It goes without saying that every educator should provide proper motivation, frequently try his very best to spark inspiration and constantly encourage and fuel his students’ aspirations. As someone who delivers the lectures inside the classroom for almost eight years now, I consider it as a priceless blessing whenever tables are turned. Moments are incredibly remarkable when students become the teacher’s motivation, inspiration and encouragement.

Early last month, after I conducted a lecture with our students in the Bridging Course-Ireland (they’re all  SCHOLARS of Malaysian government who will continue studying Medicine in either Cork or Galway in Ireland starting this SEPTEMBER 2012. They’ll be the second batch whom I handled in classes to be in Europe soon. The other batch have been enjoying Ireland and Spring break in Paris already!), I asked them if they want to be photographed and if it’s OK for them if their photos shall be posted on this blog. Surprisingly, I heard a loud cheer, I saw smiling eyes and a look of excitement on their faces. I asked the same query to my 3 students of Basic Molecular and Cellular Biology-class who are equally intelligent and diligent on their studies, Diploma of Medical Sciences (yes, they’re only 3 but they’re a class), they also positively replied. If you must know, at present, I also teach Basic Pathology (6 students in a class) and Physiology (27 students) to different intakes/batches of students of DMS (who are not in photos; we’ll probably have unofficial class picture taking at the middle or end of their semester if and when they want to). 

Enjoy the photos and let their smiles and happy faces remind all of us to always dream and dream big!

“No dreamer is ever is too small, no dream is ever too big.”  -anonymous


*For readers out there who want to study or knows someone who wants to pursue Medicine (AUCMS runs 5 Medicine Curricula with twinning programs abroad!), Allied Health Courses like Pharmacy, Medical Sciences, Medical Laboratory Technology, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Environmental Health, Foundation in PreMedical Studies, Healthcare Management, kindly check out the website of AUCMS (Allianze University-College of Medical Sciences) HERE! and read my former blog post HERE! Thank you! Maraming Salamat po or as they say here in Malaysia, Terima Kasih! 😉

24 thoughts on “DREAMERS OF DREAMS

    1. yup, they’re all malaysians. and yes, i’m proud of these students just like i am still with the thousands of pinoy students i handled back home. 🙂

  1. Hello Docgelo! I really love the pictures! So beautiful hehe
    and yes, dream big cause who knows we might get it 🙂

  2. They’re all beautiful and handsome and smart-looking students. Congratulations to them! With their hopes and efforts, they can achieve their dreams of becoming a successful physicians someday.

    I love their traditional way of dressing – very colorful. In UAE, it’s all black.

    1. i know you understand how these kids’ parents feel of raising a soon-to-be-MDs. but their lives are so much better having an opportunity to study medicine for FREE in both Malaysia and Ireland. how cool is that, mader? 🙂

  3. Doc Gelo…all the pictures are beautiful!!! thanx a lot 4 being such a great lecture 4 us… hope the best in everything we do… all the best 2 u too!!

  4. great stories will always be remembered as well as great teachers, and the best teachers are the best storytellers—it’s what my grandmother used to say, she taught first grade for 35 years. i think it’s grand as a Filipino, you’re sharing something of your Pinoy-ness (?) to these Malaysian students. and it’s wonderful that you’re helping them cross their bridges so they can create bridges of their own someday.

    1. wow, thanks for sharing something about your grandmother, luna. i believe she lived her life full of inspiration having taught first graders for 35 years (that’s my present existence!).

      i usually share and incorporate my humble experiences in the hospitals and classrooms back home whenever i conduct lectures here. complex topics are made simple and never boring, become instantly interactive, engaging when educators teach beyond powerpoint slides and lecture notes.

    1. gabby watches that malaysian cartoon show too! in fact, when we were in hong kong disneyland last february, he suggested to a cast member in the parade for upin and ipin to be included in the theme park!

  5. Cheers to them Doc, and cheers to you too! Medyo ka-praning lang siguro yung 3 in a class bilang dapat lagi silang prepared hahaha no hiding at the back of the room for them if ever di sila nakapagbasa ng assignment

    1. i’m fortunate to be assigned in classes of well-behaved students this sem. they’re cooperative & studious so despite the fact that they’re only 3 in their class, everything goes well smoothly.

  6. All your students are government scholars! Challenging, but immeasurably better than teaching a bunch of “know-it-all losers” LOL. I bet you are doing great – you look as good (great!) as your students do…and as young, too. I cannot think of a more rewarding job than what you have but don’t let your employers know that or you will never get a salary increase LOL. bertN

    1. only the bridging course-ireland (and the school’s foundation in premed studies -not in photo; not my class) students are malaysian government scholars, bert. the rest of students pay for their own tuition fees. but nonetheless, they’re so fortunate and blessed to have an opportunity to study medicine in malaysia and ireland for FREE! the experience is priceless!

      “you look as good (great!) as your students…” thanks for the kind words, bert. although i know bola lang ‘yan! hahaha!

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