FAMILY.FOOD.FUN @ the Happiest Place on Earth!

Similar to a shot of  adrenaline, the thought of revisiting Hong Kong Disneyland increases the heart beat and quickens the pulse, at least for Tina, Gabby and me. 😀 It’s incredibly different and NOT physiologically tiring but a special feeling of excitement that my family and I would love to go through over and over again, despite and inspite of everything!  Hong Kong Disneyland has that positively addicting charm that effortlessly draws the young and equally attracts the young-at-hearts! It’s a Nirvana for family bonding, food indulgence and lots of fun! 😀


Before Tina, Gabby and I immersed ourselves in a worry-free-three-day-and-two-night-fun-filled-vacation in Hong Kong Disneyland, we had to travel a day before from our current place in Butterworth, Penang to Kuala Lumpur to catch our flight earliest in the morning. We all thought it’s wise to travel via KL if you’re coming from Malaysia because the trip from Penang would take us to Hong Kong International Airport at around half hour past 8 in the evening hence, we’ll lose a day. 😦 Either we go a day earlier  to Hong Kong which will be more expensive or take the alternative route of via Kuala Lumpur.  We opted the latter. However, since we didn’t reserve a flight from Penang to Malaysia’s capital city  because of  steeper cost (read: we are 3), we chose to take the 5-hour-road trip via the public tourist bus from Butterworth, Penang to Puduraya, Kuala Lumpur, then with our luggage and bags in tow, we hailed a taxi cab from Puduraya Bus Station to KL Sentral where buses that take passengers to KL-LCCT airport are parked.

We arrived in Kuala Lumpur-Low Cost Carrier Terminal at around 8 in the evening of Thursday via Aerobus after an hour trip from KL Sentral.  My family and I had to spend the night inside food and coffee shops. After our quick family dinner and some coffee for Tina and me, chocolate frap for Gabby, we found a corner inside LCCT and called it a night (Actually, it was only Gabby who slept for few hours; Tina and I rarely shut our eyes).  And few hours after midnight, we took turns in taking showers, changed into new clothes and queued to check in at 4 in the morning.

Some may find our travel very stressful but believe me, we’ve experienced more difficult instances than you could imagine.  So this Hong Kong Disneyland trip is definitely a stress antidote for me and my family. We cannot thank the good Lord enough for such opportunity! 😀

We took the flight from KUL to HK at 6:45AM, Friday, February 17, 2012 and arrived at HKIA 4 hours after. Before I slept in my seat, I accomplished the Immigration Arrival forms for Tina, Gabby and myself as what I used to do on our few travels.

That long travel to Kuala Lumpur from Penang and finally to Hong Kong, those frequent air pockets and lack of sleep were absolutely NOT enough to kill our excitement and enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth!

Finally, we set foot again at one of the biggest and most impressive terminals in the world! Sweet! 😀

Hong Kong Disneyland, here we come! 😀

Passing through HK Immigration was a breeze, so did the luggage pick up from the conveyor belt. I wish all terminals particularly that of the Philippines would have such remarkable efficiency. Upon arrival at the HKIA lobby, we trooped immediately to the Train Information Counter. Our initial game plan was to take the MTR from the airport to our hotel but after learning that the waiting and transfer period from one train to the other will take us around an hour, we decided to take a cab.

After paying the metered taxi HKD 150, we arrived at the hotel lobby all in one piece. Yahoooo!!!


From its exteriors that reflects similarities with Pan Pacific Auditorium, the art-deco theme reminiscent of the golden age of Hollywood echoes to the interiors of Disney’s Hollywood Hotel to every detail in the lobby and in its rooms.

And since it’s Disneyland Resorts, the head of Mickey Mouse with other Disney figures including Minnie Mouse’s of course, are a constant decor. Wonderful!!!

Tina and I have lately developed the appreciation for boutique and themed hotels. It’s nice to see how people put so much attention to details. The first sight of the lobby of Disney’s Hollywood Hotel was definitely a feast to our senses!


Just before those bilateral lifts take Disney’s Hollywood Hotel guests to their rooms, the Disney magic manifests with the voice of Mickey Mouse no less, welcoming everyone to their room-level, night and day. So cool! 🙂 It makes you think that Mickey Mouse doesn’t sleep too! *kidding*
Certainly, the glass etching on the doors of the lifts also has the same Hollywood art-deco theme and to make it distinctly Disney’s, there are so many Mickey Mouse embedded on it. Can you spot some?


