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27 December 2011, Tuesday.  This was the day I first stood as one of the Principal Sponsors to the wedding of our 2 former students, Carlo & Nicole. The event was surely one for the books because I became a Ninong sa Kasal for the very first time at the age of 35. 🙂

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Quezon City

Without hesitation, I accepted their invitation to become one of their godparents because they’re two of our good students. Tina and I became their clinical instructor and lecturer respectively back in the days when they’re still studying Nursing.  They’re remarkable in the sense that they were never late to my classes, didn’t have any failing marks, and were obedient even if I asked them to do a multiple page homework. hehe 🙂  Despite my age is considerably younger for the part, i took it as a pleasure as they wanted to regard me as one of their second parents.

You know it's Christmas season in our country when leaves of Poinsettias become red. And it's nice to see them lining one of the longest aisles in the Metro.
I like looking at stained glass windows

Team docgelo was ever present, of course! 🙂

My beautiful family wearing Punjabi dresses, steal purchases from Little India, Penang.

To be honest, the wedding could’ve been perfect if not for the uber toxic wedding coordinator who also stood as mass commentator. I’m sorry if she’s a relative of the bride or the groom but in my book, if you chose to assume the job, then you should be the one in control of everything, not the very first person to be anxious.

When the part that the entourage needed to queue, she started reading the names for us to line up.  I asked her, “Miss, saan ako?” without a smile and worst, without looking at me she replied, “Kahit saan na lang po, di na sunod-sunod iyan.” And then the unexpected happened –Everyone has a partner except me. 😦  I was looking for the lady-coordinator but she’s out of sight already. When I was about to walk, I told a man in red shirt (who happened to be one of the choir), that I don’t have a partner. Thankfully to him, he graciously asked one of the couples’ aunt to stand as proxy.

Meet Mrs. Cuchapin, a relative of the couple who came home from Italy. She was so generous to walk with me down the aisle to the altar. Mabuhay po kayo, Maam! At Maraming Salamat!

I was true to my word that I will photograph the bride before she walks down the aisle…

Best wishes, Nicole!

And then there’s that obligatory respect for the parents…

Mano po! FYI, we share the same gesture of respect with Malaysians.

And before the couple became one, my cam was busy snapping at these kiddie fun!

This was my "I wish we have a baby girl too-moment."

And then they became one…

Having experienced the same momentous event 8 years ago with Tina, I remember one of the most essential things in coming up with a successful wedding –the church or the wedding venue should be proximal to the reception. And Nicole and Carlo made the right decision in choosing Mount Carmel Church and Oasis, Manila; these 2 areas are just stone throw away.

More photo-ops for Team docgelo at Oasis. 🙂

Their 3-tiered deconstructed cake…nice!

I had the honor of sitting at the VIP area…

The program was lively hosted by a lady who could effortlessly pass as a trainer at call center office because of her wonderful pronunciation and a sing-songal diction.   🙂

As the newlyweds became busy with photo-ops with all their guests, and people started lining up the spread….

I also enjoyed the pleasure of being served at our table and didn’t need to queue for the food.  The set from Hizon’s was delicious;  Carlo and Nicole had chosen a great menu to fill our tummies. 🙂

(This isn’t Beyond Toxicity without digestive feast!) I liked how a simple salad was served with 2 dressings -Caesar’s and Thousand Island.

Entrees included Fish Fillet with Honey Mustard Sauce, Hawaiian Chicken BBQ, US Roast Beef with Mushroom Gravy, Vegetable Lumpia with Peanut Sauce, Roast Pork with Apple Raisin Sauce and two pasta dishes…

Everything's fine except that Lumpia was served with bean sprouts or togue. I was just surprised. My favorite was Roast Pork with Apple Raisin Sauce; it was to die for!

The disadvantage of sitting at the VIP area : nakakahiya humingi ng second round, LOL! 😀

Desserts were simple yet satisfying.

I loved everything in this set!

Another unexpected thing happened. I mean, despite Nicole requested me to be ready with a speech for her wedding on behalf of the male Principal Sponsors, I didn’t prepare one. I thought, it’d be best to be spontaneous. However, I was caught off guard at the timing! haha! 😀 While I just happened to insert a chunk of pineapple covered with luscious chocolate from the fondue served right on our table, my name was called to give a short message to the newlyweds. Of course, I had to swallow everything down in a blink. 😀

The program at the reception got livelier when the host requested some names to be in front with the couple for some photo-op. But lo and behold, it was a pure trap for the single ladies and bachelors. They dished out that old bouquet throwing ceremony and settled to a more modern and quite surprising activities.

For the single men, they were asked to drink a bottle of beer with two straws –one inside and the other outside the bottle making it a bit harder to sip. The one with the less volume drank was declared the winner. He happens to be the groom’s brother.

For the single ladies, they were instructed to insert their right index finger to the mouth of the bottle of beer strategically placed in between the thighs of the groom’s brother. How naughty! Each lady who successfully inserted her finger onto the bottle was spared from the “punishment” este, was eliminated from the game.

Then the host asked the groom to dance his way from the door of the reception to his bride’s leg where he had to remove the garter using his teeth. 🙂

Did you find what you're looking for down there, Carlo? 🙂

One last photo-op with the newlyweds and the rest of our former students…

Nice to see you again, kids! 🙂

To Carlo & Nicole, our best wishes to both of you! Remember that wedding is just a day and marriage takes a lifetime of commitment. No Return No Exchange Policy sana! hehehe! 😀  Whenever you need help or anything, huwag lang siguro financial, hehe, we’re just a message or a call away! Enjoy life’s very best! God bless.



  1. Ninong pala..i thought you were the official photographer. hehe
    the church and venue are beautiful— a lovely wedding. i chuckled at the mention of a wedding coordinator. i had a bad experience with one of those, too. yon naman, super bossy, gusto kong sabunutan! LOL
    i attended my cousin’s wedding before Christmas and another wedding tmrw. di pa naman ako ninang.:p

    1. haha! i will be forever photographer-wannabe, ms. luna!

      tina and i also had unpleasant experience with our hired coordinators at our own wedding. worst than you could imagine. here’s the link to my previous blog post where you find our love story and yes, the ugly truth of our wedding coordinator –>

      yes, their wedding was simple but intimate. venues were beautiful and solemn.

    1. hahaha! absent si partner e, at least may mabait na proxy.

      happy new year, bert! ..and again, thank you for donating to ulingan! we cannot thank you enough.

  2. ninong doc thankyou for this amazing blog bout our wedding, sna maiblog mo dn 25th anniversarry nmin hehe..! wonderful pics doc paturo dn kya ako sa inyo ng photography tpos na ung MS eh hehe..! doc thankyou ulit sa gift nio and sa blog sobra na ahh hehe..thankyou doc ninong, regards po ky maam and ky gabby.. happy new year God bless your family…-carlo,nicole&uno….=)

  3. she is so pretty ninong 😀 i love your photo of the couple with the kid drinking at the back, that was awesome. also, surprised to know malaysians mano too. i think that’s cool. 🙂

  4. Wow~ multi tasking, believe na ko, you have the time. I agree with everyone’s comments on Tina’s dress, very unique and cute.

    I am not aware the they still give tours of the Malacanang Palace, never been there.

    Happy New Year, and may you have the great blessings and good health for the year 2012~

    1. thanks, ms. ebie!
      happy new year din po!
      and yes, malacanang palace is open for tours. make sure you book with old manila walks/ivan man dy whenever you find time to come home to pinas for the tour. 😀

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