It’s incredibly wonderful when something pleasant happens to you in the least expected times. Who would have thought that exactly a day after we evacuated our 11th floor-seaside-appartment for a night, in response to Tsunami Alert issued by Malaysian Meteorological Department  after that 8.9 magnitude earthquake on the richter scale and a strong aftershock with epicenter in Aceh, Indonesia and were immensely felt here in Penang,  a courier man would be standing in front of our door at lunch time bearing a gift…

The Lord is truly the greatest and indeed the sweetest! After He has saved us and spared our location from unthinkable complications of that calamity, He continuously showed His extraordinary LOVE with a box of PATCHI chocolates from Abu Dhabi in UAE –it was a gift from Ms. Jo, of the blog, WITSANDNUTS who visited her cousin in Penang Island a few weeks back. However, unfortunately we failed to have a meet-up because as I learned from her email, she (and her family) only stayed over the Holy Week-Weekend and left Pulau Pinang on Easter Sunday. Despite the short notice, I so appreciated the thoughtfulness of her email. 🙂

It was a day of PAGOD, PUYAT, then PATCHI!!! 🙂

See, Gabby’s smiling ear to ear….

The chocholates featured postcard-perfect photos of Abu Dhabi’s scenic spots in every wrapper. What a charming and unique gift!

And even if @PatchiOfficial followed me on Twitter and RTed my tweet about this prior to this blog post which I acknowledged, allow me to mimic one of the usual lines I read from other fellow bloggers’ sites,

“This is NOT a sponsored post!” hahaha! *pun intended* 😛

However, if someone from Patchi would read this and would send gifts over, I’ll be more than willing to feature their uber yummy chocolates in this humble site again! Seriously, sponsored or not, my family and I welcome blessings –big and small so bring it on! 🙂

Thanks again, Jo! My family and I hope to meet you when we get a chance. 😉

Follow her blog at

And to God, YOU’RE the SWEETEST! 🙂


Our unforgettable evacuation experience due that 8.9 magnitude earthquake posted here –>


15 thoughts on “PATCHI GOODNESS!

  1. i have been following your status updates on fb. what a scary thing and you’re up there too. so glad with God’s help that everyone in your family and building are safe.

    miss wits n nuts is very thoughtful. she sent me a postcard out of the blue too.

    i was looking at some vacation packages over the last few days and there was a really nice little vacation package with cruise that stops for a day in Penang 🙂

    sana someday.

    1. the experience was unforgettable particularly for gabby; it was his first earthquake experience.
      i think we made the right decision in moving out even for a night to wait until the tsunami alert be lifted.
      mabuti ng maingat at maagap, may bata at matanda kaming kasama, pamilya pa kami.

      so jo sent you postcard, how thoughtful indeed!

      i wish you grab that vacation package with cruise that stops in penang (even for a day) and when you do, alarm me, please weeks before so i could make arrangements to meet you if and when we’re still here (read : i’m just being realistic that nothing is definite). exciting naman to meet you, ms. maria! haha! 🙂

    1. if we’re busy, jo must have been busier but i’ll patiently wait for her penang blog series. she tweeted she enjoyed the island much.

      wait, who’s caryn? it goes to show i still know less of the blogosphere. so many blogs out there, so little time.

  2. Naku yan ang pinakamasarap na chocolate dito sa Abu Dhabi! (at pinakamahal din!)
    I like the last shot, na nakakalat lang sila sa black background. Artistic! Galing!

    1. wow, talaga?! malabo nga kuha ko sa pic na yun kasi madalian, hehe.
      thanks again, jo! we’re really pleased with your sweet and thoughtful gestures! God bless.

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