We’re checked in at the 8th level where the view’s fantastic! The blurry hazy skyline at the backdrop confirmed that we’re about to experience a misty cool Hong Kong climate despite the clock already hit 12 noon. And coming from the tropical state of Penang, that for me, was so inviting! Thankfully, we didn’t have any downpour, God is really great! 😀


The view from our room offers a relaxing sight of Lantau island, its bay stretching to South China Sea and Disney’s Hollywood Hotel’s swimming pool. Can you feel the cool atmosphere despite the clock hit 12 noon? It’s Hong Kong, baby! 😉

Another view from our window gives you a glimpse of how Disney’s Hollywood Hotel back lot looks like…

I wish I’ve photographed it too at night. Some other time perhaps (that’s another little reason to go back!).

Tina and I basically want few essentials in a hotel room; just nice and comfy bed and pillows to provide us a restful sleep, an insect-free-airconditioned and clean room, toilet and bath and Disney’s Hollywood Hotel doesn’t disappoint. Its theme is continuously obvious. The play of colors are vibrant and definitely puts everyone into the Disneyland euphoric mood! 😀

I guess each room with a twin-deluxe beds has a black and white cartoon of Mickey and Minnie from one of their movies.

How sweet it was to sleep with worries and stress far from your cerebrum.

A little while later, Gabby felt so at home!

From Malaysia to Hong Kong, this 7-year-old-Filipino kid loves his Disney cartoons!

It may not be the most spacious toilet and bath that we had experienced but nonetheless, its cleanliness and the generous volume of towels are truly noteworthy. It’s expected that Disney Hollywood Hotel would be family-friendly and we proved it correctly. How many hotels have thought of providing kid-sized slippers? This hotel has it making Gabby simply delighted. Toothbrushes, toothpaste and some wipes and cotton buds are provided in a pack inside 3 paper cups capped with Mickey Mouse ears.  Even the toilet is richly themed! 😀

And again, the little artsy details made us smile and utter, “so cute!” 😀

Cast members (or those who work for Hong Kong Disneyland Park and Hotels) are amazingly creative at these towel crafts. They even refill it everyday in different colors and adorable animal and alien-designs. We brought home some pieces, actually! 😉

Riding the theme park’s own resort shuttle buses for FREE was definitely convenience in its truest sense of the word. After checking in and quick freshening up in our room at Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, we went to the resorts’ other hotel, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel for the much needed lunch.

The HK Disneyland Resorts Shuttle Buses take passengers for FREE from the theme park to Disneyland Hotel then to Disney Hollywood Hotel in 10 minute interval. It spells convenience particularly when you’re traveling with kids. It’s so nice when you’re worry-free of going back to the hotel and theme park or hopping to a restaurant located at either of Disney hotels.

Experiencing two hotels of Hong Kong Disneyland was so awesome! Both hotels have unique themes, one takes you back in time to Hollywood’s golden years and the other is lavishly Victorian-inspired.


We saw luxury and sophistication at every corner of Disneyland Hotel… Our little-big boy, Gabby’s so amazed! I wonder what other kids think of  Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. Surely, most of them believe that it’s a magical mansion!

what a gorgeous pair of chandeliers!

Everything’s so fanciful!  Even the men’s toilet melted all my worries away, haha! 😀

While Tina and Gabby were checking out the merchandise at the hotel’s souvenir shop, I walked towards the concierge and didn’t pass the chance of capturing the framed paintings hanging at the back of the counters.

I asked permission from the Cast Members who are at the reception prior to snapping my cam; made me smile when they gave me a nod.

Aren’t these paintings fascinating?  I remember the Mark Twain’s steamboat that we saw in Disneyland Anaheim on the next painting.

Those bursts of colors are too beautiful in my eyes!

Sincere to their work place, I noticed Cast Members of Hong Kong Disneyland Park and Resorts are all service-oriented, warm and friendly. Just when I was thinking for someone who could snap a photo of us, one male hotel staff offered to take our family pic even without asking him. That’s marvelous! 😀

Look at my very own Minnie. Lovely, isn’t she? 🙂

The hedge maze in the garden of Disneyland Hotel fronting South China Sea really caught Gabby’s attention.

