The fambam goes to Adventureland! Celebrating at Hong Kong Disneyland the best way we know how! 😉
A young elephant at Hong Kong Disneyland, seriously? 😉

We never thought that we’d see Baby elephant with Mama and Papa elephants other than Dumbo in a theme park reigned by our favorite, Mickey Mouse.  Or perhaps, we got overwhelmed being there again and forgot that almost anything’s possible because MAGIC and FANTASY come alive in a perfect fusion in the Happiest Place on Earth! ;)

Even Tina, Gabby and I have been to HONG KONG DISNEYLAND a few times already, and thankfully I’ve experienced the theme park in Tokyo and California too,  it was our very first time to ride a tour-guided-boat in the waters of ADVENTURELAND last 17 February 2012, and definitely enjoyed every moment to bits.

Our gang at Hong Kong Disneyland with our uber friendly and warm exclusive tour guides, Janice (on red uniform) and Danny (with tie).

How cool it was to bypass the long queues legally without a feeling of guilt because of

DISNEY’S  PRESTIGE  TOUR  (HK$ 3,888 for 3 consecutive hours up to group of six) .

Our Jungle River Cruise in Adventureland was led by an intrepid skipper. Our group was amazed as he passionately described and elaborately narrated what to expect and see along the mysterious waters.

But wait.

Why’s Gabby so afraid?

First he was afraid; he was petrified!!! ....hehe! 😉

Was it because of the Baby elephant?

Or was it because of Papa elephant and his striped African friends?

Can it be due to those rhino and hyenas chasing these men?

Climb for your lives!!! ;P

Oh, I remember! Gabby was frightened about those fire-and-explosions-on-waters effects during one part of the cruise!



I admit…

Those mother and baby elephants, zebras, hyneas and rhinos, gorillas and cobras (not in photos) are mechanically operated; they’re unreal! You thought so too? But they’re the next best things to see after watching the lovable Disney characters on parade and I think even better than seeing their natural counterparts in a zoo. Exposing kids like Gabby to such artificial animals that appear like real would give them appreciation of the wild and the environment as a whole without the risk. Safety’s always a priority whenever you travel with kids and Hong Kong Disneyland knows how to implement fun with so much care!

That Jungle River Cruise was really something! It felt like we’re instantly ushered into an African Safari and left Asia for a while to experience some animal and jungle encounter.

Adventureland also features Tarzan’s Treehouse, Liki Tiki and the fabulously produced musical, “Festival of the Lion King”  which we watched the following day (to be featured on my next post!).

Moments after we hopped off the boat, our HK Disneyland Tour Hosts, Janice and Danny brought us to FANTASYLAND to experience another engaging attraction, tagged  as the happiest cruise that ever sailed, as the children of the world sing and dance to the song, “it’s a small world!”

My favorite part of this Fantasyland attraction : The Jungle Safari! We're having a safari-overload! Amazing! 🙂

A ride on the lift took us down to another exciting boat ride! 🙂 This time, our senses feasted on colorful tableaux made of dolls representing children of each countries around the globe sing and dance to the song of “it’s a small world” in their own respective tongues.  And just like that Jungle River Cruise in Adventureland, It’s A  Small World journey via boat was another first for Tina, Gabby and me because we always passed the chance to experience it on our previous visits due to its long queue (a proof that it’s a MUST-SEE!).  But now that we’re on Disney’s Prestige Tour, it was really a hassle-free!

it’s a small world…

Name Game! What country does this dolls represent? The frustrated violinist in me was in awe! 😉

This FANTASYLAND attraction may be so appealing to kids and kids-at-hearts but it definitely shows a serious issue of unity amidst diversities. We may have come from various cultures and nations but in music and harmony, we could be one!

Indubitably, I am biased with tableaux from Asia!

Outstanding play of colors and costumes!  …More Asian flavors!

Then at one lowly lit corner, two dolls dressed in Philippines’ national costume were singing “maliit ang mundo” (Tagalog version of “it’s a small world”).  

Tina told me that she only wished that the Philippines’ corner would have a larger and brighter area or perhaps she meant, more dolls, more features like that of the other countries. Nonetheless, at least our very own’s represented! Yay! 😀

As for our current work place, I think our eyes missed to spot Malaysia.

