How would you react if and when your weekend morning’s greeted by this message?

yee-haa! 🙂

I am a strong believer of the cliche that “best things in life are free!”  And you?

That message simply made my Friday morning. I immediately emailed the sender and noticed her email address and company’s name are both from Malaysia. I got an “out-of-office-automated-reply” but few seconds after that, I received an actual email-response from Ms. Jaclyn. What even delighted me was the fact that she mentioned that the blogger’s wife and 2 kids (I only have Gabby now) will be sponsored too. Ang husay! 🙂 Tara, let’s go! 🙂

If you must know, I have been with famous Filipino bloggers and media people, the lovely couple of hanna and vince whose names were mentioned on the email-invite when we went to (my lone sponsored trip) that Grecian-inspired, lavishly beautiful beach resort in Northern Luzon last year; it was days before I went to Penang (peek at my blog post about Thunderbird Resorts,HERE! ). And after reaching home, I sent a PM to hanna and she confirmed that Ms. Jaclyn is actually her friend and the invite is legit. Now, I am really EXCITED! I hope it pushes through because it’ll be a great treat for GABBY! It’s been 4 years since the 3 of us went to HK Disneyland.

Talking about Hong Kong, I remember we enjoyed an early dinner in a Hong Kong-themed restaurant here in the island of Penang months ago.

With casual but stylish ambiance, CANTON-i in Queensbay Mall is simply charming.

bird cages used as lights adorn the ceiling of Canton-i.

When Chinese, it must be RED! I like the red-painted walls and ceiling infused with those white gorgeous floral and butterfly and dragonfly panels. It definitely draws attraction and makes diners more eager to eat! That auspicious color seems to be so enigmatic! 🙂

Appetizer was nutty.

Canton-i has a sister-company, another Shanghainese food place with branch on the same mall called Dragon-i (view our dining experience at Dragon-i HERE!)

My bowl : the photo can't give justice to how good it was.

While Tina shared a wanton-soupy noodle bowl with Gabby…

And apparently, we’re keeping a love affair with dimsum…

One of our favorites : Hakao or shrimp dumplings.

Siomai-mommy! 🙂

fish roe-delight on shrimp-pork siomai

Let’s see next year if we’ll take our love for dimsum back to HK….*crossed fingers*

family over Chinese food = simply awesome!

21 thoughts on “HONG KONG

  1. wow, how lucky can you get! looking forward to our HK Disneyland coverage.:p
    who could say no to these? i love hakao, too…and that bowl of noodle soup is mouth-watering, especially on this rainy night.

    1. hi luna! thanks for dropping by here again.
      oh yeah, i hope the moon and stars would conspire for that sponsored HK Disneyland trip.

      according to ms. jaclyn, airfares and Disneyland hotel accomodation are free with some but not all meals during that 3D2N stay in HKD. we can opt to extend more than 3 days but it’ll be on our expenses. it makes the 3 of us so excited. 🙂

      yes, hakao and noodle soup are always a hit!

  2. Lucky lucky you! You’ll definitely enjoy HK Disneyland! My bestfriend and I went there last 2009 and we had a blast! So excited to read your post about it 😀

    1. hi dyosa! musta na? you’re in the US again, right?
      yup, it’s been a while since we last saw mickey and minnie at the happiest place on earth.
      sana matuloy!

    1. this, by far will be the best of all the freebies that i’ve received.
      chili-tomato? karamihan dito mahilig sila sa maanghang. no comment na ako, hanggang doon na lang.

  3. swerte naman ni docgelo. siempre ako din go dyan!

    with all honesty, i am for sponsored trips that you have to blog about AS LONG AS you are given the freedom to give your honest opinion. after all, you are to blog your experience, and we bloggers should be responsible enough [and we owe it to our readers] to tell the truth. sometimes, the problem with these “sponsored” trips is you are “encouraged” to write only about the good stuff. kung di man, you will feel guilty to say something negative because, after all, your trip was free. [remember BBB?]

    this being said, i still say go dahil HK disneyland yan. i cannot think of a negative thing to say about HK disneyland…so being truthful will not be hard for you! hehe! enjoy! kung you are asked for referral andito lang ako! ahehe!

  4. Hello Doc Gelo! New reader here and couldn’t help but comment. You’re family is very blessed. Yey. What a good way to start the new year. Congratulations in advance. I am now craving for dimsum and dumplings. gasp! 🙂 Keep writing and inspiring!

  5. Wow na wow uli! Congrats Doc, deserving ka naman e, maganda ka magblog kaya sulit na sulit na napili ka nila……it’s a way of promoting Disneyland……hayyyy eto na naman ako…..nainggit na naman sana makapunta rin ako sa HK Disneyland hehehe pero gusto ko munang puntahan ang Disney World mas malapit dito e…teka wala bang catch yan? baka bebentahan ka ng timeshare? hehehe

  6. Wow! That’s one of the really exciting perk of being a blogger.. ^^ Wish I would have such opportunities too in the future. Btw, love the photos. I haven’t been to Hong Kong yet, but I hope to visit it soon.

    Have a happy Christmas doc Gelo and family! 🙂

  7. Hi doc gelo…am here again

    And I have to comment…you’re so lucky!

    I’ve been wanting to see Mickey Mouse and friends for the longest time. And you’re so lucky to be chosen…Ang galing…

    As for me inggitera mode kasi gusto ko din ng libre lol…

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