Did Gabby and I try and finish the maze? Find out on my succeeding posts! 😀

Meanwhile, can you spot Mickey Mouse’s profile on this green maze?


What warmed our souls and filled our stomachs after that long tiring trip from Butterworth, Penang to Puduraya and KL Sentral in Kuala Lumpur, to Kuala Lumpur-Low Cost Carrier Terminal to Hong Kong International Airport then finally to Hong Kong Disneyland apart from seeing Mickey Mouse again at the theme park was a sumptuous and divine Chinese cuisine at Crystal Lotus Restaurant.

With rich, classy and exceptional ambience, coupled with prompt and attentive service and a delightful menu, Crystal Lotus Restaurant is the best option when you feel like indulging in some Chinese favorites with Disneyland’s kiddie appeal.

Modern and sophisticated Oriental ambience of Crystal Lotus Restaurant. We’re so blessed to have experienced it.

Tina, Gabby and I met a few bunch of Filipinos who own blog sites too; Mom and Lifestyle blogger, ThammieSy, Fashion bloggers Laureen Uy and Kryz Uy of Break My Style and KryzUy.com respectively, Foodie blogger, Leslie of Shoot First Eat Later, and travel blogger Gael of The Pinay Solo Backpacker. We communed with our families and friends and with delicious gastronomic treats at this luxurious room.

Crystal Lotus Restaurant brought our taste buds to a variety of Chinese dishes that we all happily took in.

stunningly gorgeous chandeliers

Now, let your eyes feast on the set meal we savored….you might need tissues to wipe your keyboard when you drooled! *kidding!* A glass of ice cold water beside you might be helpful. 😀

If it’s Chinese, there must be Jasmine Tea.

We started our delicious dimsum lunch with Roasted Suckling Pig with Cucumber and Sweetened Paste in Steamed and Piggy Mask Buns…

Crisp and flavorful. I’m in heaven! 😉

Family bonding comes in different packages. At this moment, it came with authentic Chinese cum Disney’s culinary. 😛

 Next on the menu brought to our table was Disney Dim Sum Platter. Consisting of Three Little Pigs Barbecue Pork Bun, Little Green Men Pork and Vegetable Bun, Mickey’s Glutinous Seafood Pancake which Gabby liked so much! 😀

Eating Dim Sum has never been this cute! 😀  It took me several minutes to take them with chopsticks and bite, haha!

I see harmony in steam basket, haha! Then I gave these 2 cute buns a peaceful death via taking them in, LOL!

Pink ears or orange ones? Doesn’t matter, both are appetizingly delicious!

Then came Braised Seafood Soup with Crab Roe. This warm soup dish won my palate! Tina liked it too.


The meal got more interesting when the next dish was brought in. It’s called Wok Fried Chicken and Longan with Sweet Sour Sauce.

My palate is familiar with the fusion of pineapples and chicken meat in a dish but with longan, it must be fascinating! And it is!

With Wok-Fried Shrimps and Disney Root Vegetables, Disneyland and Crystal Lotus Restaurant really know how to make vegetables and seafoods appealing to kids. The dish to me is so impressive!

You know how some children have aversion to veggies and making the ingredients of this dish cut into Mickey Mouse’s gloves and head is pure brilliance!

Who says eating veggies is never fun?

Blessings continued to pour on our table with this golden crab dish…

This one really brought out the kid in me. I was in awe with the plating of this crab dish. Indeed, a crab plated in gold, hehe!

Flip the golden shell of this crustacean plate et voila…

Baked Tasmanian Crab Meat Fried Rice in Whole Crab Shell : Eating crab has never been this edgy!

And of course, a meal isn’t complete without a sweet ending. Crystal Lotus prepared and offered us Chilled “Mickey’s” Red Bean Honey Pudding and Chilled Mickey’s Green Tea Jelly. 

Gabby like these desserts and so did Tina. As for me, I like the fusion of textures and its light flavors.