I’m not sure what comes first but certainly, our boat sailed onto the Golden Bridge!  At this part, I suddenly missed the actual thing!  😉

Tulips and windmills? Must be Holland.

Venetian Gondola? Must be Italy.

It’s so magical how we toured the world on a boat without the fuss of going through terminals and applying for visas! hehe 😀

Cabaret? ...Moulin Rouge?

“it’s a small world” greeted us with “Hello” in different languages and bid us “Paalam”, “Adieu!”

Next, we headed to another Must-See in FANTASYLAND -A musical celebration of Disney’s movies and characters. If in “It’s A Small World” we took a journey around the globe on a whim, “The Golden Mickeys” presented our favorite Disney films live on stage!  It’s a favorite and we never miss seeing this show whenever we visit Hong Kong Disneyland. Again, this trip was extremely special -I am with my family, we met new friends and we got PRIORITY PASS and EXCLUSIVE RESERVED SEATING!


Thank you so much, Hong Kong Disneyland! 😀



Hearing Mickey and Minnie speak Cantonese never fails to amuse me. It only happens in Hong Kong Disneyland!

I may not be an expert critic in theater but I know my eyes and ears.  I have watched a few musicals during my wonder years and this one’s short but excellently staged! We’ve seen other actors performed “The Golden Mickeys” the previous years and I may state that it has been consistent. What an AWESOME PRODUCTION! Gabby’s eyes were glued on the entire show! The three of us barely blinked! haha! 😀

Live performances of songs, dances and stunts really reminded us of our favorite Disney movies!

The 30-minute show ended with a blast! We were soon guided to the newest and exclusive attraction in Hong Kong Disneyland :


“It’s playtime at Toy Story Land!

Exclusive in Asia, Toy Story Land brings the cherished stories of the Toy Story movie trilogy to reality, providing an immersive and memorable experience for all Guests. Toy Story Land’s opening on November 18, 2011 as the first themed area of the Park’s expansion project marked a key milestone for the Resort.

Entering the themed area, Guests will feel like they’ve been shrunk to the size of a toy as they are transported to the oversized world of Andy’s backyard. Toy Story Land houses three main attractions – RC Racer, Slinky Dog Spin and Toy Soldier Parachute Drop – offering Guests interactive and playful adventures. Through the themed area, Guests will also be able to play with their favorite Toy Story friends.” -HKDL.

Follow the Arrow to TOY STORY LAND!

Everything is oversized at TOY STORY LAND! Never imagined that we’d experience being in a backyard and feel like shrunken toys of Andy, the boy who owns the toys that come alive in the Disney movies, Toy Story. But it happened magically in TOY STORY LAND!


Soaring in a U-shaped bright orange track, you can ride a race car and have the thrill of fun!

I wish I had the will to try these thrilling rides; I passed up for the fear that I might throw up. I didn’t want to spoil our weekend fun feeling nauseous and tachycardic (having increase heart rate). It’s just me and my family (Tina has Vertigo and Gabby’s too young to get the scare out of him). But for those who seek such gravity defying race ride, RC Racer is made for you!

Since we opted not to try the RC Racer, we thought the next best thing was to pose  for posterity! 😛


TOY SOLDIER PARACHUTE DROP -another ride that gives you adrenaline rush! If you’re into Skydiving or you dig such extreme drill, this one’s tailor made for you! You’ll get a view of the entirety of Andy’s backyard set in Hong Kong Disneyland in the poetic Lantau Island!

Dig this : “Drop from the sky with the Toy Soldiers in a parachute training drill that thrills!”


This one’s Gabby’s favorite! He asked me to accompany him not once but twice! 😀  We experienced how Slinky Dog run around and chase his tail around and ’round! Fun, fun, fun! 😉

We love Toy Story Land!

You’ll never get to sit on pastel-colored popsicle stick-benches on a daily basis! Made me want to bring them home! haha! 😀

Wonderful, isn’t it? “And there’s more to come! Toy Story Land is the first of three themed areas planned at Hong Kong Disneyland. The second themed area at Hong Kong Disneyland will be called Grizzly Gulch and it’s scheduled to be completed and opened to the public in 2012. And the Mystic Point themed area is expected to open in 2013.” -HKDL.

