Road closure is inevitable when there’s either a repair or an important event. More than a week ago, the streets of George Town, Penang were not accessible to traffic because of the Chinese New Year Heritage and Cultural Celebration.

Kapitan Keling Street along Lebuh Chulia : Closed for the festivities

Everyone’s feet were on the go to welcome the Lunar Year of the Dragon!

Every spot and almost every laterals of Lebuh Chulia rendered a festive mood. Even Penang’s famous trishaws were dressed to the nines for the occasions!

Do you have any idea in mind about the next photo? Have you seen similar dry runs before?

They're rehearsing LION DANCE ON STILTS; Yup! LION DANCES ON AIR are observed in this part of Southeast Asia! Roads are not enough to dance to the beat of the drums! ....Too bad the shows were scheduled 7 and 9 that evening and I had to go home early. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

As I marveled at the various preparations to make the event lavish and merry, I followed a few groups of people walking down the red carpet.

Walking on Red Carpet

Youngsters who rule the drums came in troops…

Drum roll, please!

Their thunderous drum rolls led me to the Opera Stage of Khoo Kongsi Temple…

The Opera Stage had these kids in traditional Chinese costumes prancing in lively tunes…

I only spent few minutes inside the Cannon Square of Khoo Kongsi because “something happened” to me (don’t ask what for now, will post it one day. Let’s just say, it happened all for the love of this hobby called photography). Moving on…

I exited the compound of Khoo Kongsi and went back to one of the streets of George Town…

Buddhist temples and clan mansions at this side of Malaysia are located left and right! ๐Ÿ˜›

As I turned my back, another visual feast greeted my eyes : Chinese Opera Rehearsal…

The artists were stunningly beautiful in their costumes despite sans make up! I think this is because they proudly wear their culture on their skin.

Then, my feet brought me to this corner where kids were practicing what I assumed as yo-yo.

I wonder what they call this uniquely looking yo-yo. These kids are amazing! They're practicing the skill in sync

One more temple facade and I found myself back in Armenian Street.

In one of the souvenir stalls there, my eyes caught these pieces, won my heart and made me smile…

I know Tina would love these paintings as she appreciates art too. If only I have an extra budget for pretty but unnecessary things, I would have brought a frame or two for her. Perhaps, next time…

Do they appeal to you?

I’m sorry I failed to get the name of the artist, most of the artworks weren’t signed too so there’s no way for me to credit them.

CNY 2012 is being observed in Penang from 23rd January to 15 days after. A lot more streets will surely witness dragon and lion dances in the remaining days of the event; either on the grounds or on top of the stilts!

I know red is considered to be the most auspicious of all the colors. Does black attracts good fortune too? I guess so. It’s not a black cat anyway, it’s a lion! LOL! hehehe ๐Ÿ˜€

And among the volume ofย  inspiring sights I’ve seen, this one’s most enticing…*wink*



  1. Very colorful and interesting to view all photos, despite of the incident while shooting this event. I salute you for being active as photographer and blogger, rain or shine, come what may. Go go go AJA Congrats to your up coming blog to the happiest place on earth.

    1. you’re comment came in two blog post advance! hahaha!
      nonetheless, maraming salamat! we sure will enjoy the trip!
      12 days to go…. yeeeeepeeee!

  2. It`s nice to know that Chinese New Year is observe in almost all parts of the world. It just shows how strong China`s influence to the world.

    I don`t know but I find the art works bit creepy. Maybe `cos of the eyes.

    I agree. Road closure is also inevitable when a big Hollywood film is being shoot. :)))

  3. What’s a Chinese New Year without throwing in a big party – I think all Chinatowns all over the world had a great time every new year. Hope this year brings more prosperity and good health to you and your family Doc Gelo!

    1. something tells me to believe in you, bert. *just kidding*–> i always take your comments seriously despite most of them are not serious. hehe! ….maraming salamat!

    1. thanks, ms.elna! it’s holiday here in penang until tomorrow, feb 7th for 2 religious events are being celebrated. work resumes wedneday! long weekend for us, yeeha! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. hangsaya tignan Doc. Georgetown is one of my favorites. gaganda ng mga attractions, na preserved tlga at xempre the tempting foods at affordable prices! excited to see you and your family! yihey! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. i’m impressed on how Malaysian people can keep their streets clean despite all these preparation. Bongang bonga, sarap gumala with you doc. sana makawitness din ako ng dragon dance. ang sayang tingnan and the mood is so festive. luv it

  6. Wow… very cool blog! bakit ngayon lang ako nakarating dito?! I’ve been missing a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ Colorful pictures + stories = excellent blogsite! Hey, we’re using the same theme!
    I’ll be coming back for more ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. it really makes a difference pag familiar ka na sa lugar, namiss ko tuloy ang penang bigla…

    by the way, my aunt’s here so we didn’t get the chance to celebrate CNY there (the first plan was me and my mom going there)

    oh well, pagbalik ko talaga diyan photowalk tayo ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. hi docgelo, i was in that area in 2000, ang laki na ng pinagbago pala. iba talaga ng street festivals sa asia ano? esp ang pagkain, yummmmm. and as usual, kakaiba talaga ang mga pechurs!

  9. Parang Binondo rin (as if nakapunta na ako sa Binondo hahaha)….kahit saang lugar talaga may Chinese at china town at syempre lion dance during Chinese New Year hehehe, miss u doc

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