Must take a detail shot… 😀

Did I mention that we EACH received a full course meal? What Gabby cannot finish, Daddy Gelo’s there to rescue. hehehe! Immediately after our very first meal at Hong Kong Disneyland, I thought I gained a few more pounds! Who wouldn’t with such hearty Dim Sum lunch set?  😀

It’s not on a daily basis that we get to eat Disney-themed Dim Sum nor a crab dish on a golden crab shell and of course, not everyone is given the chance to have such indulgence in very sophisticated food place thus, Tina, Gabby and I are grateful for this great dining experience. THANK YOU, LORD FOR ALL OF YOUR BLESSINGS! THANK YOU, HONG KONG DISNEYLAND!

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel : Such a Magical Dreamy Place!

After our sublime Oriental lunch at Crystal Lotus, we headed directly to the Hong Kong Disneyland Park via the resort’s shuttle bus. We got our fast passes to Space Mountain, Astro Blasters and The Adventure of Winnie the Pooh rides and tickets to the theme park for 2 days!  Excitement soared the highest! 😀 All that and a lot more in the part 2 of this blog series! Stay tuned! 😀


*for more information about Hong Kong Disneyland Park, Crystal Lotus Restaurant, Disney’s Hollywood Hotel and Disneyland Hotel, kindly visit the theme park website at http://park.hongkongdisneyland.com

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  1. I so loved Hongkong Gold Coast Hotel and vowed to always stay there every time we visit HK… but I’ll take that back. After reading this blog post, I want to stay na sa Disneyland Hotel. And the food!!!! I don’t think I have the heart to eat those cute buns!

    next post na please! 😀

    1. thanks, roselle!
      it took me days to finish the post. with a ton of photos from a picturesque theme park, the most difficult part is sorting what to post–i ended up with so many favorites. anyway, food? wait till you see the other meals we had…we’re officially missing those plates! hehehe…

      go try hong kong disneyland hotel or disney’s hollywood hotel when you and sir lenin revisit the happiest place on earth…. ang lapit sa pinas, 2 hour flight lang?!

    1. gael!!! i still can’t believe i already met thepinaysolobackpacker at no less than hong kong disneyland!
      don’t you miss our days there? sarap ano? sarap ng food, pasyal, parade, shows -everything’s worry-free!

      my shots are amazing? naaaahhhh… some are blurry, must be the white balance or the iso. i remain one of your fans! …excited to read and view your post and photos on your series. 😛

      our warm regards to your sis.

    1. lucky you! 😀 despite it’s my fourth time in hong kong; it was our first time in those fantastic disneyland hotels and we’re considering it again on our future trips. we simply love hk disneyland! and now, we’re missing their hotels too. 🙂

  2. Wooohooo!!! HK Disneyland! 🙂 Ang tagal pala ng byahe from KL to HK. Ay doc, inuwi nyo yung mga tumblers from the hotel? Ang saya saya!! Nakaka starstruck si Mickey Mouse dba?

    Im sooo happy you enjoyed the trip! Pag iipunan ko rin yang Disneyland hotel! 😀 Someday! Hehe

    1. yup, we brought home those cups (they got nice travel toothbrushes!) with mickey’s ears! syempre! 😀
      we also had those towel creatures now in our toilet here in penang, hehe!

      mahal namin sobra si mickey mouse, dyanie! hahaha!

      seriously, gabby really enjoyed. hintayin mo sa dulo ng blog series na ito, may dancing acts pa si gabby!
      he was overly happy with the entire experience and for that, tina and i are grateful.
      makes us want to wish this trip happens on a quarterly basis! hahaha! biro lang, malay mo lang. hehehe.

  3. wow i see mickey everywhere hanggang sa pagkain andun si mickey hehehe. ang saya first day palang. kaingit. ang cute ng food parang ayokong kainin sayang yung design hahaha.

    1. the meals were so awesome, marian. disneyland hotels and restaurants exceeded our expectations! even tina was floored with all our dining experiences!
      it was really something to be thankful for!

      cute is an understatement for those epicurean delights! hehe. wait till you see our dinner and meals the following day! sobrang saya namin lalo na si gabby! i hope you and your family can experience it too!
      it’s always fun to be in hong kong disneyland!

      salamat! 😀

  4. spectacular shots doc. i really enjoyed reading your experience. what a lovely time you had so far. i’m sure the 3d2n stay was filled to the brim. keep it going.