And because Magic is so timeless,

and the fun never ceases,

we didn’t notice the hands of the clock inside Hong Kong Disneyland!

Dusk fell beautifully in this theme park.

Time for dinner at CORNER CAFE!

One of the newly established restaurant inside the park is Main Street Corner Cafe.  This table serviced restaurant offers premium American menu; everything spells D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

Gabby’s kiddie set included Fish fingers and fries, veggie side dish, cream puffs that he so loved! (read : as I write this, he uttered, “Iyan ang pinakamasarap!” –“That’s the most delicious!”), watermelon sliced into Mickey Mouse head and watermelon juice to match.

We were served with fibrous bread and butter. Yes to carbo! hehe! 😉

I sampled their Seafood Chowder and it’s rich and tasteful, just what I like!

Satisfying one’s craving inside a kiddie theme park is almost always close to rarity. The usual meals in most amusement parks are fastfood delights and at times, far from your palate’s want.  But CORNER CAFE inside Hong Kong Disneyland is amazingly different! Surprisingly, we found the irresistible, SURF AND TURF on their menu!  The adequate portion of tender beef which Tina and I had medium-well, and a perfectly seasoned lobster on a bed of creamy whipped potato, all in one heavenly plate was simply divine!

For dessert, Tina, Gabby and I ordered a trio of cheesecake (not in photo); too bad my shots on that plate were so blurry I decided not to post.

Thanks to the Hong Kong people we’ve met -Nicole, Catherine and Purple (you guys are the best!), they left us with beautiful souvenir pins inspired by Toy Story Land! Everyone in our group had a piece; Gabby even got to keep and bring home the handsome box, sweet!

We needed to postpone savoring our desserts because the fireworks outside was about to start. We’re told that it’s best to view such magnificent lighting of the Hong Kong skies in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle but because we’re still halfway on our dinner  (it’s really sumptious, you feel half-hearted to eat fast!), most of us just walk outside Corner Cafe and marveled at “Disney in the Stars!”


Because I didn’t bring a tripod and I was not in the most strategic spot (lame excuses for not having expertise on firework photography!), my shots were disappointing. Good thing though, Tina brought her ipod and took a 43-sec video of the finale of the Disney in the Stars!

Short Video Captured by Tina : View  HERE!!!

Our photo and video may not be compelling but trust in Hong Kong Disneyland should be more than enough to convince you that the Disney in the Stars fireworks is such a beautiful and perfect one to end the day at the park.

Thank you, Hong Kong Disneyland!

This post concludes our DAY ONE in Hong Kong Disneyland.

We smilingly hit the sack inside our room in Disney’s Hollywood Hotel

and woke up extremely excited for another MAGICAL DAY!


and A LOT MORE on this blog’s succeeding posts!

Stay tuned! 😉


This Blog Series Includes :



  1. magical indeed. i have almost toured HK Disneyland with all your shots and i bet you still have a lot of pictures you haven’t included in all of your posts 🙂 gusto ko ng mumunta dyan waaaa

  2. Oh yeah, you used the word “fambam”! Winner!! 😀
    Ang lilinaw ng mga pics mo doc sa its a small world! Sakin lahat blurred hahaha!!! May video din ako ng fireworks sa castle pero would you believe na umiyak ako nung una kong makita at mapanod yun sa personal? kasi dba dream come true 😀
    Grabeeee doc pag iipunan ko talaga yan para maipasyal one day ang mga bagets ko diyan!

    1. napulot ko lang ang “fambam” sa hipag ko sa US and urbandictionary confirmed! 😛

      thanks! tsamba lang ang kuha sa it’s a small world (hey, i was told dapat pala small letters when you write, “it’s a small world” –i was so amused! oo nga naman, it makes sense!)

      balik ka doon, sama mo si aleksei (tama ba spelling?) –you’ll be the most dutiful aunt, i bet.

      dami mo pag ipunan -hong kong at land down under… oops! hehe yeeha! 🙂

      so happy for you dyan!

  3. Its magic! Two parks (California) merged into one! The first time we rode the “Its a Small World” boat, napaiyak ako. You captured all the special moments! Disney HK is a complete replica of Disney CA.

