spent with your nephew and the rest of your family. i remember you went to hong kong with your parents, swam in pools and open waters with your pamangkin(s), ate and indulged with your sister(sibling/s) to name a few. so the award for huwarang anak,tiyahin,kapatid goes to U…. naks! 🙂

    1. because there are so many kinds of mushrooms, i didn’t know they’re the edible type. i was even telling gabby it might be the poisonous ones.

  1. i love Gabby’s jumpshot picture and the one where he’s wearing cowboy hat and making faces… halatang nageenjoy!!

    (P.S. Parehas kami ni Tina na nanonood ng VD hehe.)

    1. hi attorney! gabby really had fun in the playground and i had my time clicking here and there at his antics. the boy’s so spontaneous! *just a proud daddy i am!* 🙂

  2. Tama ka, unless you know your mushrooms very well, you cannot take the chance of eating them – maraming mushroom na poisonous. Ingat lang! I do not even eat the mushroom that my wife prepares when she is mad, even if I was the one who bought it from the grocery store.

  3. OMG andami ko na palang namiss na posts mo! I was browsing through the page, parang antagal ko na yata hindi nakadalaw dito! Sensya na po naging busy lang ng unti.
    Looking at the pictures, it’s always a treat to the eyes to come here. Ganda ng mga pics, so crisp, gaganda ng lighting. Idol!!!!
    This post is precious! Your son is your treasure!

  4. gabby’s poses seems effortless docgelo, he’s the making of another child wonder! it’s not impossible anyway because he had wonderful parents 🙂

  5. Naku Doc, kailangan may kalaro na si Gabby para mas masaya 🙂 Pero iba talaga ang feeling pag nakikita mo na masaya ang anak mo sarap maging bata or bumalik sa pagiging bata na wala kang iniisip na problema .

    1. kapatid ni gabby? …dadating tayo dyan, in His time. 🙂

      tumpak! masarap maging bata! sabi nga ng kanta, “sayo ang mundo kung bata ka!”

  6. Gabby will also have another big thank you to tell you – for taking precious photos of him that will be part of what he will share to his future family someday! I can imagine him saying “kuha ni Lolo yan!” 🙂

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