    1. thank you, maria! you should consider hong kong as a layover and drop by hong kong disneyland when you find time to come home or visit asia sometime. it’s such a picturesque theme park; your lens will love it!

      upcoming posts and photos will be more colorful! 🙂

  5. WOW super jelly ako sayo!! Very nice shots and the food….grabe!! nakakagutom! trade mark talaga ng Disneyland si Mickey mouse dahil lahat ng pwedeng gawing shape ni Mickey Mouse hindi talaga pinalagpas nila, same din sa Japan and even sa California…..doc hinay-hinay lang halos puro pagkain yun naipost mo ah hehehe (nainggit lang ako lol)

  6. now i’m quite convinced to visit the HK Disneyland!:p the dimsums are quite funny—i couldn’t bear to nibble on those pink ears! i keep on checking out the chandeliers–they’re gorgeous!

  7. Doc, this post is HAPPINESS. It’s the happiest post on earth!!! Thanks for generously sharing all these photos. Akala ko pancakes lsng ang nakamickey mouse shape, pati dimsum, veggies, etc pa pala. Happy weekend. 🙂

  8. thanks for sharing your super nice blog Docgelo ! I love the foods na naka- mickey mouse shapes.. super wait ko na ang part 2 series !

    1. you’re welcome beloisan! *wink* 😀
      the pleasure is always mine whenever a few visit my site.
      the follow up posts will be more stunning! (shameless plugging!!!)

    1. now, that’s a joke! 😀
      you never fail to amuse me, pm!

      go pack your bags and tow your love ones to hong kong disneyland, see mickey and make that widest smile for that dreamy photo! *wink*

  9. kakamiss naman pumunta jan…last year 2011 kami nagpunta at dami pa additional attractions na d namin napuntahan..hoping this year or maybe next year makapunta ulet…have fun docgelo :-)….cant’ wait too see ur pic…..

    1. hi liza, welcome to my blog! hong kong disneyland never stops improving by adding more attractions. just as we’ve experienced its newest, toystory land which i will share in the following posts. It’s really enticing to go back!

      as walt disney himself puts it, disneyland will never be completed for as long as there’s imagination! 😀

      1. …..thanks to my brother allan…he’s always telling me to read ur blogs….and worth it…..upload more pic please :-)…so excited to see all ur pictures…..

  10. Woooooooooooooooow! Ang saya naman nyan! Andaming pics! thanks for sharing! Nag enjoy ako sa post mo :)Para na rin kaming namasyal! I’ll be waiting for the next installlment. I’m sure “series” itong post na ito.
    We’re planning another HKD trip soon pero baka later this year pa at hindi kaya ng sked. Mas ma-appreciate na ng anak ko kasi he’s 3 1/2 years old na.
    God bless you!

    1. hi nelson! thanks for the visit here.
      i’m sure your child would enjoy hong kong disneyland when you and your family revisit the park again!
      there are more attractions line up for opening! i heard one is about to open again this year after toy story land and another one by 2013.

      swing back again here for more of this hong kong disneyland series.
      the next one will be a sure visual feast! 😀

  11. nice! from the start, adventure na! how was the sleep at the airport? naranasan ko na din yan! haha! 🙂

    ang ganda naman sa disney hotel! kung ako yan, para akong bata na magtatatakbo at magwowow sa lahat ng makita ko! what is it about disney that makes all of us KIDS? 🙂

    yung ma pagkain, parang ayoko kainin kung ganyan kacucute…lalo na yung buns! haha!

    1. we didn’t sleep at LCCT in KL; si gabby lang! he had a long nap and took shower before 4AM! …but it was all worth it! we had so much fun, grace! 😀

    1. dom, you have to bring yourself to hong kong disneyland and do it soon as a breather from your uber extreme adventures! beiijing’s done. where’s your next pit stop?

  12. Kudos for taking the plunge in “roughing it up” a bit by sleeping in the airport. I am amazed how you mustered your strength (Tina as well) after what must have been a rather sleepless night prior to arrival in HK!
    At least, I can see the food was as Disney as it can be in a very cute way – I couldn’t even think of eating such acuddly looking steamed buns!

  13. Hi there! me and my fiancee have plans to go there on june 2013. I would like to know, if you have any idea about the weather in HK on the month of June?
    Coz I heard from a friend, its there raining month….Thanks

    1. hello rox! thanks for reading my blog. anyway, i hope the weather’s clear and the sun’s up when you visit HKDL in june. have fun! i’m sure you will. i cannot wait to bring back my family there! 😀

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