    Kung magka apo ako in the future, I will buy an annual pass. Zee and her hubby are spending 2 days on the 26th. Although we are only 30 miles away, its better to stay overnight.

    Doc, your photos should be in a book! Hehehe, bakit hindi nakasama ang mami?

    1. wala pong budget para kay mommy 😦 *sad*
      anyway, there’ll be more chances to revisit this happiest place on earth with her.

      mom and i with our siblings and dad had been to disneyland anaheim ages ago! and i think it’s a bit bigger than that in hong kong. or perhaps i was younger then to approximate. hehe.
      nonetheless, happiness is common in both.

      our experience was stupendous! 😀

      my photos should be in a book? i wish! hehe. my captures and lack of techniques are so far from your inspiring expertise, ms. ebie. you’re an idol when it comes to blogging & photography!

  4. I love dolls of every country, colorful in their own costumes. In that Toy story land- the popsicle bench appears very relaxing and inviting after those amazing rides. And that Jungle cruise adventure – all animals look real! The Golden Mickey show has been a favorite; always wonderful to watch. I will never forget that the last time we visited HKDL with KC, Joshua, Michael, Sheila & Daddy.
    Congrats Tina for great video! Expecting more pictures, food shots and kwento on your day 2 post.

  5. hitik na hitik na, day one pa lang pala 🙂 wow, super enjoy naman tong disney getaway nyo.

    i’d rather take pictures than take the rides. even when i was a bit younger, the rides were not my thing. i’m a scare-d cat when it comes to the rides.

  6. Wow doc you’re really hacking it all here. Intensely hued display of HKDL! You’re doing a deluxe exhibition here. Ikaw ang siga doc!

  7. i love this series! the best tlga ang disneyland. kahit anong age, pwedeng-pwede. feeling young ka tlaga when you’re there. nakakamiss tuloy. the last time i went to disneyland (calif) was 2007 pa. ang tagal na. sana i get the chance to visit HK’s too!

    looks like gabby had a great time! natawa naman ako that “at first he was afraid, he was petrified.” lol.

    1. who would have thought that we’d be in HKDL on the first quarter of 2012?
      it’s a huge blessing and we can’t be grateful enough.

      days will come you’ll get to bring your family too to the happiest place on earth!
      who knows, it’ll be sooner than you think. 😉

  8. Topic namin ang Disneyland kahapon sa office while having lunch. Naibida ko itong post mo, Docgelo. Para kaming nagtour. Masarap magpunta sa ganitong park if kids ang kasama. Nakakahawa ang energies nila. Haha.

    Love your photo tour diary as always. Happy weekend. 🙂

  9. Wow awesome shots doc!! except the fireworks’ shot hahaha….kasi hindi mo pinaghandaan, sayang (nang asar pa no hahaha), ganyan din ako nun una, di ko alam kunan yun fireworks nagtext pa ko sa Kuya ko from Singapore hehehe kaso wala naman akong dalang tripod 😉

    Did you tour HK Disneyland in one day?? Parang ang dami mong kuha e (yun post ko sa Tokyo Disneyland/Disneysea e konti lang kasi tinamad akong mag upload hehehe), I forgot already about the adventureland, I thought the elephants are real hehehe. The last time we took the boat ride sa adventureland was 1996 pa e then di na kami nagtry uli (nabored ako lol)…..love all the shots at super tyaga mo mag upload ng pics and I was surprised they have Filipino version sa it’s a small world, sa Tokyo yata wala e

    1. aliw ang katapatan mo, sards! salamat! 😉

      we had 3D2N in HKDL resort and 2 days in HKDL Park. I still have 2 more posts to conclude this series.
      up next is our day 2 at the theme park. sarap ng dinner namin doon, abangan! 😀

      naku po, binanggit mo ang tokyo disneland and tokyo disneysea..na-miss ko tuloy other than hong kong disneyland! ahhhhhhh… ngayong nasa washington na kayo, isang lipad lang anaheim or florida na!

  10. nadale ako dun. kala ko din totoo yung mga elepante. hahaha… and the it’s a small world part was my nephew’s favorite. he sings the Asian version again and again until now.

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